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But thou, O Lord, art a God full of compassion, and gracious.-Psalm lxxxvi., v. 15.

When, Lord, th' afflicted sought thy care

On Jewry’s holy plain,

They found the Great Physician there,

Whose skill was not in vain.

Thy pow'r the palsied tongue restor’d

To sing thy love and praise ;

And on the midnight-blindness pour’d

The sun's meridian rays.

Thou mad'st the lame his crutch forego,

And like the hart to bound;

The dull unconscious ear to know

The melody of sound.

And when the tyrant hand of death

Had seiz'd its mortal prey,

Thy word recall’d th’extinguish'd breath,

And warm’d the lifeless clay.

Lord, still have mercy! still behold

Man's suffering state below;

Pity this poor afflicted fold, ,

That weep

in want and woe:

Supply them with thy bounteous hand ;

Their wants and woes remove ;

About their bed let angels stand,

And minister thy love.


On the brink of Euphrates, when deep in distress

We sought thee, O Zion, in vain,

The sighs of affection we could not suppress,

Nor the tears of rememb’rance restrain.

The harp, that once carol'd thy glory—the lute

So oft to thy happiness strung,

Forsaken by song and by minstrel, was mute,

And on the sad willow-boughs hung.

Our insolent foes would have made us rejoice,

And fain wip'd the tears from our eyes ;

They bade us be merry and lift up our voice

In a song to Jerusalem's praise :

But how could thy children, O Zion divine !

Be merry

when Babel was near ?

Oh ! how could we sing holy numbers like thine,

To charm an idolatrous ear?

Yet, if I forget thee, my Glory, my Joy !

If Zion I cease to adore,

May Heaven the skill of my right-hand destroy,

And my harp be awaken’d no more:

Yea-if I forget thee--if Babel should sever

From Zion, the praise of my song,

May the lips, that adore thee, be silent for ever,

And evermore mute be my tongue !

The cry

of the children of Edom was heard

6 Raze Salem's proud walls to the ground !”

Let the pitiless words be remember’d, O Lord,

And judgments for Edom be found.

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