Gambar halaman
[blocks in formation]

Beloved Son-to Heaven and earth

This day do I proclaim thy birth,

Thy glory and thy crown.”

“ Ask for thy right-stretch forth thine hand

States, kingdoms, empires, every land

And language shall be thine;

The north, the south, the east, the west,

Shall be beneath thy sceptre blest,

The source of



“ Thy rod with chast’ning stripes shall prove

The faith of those who make thy love

Their being's end and aim;

But crush beneath its vengeance those,

Whose impious lips shall dare oppose

Thy gospel and thy name.”

Ye princes ! upon earth that reign,

Learn heav'nly wisdom ;—strive to gain

Your subjects' just applause:

Jesus—the King of kings-revere,

His boundless love rejoice to hear,

But tremble at his laws.

Tremble !-lest


the Lord offend;

No more to lifeless idols bend;

The cross of Christ embrace:


For blest is he and he alone

Whose soul relies on Zion's throne

Of mercy and of grace.



I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house

of the Lord.-Psalm cxxii. ver. 1.

As camels, journeying o'er the waste,

Where skies meridian beam,

Long in the fertile vale to taste

The cool-refreshing stream :

So does the Christian long to view

The sabbath morn arise,

That he may feast on heav'nly dew,

And drink divine supplies.

Weary with toils--with cares opprest“

He seeks for an abode,

Awhile from toils and cares to rest,

And commune with his God.

Oh ! how delightful is the place,

Where holy men proclaim

The gospel of eternal peace,

And preach its Author's name!

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