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Thus on I grew, and still receive

The blessings thou art wont to give

Blessings alas ! I ill repay

With new transgressions every day.

Yet still be gracious, Mighty Lord;

Grant me a heart to love thy word,

And each command obey :

And when this worthless nature dies;

When from the flesh my spirit flies,

Let angels waft me through the skies

To Christ's eternal day.

In thy presence is fulness of joy.

Psalm xvi. v. 11.

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Oh! could some angel hover near,

And tell us half its joys;

How irksome would this life appear,

And death-how great a prize!

Then should we spread our anxious wings,

Through yon bright orbs to fly;

Then should we dwell on heav'nly things,

And wish and long to die.

Yet though our frail, corrupted hearts

Feel not the heavenly flame,

Jesus a Heaven on earth imparts,

If we but love his name.

Yes! if that hallow'd name we love,

And strive his paths to run,

This world a Heav'n indeed shall prove

Eternal bliss begun.

A little that a righteous man hath, is better than the riches of many wicked.-Psalm xxxvii. v. 16.

Say, what is wealth and all its joys,

To Heav'n's immense, immortal prize ?

The dust that dims the scale !

The love of God, in value more

Than all the gems of India's shore,

Shall bless when wealth shall fail.

Yes—if the wealth of every land,

If the vast orb on which I stand,

Without that love were mine;

I should be needy-poor indeed,

Compar'd with him that begs his bread,

Bless'd with the love divine.

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