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Dccasional Poems, on Sacred Subjects.

I am the way, the truth and the life ; no man cometh unto the Father but by me.—John, ch. xiv. ver. 6.

Jesus! my confidence below,


My stedfast hope above;

Whom, though I have not seen, I know,

And knowing whom, I love.

But ah! in vain would I display

The love thou shew'dst to me:

Eternity shall fail to pay

The debt I owe to thee.

Thy pardon, gracious Lord, I need,

For years replete with sin,

For many a guilty word and deed,

And deeper guilt within.

Sins—that demand my more than grief

Sins I lament—deplore:

Help thou thy servant's unbelief,

That he may sin no more.

Conduct me to Bethesda's pool,

Where healing waters flow,

That all my crimson be as wool,

My scarlet as the snow.

O wash me in thy precious blood,

Till every rising stain

Shall vanish as a morning cloud,

And not a spot remain.

Engraft me into Judah’s vine,

Thy quick’ning grace to share,

And prove that I am truly thine

By all the fruits I bear.

The fruits of goodness, faith, and peace,

Of meekness, joy, and love,

And every virtue, every grace

That decks thy vine above.

Not in the broad, destructive road,

Where Satan's snares abound,

But in the path thy feet have trod,

Let mine be ever found.

There shall my soul no dangers fear,

Though Death and Hell assail;

For whilst “ the shield of faith" I wear,

“ The fiery dart” shall fail.

There let me humbly follow thee,

And in thy laws delight,

Till hope be lost in ecstasy,

And faith rejoice in sight.

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.

Psalm ciii. v. 2.

Had I, my God, a Seraph's tongue,

To thee its praise would all belong,

Since every good my being knows,

From thine unwearied mercy flows.

My form was fashion'd by thy hand,

And breath'd and mov'd at thy command;

From thee my health and strength began,

And safely journey'd up to man.

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