Snow White: The Graphic Novel

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Capstone, 2009 - 33 halaman
"Once upon a time, an evil queen possessed a powerful mirror. It spoke only the truth, which often pleased the queen. But when the mirror reveals that the queen is no longer the fairest lady in the land, her heart grows cold. She seeks revenge against the beautiful maiden, vowing to destroy the lovely Snow White."

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Pretty but confusing retelling of Snow White. Snow White has zero backstory, and can mysteriously make flowers and fruit grow in the winter. The Sven Dwarves greet her joyfully, having apparently dreamed about guarding her, which is news to the reader. Why did they dream about her? Who knows. Baca ulasan lengkap

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Since 1986, Martin Powell has been a freelance writer. He has written hundreds of stories, many of which have been published by Disney, Marvel, Tekno comix, Moonstone Books, and others. In 1989, Powell received an Eisner Award nomination for his graphic novel Scarlet in Gaslight. This award is one of the highest comic book honors.

Erik Valdez y Alanis was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico, and has been drawing since age 2. He uses his passion for art for illustrating, painting, and design work. Valdez has won a number of awards for his art including the L. Ron Hubbard Gold Award for Illustrator of the Future in 2004. He has done illustrations for books, magazines, and CD covers. Today, Valdez has focused on comics including, most recently, The Sleepy Truth for Viper Comics. When he's not working, Valdez loves traveling, really good books, and chocolate cake.

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