Convention, Volume 1;Volume 39,Bagian 2;Volume 60

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Halaman 668 - In all open places in which persons are employed during the period between one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise, and in any dangerous parts of the regular road or way over a yard or other space forming the approach to any place of work, the illumination on a horizontal plane at ground level shall be not less than
Halaman 524 - and never nearer than three feet, measured horizontally and vertically, from any window or other opening. Vent pipes from two or more tanks may be connected to one upright, provided the connection is made at a point at least one foot above level of source of supply. (b) Tanks having a capacity of less than
Halaman 876 - STONE & WEBSTER FINANCE public utility developments. BUY AND SELL securities. DESIGN steam power stations, hydro-electric developments, transmission lines, city and interurban railways, gas plants, industrial plants and buildings. CONSTRUCT either from our own designs or from designs of other engineers or architects. REPORT on public utility properties, proposed extensions or new projects. MANAGE railway, light, power and gas companies. NEW YORK BOSTON CHICAGO
Halaman 136 - to give information as to units, methods, and instruments of measurement useful in household activities, (2) to describe available means of assuring correct quantity in articles bought by weight and measure, and (3) to give other facts of interest which would awaken an appreciation of the role of measurement in daily life.
Halaman 525 - (d) To be provided with an automatic relief valve set to operate at a safe pressure and connected by an overflow pipe to supply tank, and so arranged that the oil will automatically drain back to the supply tank immediately on closing down the pump.
Halaman 524 - coated on the outside with tar, asphaltum or other suitable rust-resisting material. NOTE—The protection required for tanks will depend upon the condition of the soil in which they are installed. When the soil is impregnated with corrosive materials tanks should be made of heavier metal in
Halaman 12 - Rhode Island S. Carolina S. Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Wisconsin Wyoming
Halaman 524 - be tight and sufficiently strong, to bear without injury the most severe strains to which they are liable to be subjected in practice. The shells of tanks
Halaman 522 - districts or within fire limits, tanks to be located underground with tops of tanks not less than three feet below the surface of the ground and below the level of the lowest pipe in the building to be supplied. Tanks may be permitted underneath a building if buried at least three feet below the basement floor which is to be of concrete not less than
Halaman 522 - feet above source of supply. The limit of storage permitted shall depend upon the location of tanks with respect to the building to be supplied and adjacent buildings, as given in the following table:

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