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CHAIRMAN BECKER: We will now go into Executive Session. There are two amendments to the constitution to be read and presented to the Executive Committee. I call for the report of the Committee of Amendments to the Constitution, Mr. J. G. Learned, Chairman.



Your Committee on Amendments recommends the following amendment to Article VII:

"The Executive Committee shall be empowered to remove any of its members for failure to attend at least two consecutive Executive Committee meetings of the Section, or for any other good and sufficient cause; such removal to be brought up for the consideration of the Committee by the Chairman, or either of the Vice-Chairmen, or by the Chairman and one or both of the Vice-Chairmen jointly."

It is also recommended that Article II be amended to read: "The Chairmen of the Bureaus, elected by their bodies, shall act as members of the Executive Committee for the term of their office."

Respectfully Submitted


CHAIRMAN BECKER: You have heard the report. What is your pleasure?

(On motion the amendments were adopted)

CHAIRMAN BECKER: The Executive Committee has a communication from the Power Sales and Industrial Heating Bureaus which was laid on the table at our last meeting. In discussing the subject matter with the Chairmen of these Bureaus we have jointly arrived at the conclusion I outlined to you at that meeting, and a motion to continue this on the table will be in order. Do I hear it?

(A motion to this effect was seconded and carried)

CHAIRMAN BECKER: A motion to adjourn the meeting of the Executive Committee will be in order.

(It was so moved)

CHAIRMAN BECKER The General Session will come to order again.

We have to present before the General Session two amendments to the constitution Will the Chairman of the Committee on Constitutional Amendments present them again by title, as they have all heard them?


ment to Article II

Amendment to Article VII, also Amend

(On motion the amendments were adopted)




For Chairman, EA Fdkins (Chicago)

For Vice Chairman, CJ Russell (Philadelphia i

For Secretary, F D Beardslee (St. Lous)


FH Gale (Schenectady)

Henry Harris (Pittsburgh)

TF Kelly Dayton)

HR King (New York City)

MS Seclman, Jr (Brooklyn)

RH Tillman (Baltimore)

Respectfully submatted,

CHAIRMAN BROKER as Secretary of this meet

RR Young, Chairman
HN McConnell

JC McQouston

Norman Macbeth

CN Stannard

I have asked Mr AJ Mars! i' to a t
Mr. Marshall was a; pointed at t'e
Charan, to co jer ate

Executive Session on the toy est of y

and assist the Executive Con nittee of the Commercial Section m

the home office. It is in recognition of the recommendation of your Chairman, and also of your other committee chairmen, that this action has taken place and I announce with a good deal of pleasure that Mr. Marshall will act as our general representative at the main office for the coming year.

(On motion the Secretary cast the ballot and the candidates presented were unanimously elected)

MR. E. A. EDKINS: Mr. Chairman (for I still have to think of you as our Chairman, and cherish the hope that the spirit of your fine administration will go forward through the months to come) and Fellow Members: I suppose we have all at some time or other had occasion to observe the almost inarticulate efforts of a newly elected officer to express his feelings and have wondered why he did not find something original to say instead of pulling the same time-honored platitudes and prehistoric protestations of gratitude for the honor conferred, etc. Now that my turn has come I find that the same old commonplaces, the same old expressions of appreciation, and the same desire to acknowledge my sense of obligation and of responsibility. spring instinctively from my heart, and I realize that after all those simple expressions which we all fall into naturally on such an occasion as this are far more sincere than any studied eloquence could be. I therefore merely wish, at this time, to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the confidence indicated by your vote, and to express the hope that I may be able to justify that confidence within the next twelve months. Mr. Wilson, with whose altruistic policies we may or may not agree, but whose beautiful command of the English language we all have to admire, recently said in a meeting at which he addressed a body of press men in Washington, that if you want to keep a white post white you have got to keep on painting it white; and if you stop painting it white, the influence of the atmosphere and the erosion of time will eat the post away until you find that you have got nothing left to paint except some dry and wormeaten punk. I think that we can take from that remark of his a lesson with regard to our own Section. Every retiring Chairman for the last five or six years has left a larger and larger monument of work achieved, of new fields opened up, of new opportunities, and it becomes increasingly difficult for each suc

eeding administration to live up to the reputation of the predecessors, and to carry the work forward. The only way that we can do it is through the hearty and constant cooperation of the various standing committees that are appointed to carry on the work through the year.

On the subject of committees I merely want to say at this moment and I hope you will pardon me for being so emphatic about it that the only way in which we can make the work ot tlas Section count, the only way in which we can keep up with the pace that has been established in past years, is to have every committee member, and particularly the Chairmen of every committee, active all through the year, on the tob and in attendance at every meeting If, for any reason, a committeeman or chairfan of a committee should find that his duty to his own work or to his private affairs is such that he cannot devote the requsite amount of time and attention to the work of this Section, then. with the utmost regret. I shall feel it necessary to ask him to step aside and give somebody else a chance

While I am on my feet, I would like to add one word more. not in connection with the matters to which I have iust referred, but on behalf of those men on the local Convention Committees, who, with myself, have had more or less to do with what migh be termed the pick and shovel work of pretting for this Con vention Athough the work has been rather ard tons, we have al emoved it immensely and have been led to be'ieve, from the enthusiasm with which you have all entered it to the entertain nents and other attats provided for the Convention, that you also have had an envable visit with us I cannot therefore a" ow this occas off to pass with, ont telling von low my h we have appreciated the privilege of being your Fosts at this Convention, and expressing the hote we r av have you with us agen and am in the store beg võits

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by their earnest interest in the affairs of this Section that they are deeply interested in the welfare and success of the Commercial Section. I believe that we are one and all delighted with the accomplishments of the past and we are instilled with a great idea of the possibilities of future work. I would like to propose that we express by a rising vote our thanks to the retiring Chairman and our appreciation of the incoming Chairman and thereby our sense of entire confidence in the administration of the Commercial Section.

(Motion seconded and unanimously carried)

CHAIRMAN BECKER: It will be quite impossible for me to conclude my duties as Chairman without presenting to you gentlemen my sincere thanks for your able assistance. The convention just closing has been most gratifying to me, irrespective of my activity or position in it, because of your cooperation, and I trust that the enthusiasm and the interest you have shown in the past year and during the past few days will continue during the incoming administration. I ask for your newly elected Chairman the same help and assistance that you have rendered me.

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