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IF METROP Chairman

The Fimm Electric liminating Company of Boston, Mass

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SB WAY, Chairman

Mware 1oten Hanway & Light (m, any, M 'wankee, W.

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Ine Commercial Section is now six years old and it is with ¡ casure that I report the organization to be in excellent financial The earnestness and willingness with which mem lers have co-operated with the (hairmen of the various com » ttees is conclusive evidence that the Section is on a firm and learly defined four fation and simply needs the continuation of this enthusiasm under the proper direction to further the suc

cess it warrants

The work during the past year has been similar, in some degree, to that which has been carried out in previous years and has been marked, in addition, by certain notable accomplish•*, which I will point out later

It is unnecessary for the Chairman to outline the activities f the Standing and Operating Committees as each committee wl present to you during the Convention a separate report, giv g in detail the amount of work and accomplishments of the jast year I will, therefore, simply refer to the main features of the several reports, pointing out and emphasizing what has been a heved under the various headings

The Finance Committee report, as you will note, shows Section to be in excellent condition As you already , it is not the object of this organization to accumulate ey and the profits accrefited to us in this report should be *zed for the good of all, and your inconang administration reted to spend money a lvisely in order to accom, 'ich results king lines similar to th se a'ready presented to yo The sug

in has been nade that the profits on - ir publ at ons cou!! mater allv re lu ed, thereby giving the nether congames an ***unity to pur hase these publi at nis at a figure mich less a' a' which they were 1 merly well No dighe there ways in which this profit con!! be spent to the bese organization and your Fiane Conta ttee has this

nd a 1 will no don't alvise the Section Exe "ee under this beading

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tive ('en.

The Publications Committee during the past year has issued several pieces of literature, among these being the Christmas booklet which reached the enormous sale of 250,000 copies. This is an increase of 100,000 copies over the previous year's effort and simply proves that by further advertising of our publications and concentrated sales' effort, these figures can easily be surpassed. The Committee has also devised interesting booklets on "Wiring Houses," "Store Service Campaign" and "Industrial Lighting," and has other good thoughts under this heading for your consideration. I ask your hearty support of this Committee in its effort to give you advertising. matter of value.

The Handbook Committee has practically revised the entire handbook issued two years ago. This has been a tedious and hard-working proposition and the results accomplished have been most gratifying to the Section Executive Committee. Your Chairman asks your particular attention to this feature of the Commercial Section work as it is the basic reason for its existence. The revised Handbook is now ready for distribution and doubtless will be in your hands by the time you return from the Convention.

The Committee on Education of Salesmen has now enrolled over one thousand (1000) students who are taking the course in Commercial Engineering. This work has been in progress since November, 1915, and the students are now concentrating on Lesson No. 7. This is indeed a successful experiment and the Committee in charge of this work, with particular reference to the Chairman, has been making untiring efforts in order to achieve this result. On behalf of this Committee, I ask your further support in endeavoring to increase the number of applicants for this opportunity of education and to assure you that those now engaged in it are perfectly satisfied with the subject matter presented to them.

The Committee on Wiring Existing Buildings has, in the opinion of the Chairman, reached a climax in presenting to you a standard plug for use on the socket end of the

for current consuming devices, details of which will prove most interesting and I ask your attention to the presentation

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• repert The progress, the successful standardization of entre wining and hittings and the introduction and applicatis method of wiring, will be watched with considerable men, bers of the industry and should have the co opassistance of every Commercial Manager and his in the country I am sure you will be interested in of t'e report of the Chairman of t! is committee which presented to you at a later session

1 Committee on Merchandising presented a report mplete and comprehensive in scope that the tafter this year has devoted more of its time and effort to Pring varionis sales' plans, new developments in the industry, tena on wdvertising, etc, making a worthy appendix to the retart read before you last year.


Ile Power Sales Bureau of the Commer tal Section an to such extent that it has been necessary to provide session for e nda ting its business at this Conven erans, sub con mittres have been appointed and will for the various Leadings m'eresting descriptions of ans of the electric motor in the industrial field of This Committee should be known as the technical fee of t'e tommercial Section and all techo al vib ects me to unr after tion sheng't be p'a ed under it's juris This however soild not be done with on the author in Fxative Committee with a view to avor! tin with the Te Frical Section recently forme!

the past

Lighting Sales Bureau of the Comment al bran li of ont organization formed dur In an acconclashment of "las adr mate ation rldens of previ us o tiver tions it was rea" zed "at

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