Annual Report of the Board of Indian Commissioners to the Secretary of the Interior ..., Volume 33

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1902

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Halaman 55 - Government lamp to gratify his desires. Here he remains until his education is finished, when he is returned to his home, which by contrast must seem squalid indeed: to the parents whom his education must make it impossible to honor: and left to make his way against the ignorance and bigotry of his
Halaman 14 - 1 Some of the figures in this table as printed prior to 1896 were taken from reports of the Superintendent of Indian Schools. As revised, they are all taken from the reports of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs. Prior to 1882 the figures include the New York schools.
Halaman 57 - for sights and sounds and smell, I'd like the city pretty well; But when it comes to getting rest, I think the country's lots the best. " Sometimes I feel as if I must Just quit the city's din and dust, And get out where the sky is blue; And say, now, how does it seem to you?
Halaman 55 - has been supplied lavishly with utensils and means to earn his living, with materials for his dwelling and articles to furnish it; his children have been educated and money has been paid him; farmers and mechanics have been supplied him; and he has received aid in a multitude of different ways. In the
Halaman 55 - luxuries. All of this without money and without price, or the contribution of a single effort of his own or of his people. His wants are all supplied almo-st for the wish, The child of the wigwam becomes a modern Aladdin, who has only to rub
Halaman 54 - No doubt this idea will be received with some surprise, and expressions of dissent will doubtless spring at once to the lips of many of those engaged or interested in Indian work. Nevertheless, I believe that a brief view of the plan in vogue will convince the most skeptical that the idea is correct.
Halaman 56 - In a word, the primary object of a white school is to educate the mind; the primary essential of Indian education is to enlighten the soul. Under our system of government the latter is not the function of the State.
Halaman 54 - particular school or schools now in operation. What I mean is that the present Indian educational system taken as a whole is not calculated to produce the results so earnestly claimed for it and so hopefully anticipated when it was begun.
Halaman 46 - in itself vicious. Major BRIGHT. To what extent is the matter of leasing subject to the approval of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs or the Secretary of the Interior? The
Halaman 7 - a date at which the principal and accrued interest, if any, of each such share shall be paid by Treasury check to each such individual shareholder or to his heirs under the laws of the State or Territory in which he resides or did reside at the time of his death.

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