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Ex-Mayor George B. McClellan has been made professor of economic history at Princeton University.

Mr. Robert P. Blake, 'of the University of California and Harvard, more recently a student at Berlin and St. Petersburg, has been called to the University of Pennsylvania to teach ancient and Byzantine history.

Professor William R. Manning of the University of Texas will deliver the Albert Shaw lectures on diplomatic history at Johns Hopkins University next spring. Professor Manning spent a part of the summer gathering materials from the Mexican archives for these lectures.

At the University of Texas, Dr. C. W. Ramsdell has been advanced to the rank of adjunct professor of American history, and Dr. Frederic Duncalf to the same rank in medieval history.

Professor H. Morse Stephens has resigned the directorship of university extension at the University of California, a position which he has held for ten years, and will hereafter devote his entire time to his duties as head of the department of history and secretary of the Academy of Pacific Coast History. Professor Stephens has been appointed to the Sather professorship of history, a chair recently endowed at the University of California by Mrs. Jane K. Sather. Dr. L. J. Paetow, formerly assistant professor of English history in the same university, has become assistant professor of medieval history in place of Dr. J. N. Bowman, who goes to the University of Washington, while Dr. W. A. Morris from the University of Washington takes Dr. Paetow's former position. Assistant Professor Don E. Smith has resigned.

James F. Kenney, lately professor of history in St. Michael's College of the University of Toronto, has been appointed an assistant in the office of the Dominion Archivist, Ottawa, Canada.


Definite arrangements have now been made for the Third International Congress of Historical Studies, which will be held in London from April 3 to April 8 or 9, 1913. It is expected that there will be nine sections, as follows: Oriental History; Greek and Roman and Byzantine History; Medieval History; Modern History and the History of Colonies and Dependencies, including naval and military history; Religious and Ecclesiastical History; Legal and Economic History; the History of Medieval and Modern Civilization; Archaeology, with Prehistoric Studies and Ancient Art; and the Related and Auxiliary Sciences, such as ethnology, historical geography, the philosophy of history, historical methodology, the teaching of history, bibliography, palaeography, diplomatics, etc. Everyone wishing to become a member of the congress is requested to send his name, title, office, and postal address, as soon as possible, to the Secretary of the Congress, Professor I. Gollancz, Secretary of the British Academy, Burlington House,

London. Communications respecting the reading of papers should, however, be addressed to the Secretary for Papers, the Reverend Professor J. P. Whitney, 9 Well Walk, Hampstead Heath, London. Every member of the congress, whether attending as a delegate or upon invitation or in a personal capacity, subscribes the sum of £1. Ladies accompanying members can become associate members on payment of half the subscription.

On October 15 and 16 the American Antiquarian Society will celebrate the one-hundredth anniversary of its foundation, with important public addresses by Senator Henry Cabot Lodge and Professor Andrew C. McLaughlin.

The July-August number of the Revue Historique contains surveys of the recent literature for the Frankish and early Capetian period by Louis Halphen; of the sciences auxiliary to history for the medieval and modern periods by Philippe Lauer; and of Christian antiquities by Charles Guignebert. In addition to the discussion of the recent controversial literature concerning Jesus, contained in the last of these articles, reference should also be made to the Revue d'Histoire Ecclésiastique, April, 1912, page 385.

The first volume of the Kleine Schriften of Professor A. Furtwängler has been published by J. Sieveking and L. Curtius (Munich, Beck, 1912, pp. viii, 516).

Volume XIII. of the Catholic Encyclopedia, extending from "Revelation" to Simon Stock", has come from the Caxton Publishing Company. The subject-matter of this, as of previous volumes of the series, offers much of historical interest.

The Britannica Year-Book, a new annual with Mr. Hugh Chisholm as editor, is intended to bring to date information contained in the Encyclopedia Britannica.

The World Peace Foundation has published the Syllabus of Lectures on International Conciliation, given at Leland Stanford Junior University by David Starr Jordan and Edward B. Krehbiel.

Twelve parts have appeared of an Encyclopédie de l' Islam, Dictionnaire Géographique, Ethnologique, et Biographique des Peuples Musulmans, edited by T. Houtsma and R. Basset with the assistance of leading Orientalists (Paris, Picard).

There is in course of publication a three-volume Histoire des Patriarcats Melkites, Alexandrie, Antioche, Jérusalem, depuis le Schisme Monophysite du Sixième Siècle jusqu'à nos Jours (Rome, Bretschneider). The first volume, which is yet to appear, will cover the history to the beginning of the nineteenth century. The second and third volumes, which have already been published, deal respectively with the history during the nineteenth century and with the existing insti

The work is by
The work is by a priest of the

tutions and practices of the church. Greco-Slavic rite, Cyrille Charon. The Melkites, that is royalists, were those Eastern Christians who adhered to the imperial decrees as opposed to those who adopted some form of Monophysitism, now represented by the Armenian, Coptic, and other Eastern sects.

Among the recent accessions of the Manuscripts Division of the Library of Congress are: 131 letters and drafts of Thomas Jefferson, 1798-1822; the papers of James H. Hammond, senator from South Carolina, 1820-1864; the papers of Agustin de Yturbide, emperor of Mexico, 1799-1824; the papers, scientific and political, of Captain Matthew Fontaine Maury, 1825-1874; letter-books of General William Tecumseh Sherman; the papers of James Murray Mason, Confederate envoy in London; twenty-eight log-books of Admiral Sir George Cockburn, 18131815.

A chronological list with notes of bipartite arbitration treaties, compiled by Dennys P. Myers, has been published by the World Peace Foundation, Boston.

Little, Brown, and Company announce for autumn the Continental Legal History series, consisting of translations of important modern. works on the history of the civil, criminal, commercial, procedural, and public law of continental Europe. The works, selected by a committee appointed in 1909 by the Association of American Law Schools, were translated by competent scholars appointed by the committee. The first three volumes to appear in the autumn are as follows: A General Survey of Events, Sources, Persons and Movements in Continental Legal History, translated from works by eminent European authors; Great Jurists of the World, from Papinian to Von Ihering, by various authors; and History of French Private Law, by J. Brissaud, late professor of legal history in the University of Toulouse, translated by Rapelje Howell, of the New York Bar.

The Hakluyt Society has published a Book, of the Knowledge of all the Kingdoms, Lands, and Lordships that are in the World, by an anonymous Franciscan friar who wrote about 1350, giving the names of most of the Canary Islands, the Madeiras, and the Azores, and an account of Africa south of the Atlas. The work was first published in 1877 by Don Marcos Jiménez de la Espada.

At the 1912 meeting of the Congrès des Sociétés Savantes, in the section on historical and descriptive geography, a paper was read by Dr. Loir describing a prospectus prepared in 1816 by Charles Alexandre Lesueur to attract colonists to Louisiana. In the same section the Abbé Anthiaume presented a paper on the portolan charts which he traced to a Catalan origin at the end of the twelfth century. He also found the so-called Mercator projection used long before Mercator's time. In discussing the paper M. de La Roncière claimed a Genoese rather than a Catalan origin for the portolans.

Dr. Gustave Loisel has prepared a Histoire des Ménageries de l'Antiquité à nos Jours in three volumes (Paris, Doin). The famous zoological gardens of the various epochs, their importance in the development of science, and their relation to society are described. The work is based on documentary sources.

Noteworthy articles in periodicals: Esther B. Van Deman, Methods of Determining the Date of Concrete Monuments, I. (Archaeological Institute of America, April-June); E. Rodocanachi, Les Courriers Pontificaux du Quatorzième au Dix-Septième Siècle (Revue d'Histoire Diplomatique, July).


Südwesteuropäische Megalithkultur und ihre Beziehungen zum Orient, by G. Wilke, is the seventh number of the Mannusbibliothek (Würzburg, Kabitsch, 1912, pp. 181). The author concludes from his. investigations that the builders of the megalithic remains were a European race, but he is unable to decide further their ethnic kinship or the locality of their origin, whether Iberian, Scandinavian, or otherwise. A. de Paniagua of the International Ethnographic Institute of Paris sets forth some novel ideas on the same subject in Les Monuments Megalithiques, Destination, Signification (Paris, Catin, 1912, pp. xii, 92).

The second fascicle of volume V. completing Découvertes en Chaldée by Ernest de Sarzec, edited by Léon Heuzey, has been published by Leroux of Paris.

Messrs. Scribner's Sons announce for early publication Religion and Thought in Ancient Egypt, by Professor James H. Breasted of Chicago University.

R. Weil's Les Hyksôs et la Restauration dans la Tradition Egyptienne et dans l'Histoire (Paris, Impr. Nationale, 1911, pp. 218) is of interest to students of Egyptian history.

The first volume of a new and thoroughly revised edition of R. Kittel's Geschichte des Volkes Israel has been issued by Messrs. Perthes (Gotha, 1912, pp. xii, 667). The volume carries the account to the death of Joshua.

Professor H. Blümner of Zürich has prepared a Karte von Griechenland zur Zeit des Pausanias sowie in der Gegenwart (Bern, Geographisches Kartenverlag), showing all places named by Pausanias.

The third publication to appear in the series of Jenaer Historische Arbeiten (Bonn) is Dr. F. W. Robinson's thesis, Marius. Saturninus und Glaucia: Beiträge zur Geschichte der Jahre 106-100 v. Chr.

The thesis of M. Jean Juster for his doctorate in law is a critical examination of the sources relating to the judicial position of the Jews under the Roman Empire (Paris, Geuthner, 1911, pp. viii, 141).


The third series of E. Vacandard's Etudes de Critique et d'Histoire Religieuse (Paris, Lecoffre, 1912, pp. 377) contains studies on the origin, celebration, and liturgy of Christmas and the Epiphany, on the origin of the veneration of the saints, and of the festival and dogma of the Immaculate Conception.

In the series Textes et Documents pour l' Etude Historique du Christianisme, A. Lucot has edited Histoire Lausiaque, and A. Lelong, Le Pasteur d' Hermas (Paris, Picard).

Professor Aimé Puech of the Sorbonne in Les Apologistes Grecs du Deuxième Siècle de Notre Ère (Paris, Hachette) endeavors to determine the teachings of the Church in the age of the Antonines and the nature and extent of the influence of Stoic and Platonic philosophy on both the method and the thought of the apologists.

In the "Alleged Persecution of the Christians at Lyon in 177", reprinted from the July number of the American Journal of Theology, Professor James W. Thompson endeavors to demonstrate that if the story of this persecution is not a "Christian fabrication" it must be put a century later, in the reign of Aurelian, and Marcus Aurelius must, therefore, be acquitted of the charge of ordering it.

Hans von Schubert's Staat und Kirche in den Arianischen Königreichen und im Reiche Chlodwigs (Munich, Oldenbourg, pp. 199) supplements the studies of Ulrich Stutz in the same field.

The period of the Donatist schism is studied in the fourth volume of P. Monceaux, Histoire Littéraire de l'Afrique Chrétienne depuis les Origines jusqu'à l'Invasion Arabe (Paris, Leroux, 1912, pp. 517). M. Monceaux has also published recently a pamphlet on Timgad Chrétien (Paris, Impr. Nationale, 1911, pp. 78).

A biography of the famous Gallic bishop St. Germain l'Auxerrois has been published by G. M. Des Noyers (Paris, Desclée, de Brouwer, 1911). It will be recalled that the two visits of St. Germain to Britain furnish one of the few important contemporary sources of information regarding Britain during the first half of the fifth century.

A valuable addition to the series Bibliothèque d'Histoire Religieuse from Messrs. Picard is volume I. of L'Église Wisigothique au VIIe Siècle, by M. E. Magnin.

Noteworthy articles in periodicals: R. P. Galtier, S. J., La Consignation dans les Eglises d'Occident (Revue d'Histoire Ecclésiastique, April); W. Levison, Die Iren und die Fränkische Kirche (Historische Zeitschrift, CIX. 1); K. Praechter, Christlich-Neuplatonische Beziehungen (Byzantinische Zeitschrift, XXI. 1).


Volumes 65 to 68 of the Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium contain the Arabic text of the Historia Universalis of Agapius,

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