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They maintain transubstantiation;
You, by a contrary philofophers'-stone,
To tranfubftantiate metals have the skill,
And turn the kingdom's gold to ir'n and steel.
I' th' facrament ye differ; but 'tis noted,

Bread must be flesh, wine blood, if e'er 't be voted..
They make the Pope their head; y' exalt for him,
Primate and metropolitan, mafter Pym;

Nay, White, who fits i' th' infallible chair,
And most infallibly speaks nonfenfe there;
Nay, Cromwell, Pury, Whistler, Sir John Wray,
He who does fay, and fay, and fay, and say;
Nay, Lowry, who does new church-government wish,
And prophefies, like Jonas, 'midft the fish;
Who can fuch various bufinefs wifely fway,
Handling both herrings and bishops in one day :
Nay, all your preachers, women, boys, and men,
From mafter Calamy to miftrefs Ven,

Are perfect Popes, in their own parish, grown;
For, to out-do the ftory of pope Joan,

Your women preach too, and are like to be
The whores of Babylon as much as fhe.

They depofe kings by force: by force you 'd do it,

But first use fair means to perfuade them to it.
They dare kill kings: and 'twixt ye here 's the ftrife,
That you dare fhoot-at kings to fave their life:
And what's the difference, pray, whether he fall
By the Pope's Bull or your Ox general?
Three kingdoms thus ye ftrive to make
And, like the Pope, ufurp a triple crown,

your own,

Such is your faith, fuch your religion;

Let's view your manners now, and then I 've done.
Your covetoufnefs let gafping Ireland tell,

Where first the Irish lands, and next ye fell
The English blood, and raise rebellion here

With that which should fupprefs and quench it there.
What mighty fums have ye squeez'd out o' th' city!
Enough to make them poor, and something witty.
Excife, loans, contributions, poll-monies,
Bribes, plunder, and such parliament privileges,
Are words which you ne'er learnt in holy writ,
Till th' Spirit, and your Synod, mended it.

Where's all the twentieth part now, which hath been
Paid you by fome, to forfeit the nineteen ?

Where's all the goods diftrain'd, and plunders paft?
For you 're grown wretched pilfering knaves at last;
Defcend to brafs and pewter, till of late,

Like Midas, all ye touch'd muft needs be plate.
By what vaft hopes is your ambition fed?

'Tis writ in blood, and may be plainly read :
You must have places, and the kingdom fway;
The king must be a ward to your lord Say.
Your innocent Speaker to the Rolls must rise;
Six thousand pound hath made him proud and wife.
Kimbolton for his father's place doth call,

Would be like him ;-would he were, face and all i
Ifaack would always be lord-mayor; and so
May always be, as much as he is now.
For the Five members, they fo richly thrive,
That they would always be but Members five.


Only Pym doth his natural right enforce,
By th' mother's fide he 's Mafter of the horse.
Moft fhall have places by these popular tricks,
The reft must be content with bishopricks.
For 'tis 'gainft fuperftition you 're intent;
First to root out that great church-ornament,
Money and lands: your swords, alas! are drawn
Against the Bishop, not his cap, or lawn.

O let not fuch lewd facrilege begin,
Tempted by Henry's rich, fuccessful fin!
Henry the monster-king of all that age;
Wild in his luft, but wilder in his rage.
Expect not you his fate, though Hotham thrives
In imitating Henry's tricks for wives;
Nor fewer churches hopes, than wives, to fee
Buried, and then their lands his own to be.

Ye boundless tyrants! how do you outvy
Th' Athenians' Thirty, Rome's Decemviry!
In rage, injustice, cruelty, as far

Above those men, as you in number are.
What myfteries of iniquity do we see !
New prifons made to defend liberty!
Our goods forc'd from us for property's fake;
And all the real nonfenfe which ye make!
Ship-money was unjustly ta'en, ye fay ;
Unjuftlier far, you take the ships away.
The High Commiffion you call'd tyranny :
Ye did! good God! what is the High Committee?
Ye faid that gifts and bribes preferments bought :
By money and blood too they now are sought.


To the king's will, the laws men ftrove to draw:
The fubjects' will is now become the law.
'Twas fear'd a new religion would begin :
All new religions, now, are enter'd in.
The king delinquents to protect did strive :

What clubs, pikes, halberts, lighters, fav'd the Five!
You think th' parliment like
ftate of grace;


Whatever fins men do, they keep their place..
Invasions then were fear'd against the state;
And Strode fwore last year* would be eighty-eight.
You bring-in foreign aid to your designs,
First those great foreign forces of Divines,
With which fhips from America were fraught;
Rather may ftinking tobacco still be brought
From thence, I fay: next, ye the Scots invite,.
Which you term brotherly-affiftance, right;
For England you intend with them to fhare:
They, who, alas! but younger brothers are,
Muft have the monies for their portion;
The houses and the lands will be your own.
We thank you for the wounds which we endure,
Whilft fcratches and flight pricks ye feek to cure ;.
We thank you for true real fears, at last,
Which free us from fo many falfe ones paft;
We thank you for the blood which fats our coaft,
As a juft debt paid to great Strafford's ghost;
We thank you for the ills receiv'd, and all
Which yet by your good care in time we fhall;

* viz. 1642.


We thank you, and our gratitude 's as great when you thank'd God for being beat.

As yours,


SHE that can fit three fermons in a day,
And of thofe three fcarce bear three words away;
She that can rob her husband, to repair
A budget-prieft, that nofes a long prayer ;
She that with lamp-black purifies her shoes,
And with half-eyes and Bible foftly goes;
She that her pockets with lay-gospel stuffs,
And edifies her looks with little ruffs;
She that loves fermons as fhe does the reft,
Still standing stiff that longest are the best ; .
She that will lye, yet fwear fhe hates a lyar,
Except it be the man that will lie by her;
She that at christenings thirsteth for more fack,
And draws the broadeft handkerchief for cake;
She that fings psalms devoutly next the street,
And beats her maid i' th' kitchin, where none fee 't;
She that will fit in fhop for five hours space,
And register the fins of all that pass,
Damn at first fight, and proudly dares to say,
That none can poffibly be fav'd but they
That hang religion in a naked ear,

And judge men's hearts according to their hair;
That could afford to doubt, who wrote best sense,
Mofes, or Dod on the commandements;

She that can figh, and cry Queen Elizabeth,"
Rail at the Pope, and scratch-out" sudden death :”

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