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Farmers, fisher

emption of.

covered with interest at the rate of six per centum per annum and costs in any court of competent jurisdiction by and in the name of the Provincial Secretary, and the action shall be tried without a jury.

10. This Act shall not apply to a farmer, a fishermen etc. ex- man or other person who buys gasoline for a purpose other than operating a motor vehicle, provided that a declaration under the Canada Evidence Act to that effect be made by such person at the time of his purchase in the form and manner established by the Minister.

Breach by far

mers, fishermen etc.

Commencement of Act

11. Any farmer, fisherman or other person, who, after having bought gasoline for a purpose other than operating a motor vehicle and after having made the declaration required to that effect, uses the gasoline so bought in the operation of a motor vehicle without paying for such gasoline the tax imposed by this Act, commits an offence under this Act and shall be liable for the penalties set forth in Section 8 of this Act.

12. This Act shall come into force on, from and after and not before such day as the Governor-inCouncil orders and declares by Proclamation.



A Bill to Preclude Doubts as to the Validity of Certain

(Passed the 7th day of May, A. D., 1925).

WHEREAS, Frank Smith, resident at Deep Brook, Nova Scotia, a Licentiate in the ministry of the Baptist Denomination in Nova Scotia and pastor of Baptist Church at Deep Brook had previously been doing pastoral work in such denomination both in England and in the Province of Manitoba, where he had and exercised the rights and privileges of duly ordained

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clergymen of such denomination in the solemnization of marriage;

And Whereas, the said Frank Smith believing himself to be authorized according to the laws of the Province of Nova Scotia to solemnize marriages did as a Baptist clergyman solemnize one or more marriages within the said province;

And Whereas, it is expedient to preclude any doubts as to the validity of such marriage or marriages;

Be it therefore enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly as follows:

riages validst

1. All marriages solemnized in Nova Scotia before Certain marthe passing of this Act by the said Frank Smith were, ed. are and shall be as valid as if the same had been solemnized by a duly ordained clergyman of the Baptist Church.


The Community Act.

(Passed the 7th day of May, A. D., 1925).

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:

1. This Act may be cited as "The Community Short title. Act."

2. In this Act the expressions:

(a) "Community" shall mean and include the inhabitants of any school section or sections in Nova Scotia, and the boundaries of any such school section or school sections from time to time shall be the boundaries of the Community;




of community halls.

(b) "Community property" shall mean and include real and personal property held for or owned by the community;

(c) "Community hall" shall mean and include a building, lands or other property used or intended to be used or capable of being used for social, educational, recreational or community purposes, public meetings, public library or for entertainment or amusement, and shall include all lands and buildings used or intended to be used or capable of being used for athletic pur


(b) "Electors" shall mean and include persons resident within the community and qualified to vote at a municipal election.

3. (1) Where the electors in any community desire to provide for the establishment in such community of a community hall a requisition signed by a majority of the electors of such community may be presented to the Municipal Council for the Municipality in which such comminity is situate praying that such Municipal Council may pass a by-law for the establishment of a community hall.

(2) Such Municipal Council may pass a by-law providing for the establishment of such community hall in accordance with the provisions of this Act in such community or in any community adjacent or contiguous thereto.

(3) Such Municipal Council may by such by-law


(a) the acquisition by such community of real and personal property by purchase or otherwise for such purposes;

(b) the entering into an agreement by such community with any adjoining or contiguous community for the joint use of the community hall by the inhabitants of such communities.

4. (1) The moneys required for the establishment Finance. of a community hall may be raised by the issue of debentures of the Municipality in the manner provided by the Municipal Act and the Municipal Debentures Act, and all moneys required to provide for sinking fund and interest on the debentures issued under this section or for any other purpose in connection with the establishment of a community hall for a community shall be raised by a special rate upon all property subject to municipal taxation in the community or communities.

(2) Where debentures are issued under this section such debentures shall constitute a debt of such Municipality to the holder of such debentures and the property liable to assessment and taxation in the community shall be liable to the Municipality as a whole for any amounts paid by the Municipality on account of such debentures or interest thereon.

(3) Any special rates required to be levied and collected from any community as in this section provided shall be levied and collected by the Municipality in which such community is situate in the same manner as other municipal rates are levied and collected under The Assessment Act and the Municipal Act, such special rates being a lien upon the land on which they are assessed in the same manner as other municipal rates levied and collected under the said Acts.

5. (1) All property, real and personal, of the Property. community acquired for the purposes of this Act shall be vested in the Municipal Council for the Municipality in which such community is situate.

(2) The said Municipal Council may, subject to the provisions of this Act, acquire and hold real and personal property for the community.

6. (1) Every community hall established under Management. this Act shall be under the management and control of a Board appointed by the Municipal Council of the Municipality in which such community is situate and shall be composed as follows:

(a) two members of such Municipal Council:


(b) five members selected by such Municipal Council from amongst the officers of the local organizations in the community, not being religious or fraternal organizations, for the use of which the hall is established, and in selecting such representatives the Board shall have regard to the contribution by each organization to the erection and maintenance of such community hall.

(2) The Municipal Council may fill any vacancy arising on the Board from among the class of representatives in which the vacancy occurs.

(3) The representatives of such Municipal Council shall be appointed annually and the other members of the Board shall hold office for two years. Every member of such Board shall hold office until his successor is appointed, and shall be eligible for re-appointment.

Meetings, how 7. (1) The Board of Managers may call a meeting of the community upon giving at least seven days' notice of the time, place and matters for discussion by notices posted in at least three conspicuous places in such community.


(2) The Board of Managers shall call a meeting of such community on receipt of a requisition to that effect signed by at least ten electors.

8. The Board of Managers may make by-laws respecting the matters over which they have control and may from time to time amend and alter the same.

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