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Quarrels, 45.
Quick Reading, 184.
Quixote, Don, 91.


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Strong Facts, 17.

Sex, 361.


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Page I. Full length Portrait of Johnson in the dress worn by him on the Journey to the Hebrides. To face the Title. "Dr. Johnson wore a full suit of plain brown clothes, with twisted buttons of the same colour, a large bushy greyish wig, a plain shirt, black worsted stockings, and silver buckles. Upon this tour, when journeying, he wore boots, and a very wide brown cloth great coat, with pockets which might almost have held the two volumes of his folio Dictionary, and he carried in his hand a large English oak stick." Boswell.

"The portrait of Johnson walking in a great coat with a
large stick gives a good idea of him." - John Nichols.

"Methinks I view his full, plain suit of brown,
The large grey bushy wig, that graced his crown;
Black worsted stockings, little silver buckles;
And shirt, that had no ruffles for his knuckles.
I mark the brown great-coat of cloth he wore,

That two huge Patagonian pockets bore,

Which Patagonians (wondrous to unfold!)

Would fairly both his Dictionaries hold. Peter Pindar.

II. View of the House in which Johnson was born, Market-place, Lichfield. From a Drawing made on the Spot, by C. Stanfield, R. A.

Title Page.


III. View of Lichfield, the Birth-place of Johnson.
a Drawing made on the Spot by C. Stanfield, R. A.

IV. Portrait of the Rev. Thomas Warton, B. A.
Painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds


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V. View of Johnson's House, No. 8. Bolt Court, Fleet
Street. From a Sketch by the late J. T. Smith

VI. Portrait of the Honourable Topham Beauclerk. From
a Painting in the possession of Lord Holland

VII. View of the Summer-house at Streatham.
Drawing by C. Stanfield, R. A.



From a


VIII. View of Johnson's Sitting-room in Bolt Court. Drawn by H. Corbould, from a Sketch by the late J. T. Smith


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