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that these truths shall henceforth | twenty-seven years, underwent the ne exercise upon human destinies, all capital punishment on the gallows, response the influence which belongs to to which he was sentenced by the i them, shall be received with as court of this commandancy gene.

much readiness and affection, into ral of Marine on the 19th April of Der E this holy alliance.

last year, (and which the supreme Made, tripartite, and signed at tribunal of the admiralty of Spain Paris, in the year of our Lord 1815, and the Indies confirmed) for the on the 14th (26) of September. treacherous murder of the justice (Signed)

of peace, D. Francisco Rodriguez, Francis.

and at half past three P. M. his Frederic William, right hand was cut off and nailed Alexander.

to the hook which is without the A true copy of the original. gate of the rail of the royal arseSt. Petersburgh, the day of the nal.

birth of our Saviour, the 25th of The aforesaid criminal Harra, Dec. 1815.

being put into the chapel for spiritual preparation, manifested that

he had a public and judicial declaThe difference of rising every ration to make, in order to ease morning at six and eight o'clock, his conscience, and his petition in the course of forty years, sup-being acceded to, he declared the posing a person to go to bed at the day before the punishment, having same time he otherwise would, previously taken an oath, that he amount to twenty-nine thousand had committed SEVENTEEN two hundred hours, or three years, MURDERS-eight in this city, one hundred and twenty-one days, and nine out, explaining them all and sixteen hours, which afford in the following manner: The first eight hours per day, for exactly in the arches of the convent of our ten years, so that it is the same as lady de Belen, committing it with if ten years of life (a weighty con a knife on a white man, whose sideration) were added, in which name and surname he did not we may command eight hours know, neither did he state the day every day, for the cultivation of nor the year; but he stated that it our lives and the dispatch of busi was after orisons, and through jea

lousy as to a woman: the second,

on the wall of Paura, on F. Rodri. London, April, 1816.-Cherries guez, giving him two stabs with made their first appearance this a knife, and being dead, he threw season on the 7th inst. in Covent him into the sea over the said wall garden market; they were sold at he did neither state the day, two guineas and a half per pound. year nor hour; but that the cause

was for having pursued him as a EXECUTION FOR MURDER. deserter from the arsenal, requi. Havanna, April 24.--Don Jose ring of him a contribution: the Miguel Izquierdo, clerk of the third he perpetrated on the negro admiralty in this station, &c. Julian Mendez, in the neighbour

I certify that on the 19th inst. hood of Santa Cattalina, giving at half past seven o'clock, A. M. him a stab with a dagger about 4 the galley slave of the royal arse o'clock in the evening; neither did nal, Jose Florentino Harra, aged he state the day, month, nor year,


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but that the cause was his having | eleventh in Mexico, on a commissie stared at him: the fourth, in the sary of the city, executing it on a supe walks of St. Jose, without the walls Saturday, about four o'clock in the uns of this city, on a young native Spa- evening, in the month of April

С. niard, of whose name and surname without stating the year, neither i he gave no account, neither of the the name of the person, but the the day, month nor year, on account cause being his having wished to that of some variance he had with him: arrest him as a deserter from the Tide the fifth he executed in the road permanent regiment, in which he Le which is before arriving at the set had enlisted: the twelfth, in Ali tlement of Palaver, on a negro-cant, on Antonio Cortes, sailor on he did not state his name, sur board a French privateer, in which name, day, month nor year; but they both sailed; he killed him the cause was, that he presumed with a stab, at about 3 o'clock in he was following him, whom he the evening, in the month of Jak watched a quarter of an hour the nuary, without recollecting the night after his decease happened: year; but the cause was having the sixth, in the field of Mars, on lent him a sash, and his having rea mulatto, striking him with a fused to return it to him, declaringo club, neither did he state his name, that in this affair he was wounded the day nor month, but that it was by Cortes: the thirteenth, on the va in the evening, and because that French consul of the city of Mala playing pawpaw he had some dif.

ga, giving him three stabs in the cele ference with him: the seventh he castle de Alfaro: the fourteenth, to executed in the district of Macha, on his excellency the senior mar. on the negro, Crisostomo~he did quis de la Solano, in Cadiz, having not state his surname, the day, been the first who seized him, and month nor year, but that the cause gave him three mortal stabs: the was his having pursued him with fifteenth, he perpetrated on the two others; and because at the ball commandant of the revenue,

D. there was in that town he broke Jose Heredia, in the said Cadiz, in the harp with which they were the time of the revolution which playing: the eighth was that which the French caused in Spain: and he committed on the person of the finally, he declared, that sailing above mentioned commissary, D. from Tampico to Cadiz, in an Francisco Rodriguez, and for American brig, he threw over which he was judged and senten board one of the sailors with whom ced to undergo the punishment of he had a quarrel in defence of the the gallows; as has been stated: Spanish name, executing it one the ninth was in the city of Porto night during a storm, and iwo days Rico, and he executed it on the afterwards he did the same to the boatswain of a vessel, and for mate, in performing which Rasaci which he was sentenced to ten

Amenio, a native of the island of years labour in this arsenal in Leon, assisted him, because the 1810: the tenth he executed in said 'mate had suspicion of his Vera Cruz, on the serjeant of lan- having thrown him overboard

: cers, F. Alvarez, being a soldier concluding that he did not specify in the same troop, giving him a the various stab in the quarters-he did not which he had with others; because state the day, month nor year: the death not having ensued, he cone

affrays and blows

sidered the relation of them as į ly beautiful, and that she had a a superfluous, although some per- house superbly furnished, drove

sons had remained injured. about in an elegant barouche and

On the same day he made his four, and is supposed to have will; and notwithstanding that in squandered away at least 40,000l. the process of the trial, he declared of the gentleman's money who was that he was a native of Monte then attached to her. She now ex. Video, he manifested in that, that hibits a striking picture of the very he was of this city.

lowest ebb of human wretchedI certify likewise, that on the ness.-Lon. paper. same nineteenth day that justice was executed, he repeated his con BONAPARTE'S POLICE. fession and the sacrament was ad London, May 29. Our readers will ministered to him before carrying recollect the accusation brought him to the gallows: that being on by M. Fouche Borel, against it a few moments before expiating one Perlet, of which we, some his crimes, among other things weeks ago, gave an abstract, as ilwhich he expressed and said, he lustrative of the horrible atrocities confirmed in a loud and public of Bonaparte's police. At an early voice, the foregoing declaration, period of the revolution, M. Borel which, by a decree passed in the had abandoned his country, had proceedings of his trial, was or left a beloved wife, and an ample dered to be published in the go- | fortune, and had served the king vernment paper of this city; to the of France confidentially in various end that if there be any one charg- parts of Europe, and for a long ed with these murders, and if he succession of years. He had himshould choose to make use of this self undergone a severe imprisoninformation, he may, as far as he ment, and had sent his nephew, is able, use it in his favour; and M. Vitel, on a dangerous mission that the requisite copies thereof to Paris, and had intrusted the sebe officially sent to their honours, cret, together with a large sum of the chiefs of the tribunals of pro- money, to Perlet. This latter vinces in which the said murders wretch, who had previously been were committed, and especially to dispatched by Fouche and Real, to the supreme council of the admi- England, to persuade the Royal ralty, for their information, and to Family to come to France, with a the government paper

of this view to have them assassinated; city.

finding that attempt unsuccessful, Jose Miguel Izquierdo. resolved at least to betray Vitel, Havanna, April 20th, 1815. and to pocket Borel's money un

der pretence of employing it for

the unfortunate young man's reAnne Maria Clements, an un lease. Vitel perished, and Borel fortunate female, was charged by did not at that time suspect Perlet. an ofiicer of the second West In We have before us a pamphlet, dia regiment, with robbing him of which he published in 1807, very 101. She was remanded till Mon- shortly after his nephew's death, in day. Mr. Fielding (after she was which he speaks of its authors as gone from the bar) said he re unknown to him; but adds, “I am membered the above unfortunate on my part resolutely determined creature a few years ago extreme not to spare them, but to oblige


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them sooner or later to develope | Kingdom Lombardy Venetian

Sq. Miles." Inhala

15,830 4,055, obui themselves; let them be assured Duchy of Lueca

7,394 that I am resolved to drag them

1,457 into daylight.” This threat M.

1,620 Borel, fortunately for the interest

11,355 2,425928 mag

Republic of St. Marino of morality, has at length accom

Sardinian possessions (Etat Sarde) 22,471 3,8148 plished. He has unmasked the

Kingdom of Naples and Sicily} 31,731 6,75.00 traitor to his sovereign, the swind

Grand Duchy of Tuscany
Island of Corsica

2,723 ler of his friend, the base and in Islands of Malta, Gozo, and Ca.

and Ca} famous dealer in blood. Perlet had the audacity to reply by a charge

93,872 19,042,00 of calumny against Borel; the

(Memoria, Na 259.) actions were consolidated, and at La Lande in 1807, estimated the first hearing both the plaintiffs the population of Italy at eighteen stood in person before the court; millions; Pinkerton reduces it to but the guilt of Perlet was estab thirteen millions; Guthrie thinks lished by his own answers, and it exceeds twenty millions. irresistibly confirmed by the depo Two of many of our states will sition of Veyrat, another agent of be found nearly equal in territorial Bonaparte's police at the time of extent to the whole of Italy, leate Vitel's death. At the subsequent New York and Pennsylvania, Vir. hearing, Perlet bad absconded. ginia and North Carolina, &c. Borel's counsel was heard, and the cause was adjourned for the Pro

KINGDOM OF CAUBUL. cureur general to sum up, on the [The following description of a part of the government, in relation very singular place, is taken from to both of the charges. On the 24th Elphinstone's interesting "de inst. this cause, which had excited count of the Kingdom of Caubul.") an exceedingly great interest in “ Calla-Baugh, where we left Paris, was brought to a conclusion the plain, well deserves a minute by the speech of M. Riffe, who description. The Indus is here appeared as substitute for the compressed by mountains into Procureur general. The judges, deep channel, only 350 yards much to their honour, went beyond broad. The mountains on each the sentence on Perlet, which M. side have an abrupt descent into Riffe demanded. They condemned | the river, and a road is cut along him to five years imprisonment, to their base, for upwards of two pay 24,000 francs to Borel, includ. | miles. It had been widened for us, ing costs; and to the privation of but it was still so narrow, and the all civil rights for ten years.

rock over it so steep, that no camel with a bulky load could pass; to

obviate this inconvenience,

twenty-eight boats had been preSTATISTICS OF ITALY.

pared to convey our largest packThe following table exhibits the ages up the river. The finest part present division of Italy according of this pass is actually overhung to the last treaties of Vienna and by the town of Calla-baugh, which Paris, and the maps published in May, last year, at Rome, by that celebrated German geographer,

* The ratio of the Italian mile to the William Mayer.

American is 37 to 100.


is built in a singular manner upon

with him, for the purpose of he face of the hill, every street bringing to submission a neigh‘ising above its neighbour, and, I bouring governor who had not magine, only accessible by the done his duty. The bashaw relat roofs of the houses below it. quested the governor to provide As we passed beneath, we perceiv- quarters in the city for his troops, d windows and balconies at a which was accordingly done, and great height, crowded with women the governor, with twenty-three and children. The road beyond members of the government, was cut out of solid salt, at the again went on board on the 2d, foot of the cliffs of that mineral, where the whole were immediin some places more than one ately put in irons, or beheaded hundred feet high above the river. and strangled. The bashaw then

The salt is hard, clear, and al. sent on shore a new governor, and most pure. It would be like crys. on the 3d, all was quiet. tal, were it not in some parts streaked and tinged with red. In some places, salt springs issue From the Florence Gazette of from the foot of the rocks, and Oct. 24.-Joachim Murat having leave the ground covered with a fled last May from Naples, sought crust of the most brilliant white. an asylum in France, where the Dess. All the earth, particularly sudden appearance of Napoleon near the town, is almost blood seemed to elevate his mind to red, and this, with the strange and new hopes. beautiful spectacle of the salt rock, After the events which took and the Indus flowing in a deep place in consequence of the battle and clear stream through the of Waterloo, Murat remained in lofty mountains, past this extraor- Provence, less with the intention dinary town, presented such a of there finding security, than to scene of wonders, as is seldom to excite anarchy among the inhabi. be witnessed.”

tants of these departments, and

thus to rekindle the fame of civil TRAITS OF THE TURKISH CHA war already extinguished.

The progress of the allied arms, A Liverpool paper of October and the devotion of Toulon and 19, has the following: Letters Marseilles to their legitimate sofrom Smyrna, dated Sept. 3, have vereign, compelled that general been received in Liverpool; from to leave France. The police of which, we learn, that, on the 1st Naples, which had constantly fol. ult. a fleet of twenty-eight vessels lowed his footsteps during the arrived at that place from Con whole time he had remained in stantinople, having on board the the French territory, did not lose high admiral Captain Bashaw, of sight of him when he left that Turkey. By its appearance, the coast. whole city was thrown into confu Murat went to Corsica; there sion; but when the governor went he was received by Signor Colona on board to pay his respects to the Ceccaldi, Mayor of Vescovato. Bashaw, he was informed that he The appearance of the fugitive was come to receive the usual tri. general excited the attention and bute for the Grand Signior; and vigilance of the military commanthat he had five thousand troops der of the island, who soon had. VOL. II.



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