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FRENCH HOUSEBREAKERS.—A sured that nothing shall be ne se Paris journalist, after announcing glected to give you a proof of our the trial of a band of nineteen esteem and gratitude.” The advohousebreakers, remarks, that the cate departed tolerably cheered by corde most dangerous class of thieves his client's promises. Next mornwere those who combined for the ing a person brought a packet ad Spo purpose of carrying on their de- dressed to his wife, and containing cher predations with the greater se all she had lost the evening before

, an a curity and effect. They had their except the tooth-pick case. A let in leaders, their laws, and their or ter accompanying the packet recom ganization so skilfully combined, quested Madame to accept the trie as not even to be destroyed by the excuses of a novice who had given and imprisonment or condemnation of her a moment's uneasiness, and pete those who directed the gang.

to satisfy herself by a search whethe From prison they still issued or. ther she was not mistaken in ter ders, were obeyed, and received a stating the tooth-pick case to be pun share in the plunder. Among a one of the trinkets she had lost

. fliste number of facts, to support this in fact the lady afterwards found it ser assertion, the writer mentions the in her work-bag.” The writer risit the following, which occurred to a then mentions one Delzeve, who A la Paris advocate, who had long had been brought to justice

, as cornu practised in the courts of criminal one of the most famous of these justice:-“ The wife of this advo- nocturnal depredators. The Indian cate, on coming out of the Fey- jugglers, says this writer, the deau theatre, perceived that a French jugglers, the rope dancers

, large cut had been made in the the most intrepid vaulters on the bottom of her bag, through which slack-rope, were mere novices and to her purse, scent-box, tooth-pick poltroons beside him. With one case, and a small gold watch, had spring he used to vault to the ne been softly niade io dropt, proba- shelf of a first story, and he could bly into a hat. Her husband, who throw almost to any height a cord had learned how to know his people, with a hook at the end of it, by next morning repaired to one of means of which he contrived to the prisons, where he was imme- mount. The following feat would diately surrounded by a tribe of appear a fable, if not supported by clients: he told them, with much

numerous witnesses, and testified displeasure, of the robbery of his by the registers of the Concierwife--" Ah? Sir,” said one of the gerie: the walls surrounding the leaders, “ pardon the mistake; court of that prison are from 50 to doubtless the man who played 60 feet high; and at the top are this bad joke had not the honour garnished with chevaux-de-frise

, to know Madame. As to you, Sir," whose points bend downwards. addressing the advocate, “be as. Having succeeded in eluding the

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vigilance of his keepers, who the following table of the populaat night-fall make the prisoners tion of Paris for 1815:--Of 20,000 turn in to their rooms, Delzeve, children (as nearly as possible) retreating to an angle of the wall, born every year in Paris, 10,000 without the aid of any instrument, only attain the age of 20, and supporting himself merely against 6800 attain the age of 45. One the two walls, and by some incon- fourth of the children born die ceivable movement of his feet and within the first year, and one third elbows, mounted to the iron spikes. never attain 2 years of age. NotHe seized one of them at its ex- withstanding all the efforts of the tremity, and balanced himself till French government in support of the moment when he thought he vaccination, deaths by small-pox could give himself sufficient im- form a considerable item in this pulsive force. Then making a bill of mortality. The calculator spring he threw himself over the proceeds to draw the inference, chevaux-de-frise upon the roof of that if the whole population of an adjoining house, and succeeded France be 29 millions, the middle in making his escape. One of his term of human beings who attain companions, less adroit, having the age of 20 years is 251,690. tried the same experiment, fell, and was dashed to pieces on the pavement of the prison. None of The Official Gazette of Berlin the present gang equal Delzeve; of the 30th of June, contains the they only resemble him in the following article: means of escalade. Those who Maria Catalini was born at Sini. leave their windows open during gaglia, in the land of the Church, the night, expose themselves to a and descended from an honourable. visit which often costs them dear. | family. She was placed early in a A ladder of cords or even a single convent, where she remained till cord with a hook at the end of it, she was fourteen years of age. thrown with dexterity, enables the Her voice even then was so surplunderer to mount, and the prising, that she was applauded chamber of the sleeper is some whenever she sung in the choir times stripped before his sleep is with the nuns; and on that account interrupted. To avoid the incon- her singing was prevented, lest venience of loading their pockets her vanity should be excited. with a packet of cords, they have de- Her talents developed themselves vised a mode of opening the small so early, so rapidly and in so peniches in which the cords for sus culiar a manner, that at the age pending the lamps are enclosed. of 15 years she appeared with sucThey cut them, and form a lad cess at the side of Marchesi and der on the spot. The gang, now in of Crescentini. At this period the the hands of justice, stand accused court of Portugal collected at of having committed a vast num great expense several Virtuosi at ber of robberies. The police had Lisbon. Catalini was invited at a been long on the watch for these salary of 24,000 crusades (12,000 gentlemen, when one of the crowns.) She remained four years chiefs gave information of their re- in Portugal, and then travelled treats and they were apprehended. through Spain and France, pro

ceeding to England, where very The French Almanacks give advantageous proposals were made Vol. II.

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to her. She sung at Madrid and phlemes, picker and tweeters Paris.-In the first of these towns two lancets, with a ring at the a single concert produced 3500 head, and the whole weighs but louis d'or. At Paris she gave a one-penny weight fourteen grains

. Te concert, for which the tickets were a louis each. She remained EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCE. Line eight years and a half in England, London, 1816.-A young woma litr. and never did a singer in that rich who keeps the turnpike near Hea at country collect so abundant a har- ley upon Thames, Oxfordshire, and weate vest. Her benefit concerts were who has been married four years en worth more that 9000 guineas, in- has now nine children, who are le dependent of the considerable all living and well. At her first presents that she received for pri- lying-in she had three children, at vate concerts. She left that country her second three; at her third which was to her a mine of gold, two; and at her fourth and last, pl for the purpose of going to Paris, one. The circumstance has as the where the king has granted her tonished the whole neighbour to the privilege of the Italian theatre. hood, and is supposed to be with hea She is the sole proprietor and di-out a parallel in any age or counthu rectress of this theatre, which, try.

lod during her absence, has been con

thes fided to the celebrated Paer. She The nominal value of the forged wishes to revisit her native coun notes presented for payment at the try from which she has been so bank and refused: long absent; but in going thither In the year 1812,

28,138 she performs a great circuit, as Ditto 1813, she travels through Germany, and Ditto 1814, will give concerts at Hanover, Ditto to the 27th April

, 1816, gute Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, and Vienna. Madame Catalini is about 32 years of age; but she seems younger; because independent of

FATAL EVENT IN WELL-STREET a distinguished figure, she has a On Wednesday morning, abou beautiful Roman head. She is so half past ten o'clock, modest, with such talents, that she explosion took place in the exten is called La Cosa Rera.-She has sive sugar baking warehouse of been married eleven years to M. Mr. Constadt, of Well Street, de Vallabreque, an old officer of (Well Close Square) which was hussars, but she is resolved to keep attended with the most fatal cir her own name of Catalini, while cumstances. It appears that she continues in her profession. new process has lately been dis Three children are the fruits of covered for the quick refinemen her marriage, of whom two were of sugar by means of steam; and born in England, and the third in Mr. Constadt, under the direction France."

of Mr. Hague, the engineer, had

constructed a new steam boiler, An artist at Manchester has worked by what is called a pres: made a knife, which contains

sure engine, of about six horse three blades, a button hook, a saw,

power, the boiler holding about a punch and screw driver, a box, 2000 gallons. To this was attach cork-screw, hook and gimlet, two ed all the necessary apparatus



a dreadful

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tubes, valves, &c. and the en different floors of the building, the gineer had determined upon try- whole was shortly enveloped in ing the effect of the whole, on flames. It would be impossible to Wednesday morning. The fire describe the raging fury of the was accordingly laid, and the en element—and notwithstanding the. gine put into play. At ten o'clock, timely arrival of nearly 20 engines, Mr. Constadt expressed his fears which continued to play throughthat the boiler would be over out the night, the building was heated, and the valves become totally demolished—the interior overloaded with steam; when, in falling into a condensed heap of consequence, he and Mr. Hague ashes upon the ruins of the first went to inspect it more closely. house, leaving only a few and totScarcely, however, had they reach. tering fragments of the walls. In ed the works, when a general ex this additional calamity, no further plosion took place, carrying, in loss of human lives has been susthe awful crash, utter destruction tained. The adjoining houses and to the concern, and closing in the neighbourhood have escaped inheap of ruins, the bodies of more jury; and the effects of the liquid than twenty persons. By three explosion of water, sugar, &c. o'clock in the afternoon nine of from the boiler and pans, dashed these unhappy beings were drag- upon the adjacent buildings, and ged from the ruins, dreadfully la- suffused thickly upon the trees cerated, and conveyed to the Lon- of Wellclose Square, are the only don hospital. Six of them are not circumstances worth observation, expected to survive; and at a late beyond the destruction of the hour in the evening five dead premises, the loss of so many bodies were also taken from the lives, and the unfortunate injury concern; among these was the son of others. of Mr. Spear, one of the partners of the house. The remainder of The account of the expense oftne the sufferers were workmen em.

Prince Regent's living (as given ployed in the concern, many of in the Lord Steward's Departwhom have left large families. ment) may amuse our readers; the The building was 70 feet in height following are the items of the quarand 50 in depth, and the loss sus ter ending the 5th January last:tained by Mr. Constadt, indepen- Bread, Butter, Bacon, dent of so many valuable lives, is Cheese, and Vege. estimated at 30,000 pounds.


L.1,121 19 101 Another sugar house, belonging Butcher, Poulterer, and


3,411 13 19 to Mr. Constadt, has suffered.

Beer and Cider

586 90 About 11 o'clock on Wednesday Wax and Tallow Lights 1,460 19 7 night, the ruins of the former | Grocery, Oilery, Leplace being so far removed as to mons, &c. Tea, Milk,

and Cream

3,235 15 73 permit an effusion of fame, the


2,120 3 10 fire which had caught the work of


818 6 73 the engine and boiler machinery, Washing

210 18 0 and which till then had been Fuel

1,090 16 0

96 19 6 smothered, burst forth with irre- Stationer sistible fury. The timbers and

Turner and Brazier

375 1 03 China and Glass

259 19 3 other inflammable articles strewed


101 13 3 about the ruins immediately caught fire, and communicating to the

L.14,890 14 81





GRAND TRIPLE ALLIANCE, OR, dering each other as co-patriots that t “ HOLY LEAGUE!”

they will lend one another on every exerc In the name of the Holy and In- occasion, and in every place, as the i divisible Trinity!

sistance, aid, and support; and re-them Their majesties, the emperor of garding their subjects and armies, much Austria, the king of Prussia, and as the fathers of their families, this ! the emperor of Russia, in conse they will govern them in the spirit Ma quence of the great events which of fraternity with which they are Paris

, have distinguished, in Europe, the animated, for the protection of re on the course of the three last years, and ligion, peace and justice. especially of the blessings which Art. 2. Therefore the only goit has pleased Divine Providence verning principle between the to shed upon those states, whose above mentioned governments and governments have placed their their subjects, shall be that of ren At confidence and their hope in it dering reciprocal services; of tes. St. P alone, having acquired the tho- tifying by an unalterable benefi biri rough conviction, that it is neces-cence the mutual affection with sary for ensuring their continue which they ought to be animated

; ance, that the several powers, in of considering all as only the memtheir mutual relations, adopt the bers of one Christian nation, the sublime truths which are pointed three allied princes looking upon mornit out to us by the eternal religion of themselves as delegated by Provi: in the the Saviour God:

dence to govern three branches of posing Declare solemnly that the pre- the same family; to wit, Austria

, sent act has no other object than Prussia, and Russia; confessing to show in the face of the universe, likewise that the Christian nation ivo hu their unwavering determination to of which they and their people adopt for the only rule of their form a part have really no other and s conduct, both in the administration sovereign than him to whom alone eight of their respective states, and in power belongs of right, because in my their political relations with every him alone are found all the trea. other government, the precepts of sures of love, of science and of wis sidera this holy religion, the precepts of dom; that is to say, God, our Dijustice, of charity and of peace; vine Saviour Jesus Christ, the which, far from being solely ap- word of life. Their majesties thereplicable to private life, ought, on fore recommend, with the most the contrary, directly to influence tender solicitude, to their people the resolutions of princes, and to as the only means of enjoying that guide all their undertakings, as peace which springs from a good made being the only means of giving conscience and which alone is du. stability to human institutions, and rable, to fortify themselves every garde of remedying their imperfections. day more and more in the princi

Their majesties have therefore ples and exercise of the duties agreed to the following articles: which the Divine Saviour has Art. 1. In conformity with the pointed out to us.

HO words of the Holy Scriptures, Art. 3. All powers which wish which command all men to regard solemnly to profess the sacred one another as brethren, the three principles which have dictated this

1 contracting monarchs will remain act, and who shall acknowledge united by the bonds of a true and how important it is to the happi indissoluble fraternity, and consi- ness of nations, too long disturbed,

one bi


trert our li DESS

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