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the American sch. I have seen a Carthagena with 280 emigrants, list of the prisoners printed in and arrived at Providence, where Carthagena by order of govern- being abandoned, they must perish ment. In he number are includ with hunger, unless, as is hoped, ed my sister Maria and her sons, vessels be sent from hence to their your brothers-in-law, with all their relief. family, your unfortunate wife, my Of the Conception nothing is ever esteemed Pepita, with her known, and it is probable, that the two tender infants, in her ill state number of people with which she of health, having so lately lain in. was crowded, with the 24 pounder I feel, dear nephew, how great she carried, caused her to founder, must be your affliction, as is mine, though a large vessel. Such are at this deplorable misfortune, to the misfortunes that have succeed. which are added the consequences ed the mortality of so many days which the want of food and other of famine, which at last obliged us sufferings may have produced on to emigrate. the tender frame of a woman not in the American sch. Drum. well recovered from child-birth. mond, were taken lawyers Garcia

Your mother and brothers are de Toledo, Granados, Toro, Zun. almost victims of their sufferings, niga and Domingo, with many in the brigantine Hope, with many other persons, to the number of others. I have already briefly told | 352. you how we were robbed by capt. By a vessel just arrived from Mitchell. I will now relate what Carthagena, we are informed that happened to other vessels of the there are already 800 persons in emigration. On board the Consti- the prisons, castles, and dungeons, tution, 75 persons died of hunger | including those of the sch. Drumand thirst on her passage to this mond. One of the inquisitors, island; and on board the Grand Oderis, acts as governor of the Sultan, a still larger number of bishopric, the provisor being deemigrants died through the same posed, and the canons imprisoned, cause. The sch. Two Brothers, and most of the clergy suspended, alias Union, foundered in sight of There remain very few persons in this island, but so suddenly that the city, and the greater part of only 17 persons could be saved the houses empty.The captain out of the great number that were general has laid a contribution of on board. The sch. Gen. Ber: 800,000 dollars. mudes, grounded near Trinidad Every one advises me to remain de Cuba, with only twenty-three here, where the emigrants are cadaverous persons remaining, of treated by the government and the one hundred and twenty-three, inhabitants, with humanity above the others having died of hunger all praise; but I wait your return at sea. The schr. India Libre, put to know your opinion of Louisiana, in in the greatest distress, at Ne &c. gro Head in this islandthe capt.

Juan de Dios Amador. took by force what he pleased from the emigrants, abandoned LORD SELKIRK AND THE NORTHthe vessel, and came hither in the boat; but the government has From the Boston Daily Adver. committed him to prison.

tiser, Oct. 26.-The Montreal pa. The sch. Estrella, sailed from pers are filled with the controver:



between the Earl of Selkirk and country in which the Red river the partners of the North-west settlement is situated.Over this company. It may be interesting to country his lordship appointed Mr. the reader in this country to know Robert Semple governor-general. something of so important a quar- | Mr. Semple arrived at York facrel, the scene of which is on our tory from England, August 28, own borders. We, therefore, un 1814, but did not enter upon his dertake to give a brief account of government until winter. A party, the dispute, as we collect it from however, of the Hudson bay peothe papers, and other information ple, took possession of the Red in our reach.

river settlement in the autumn. In the year 1783, a company During the winter, it is complainwas formed solely for the purpose ed by one party, that the Hudson of carrying on the fur trade, called | bay company were making con. the North-West Company, which stant depredations upon the setcompany, ever since its establish-tlements and property of the other ment, has carried on an extensive company; and by the other party, trade, annually sending their that the North-west company were agents through an immense tract making preparations for a hostile of country, to the western extre invasion upon their rivals. mity of the continent. The head No event of a very importan: quarters of the company were at nature is related until the 9th of Fort William, on Thunder bay, June, when the following bloody near the north-western extremity transaction took place. It is pariof Lake Superior, and a principal ously related by the opposing par. settlement at Red river, near the ties. The following account of it north-western angle of the United is from a friend of the North-vest States' territories, and three thou-company. sand miles westward from Mon “ Mr. Semple, still believing treal, where most of the partners the ball at his foot threatened deof the company reside.

struction to all around; and erectThe Hudson Bay company, | ing batteries at the seat of governwhich had carried on its trading ment, meant to obstruct the parioperations from York factory, on gation, and thereby to prevent the Hudson's bay, had frequently had North-west company from passing collisions with this company. This with their property. The remaiolatter company is of much longer ing North-west proprietor in that standing, and holds existence un quarter, finding the difficulties der a charter from the king of which he had to surmount, direct Great Britain, granted about two ed his course with his charge by hundred years ago.—This com another route. As the passage by pany claims a territorial jurisdic- this route would be attended with tion, and a monopoly of the trade loss of time and much trouble, over an immense tract of country, and would cause much disappointin which the North-west company ment to the parties concerned, have their principal settlements. who might be waiting at the usual

The Earl of Selkirk, who was depot, and in want, the proprietor a proprietor of this company, has thought prudent to dispatch two recently obtained from ihe com cart loads of provisions in the pany a grant of more than 116,000 usual direction, but through the square miles of land, including the plains, with an escort or guard of

Red fifty men, who had positive in- perhaps his intentions, a shot was

structions to pass on quietly, and fired at him the ball passed as far behind the settlement as through his blanket-he returned possible, in hopes of gaining the the fire with effect-then a volley place appointed unmolested. The was poured upon the escort, which advance of the escort, consisting killed one and wounded another of of twenty or twenty-two men, pass the party. The escort, no longer in ed on with their charge without doubt of the hostile views of gobeing perceived, and, meeting a vernor Semple, prepared for acman from the settlement, they lion, took their distance, and brought him with them part of formed themselves into an extenthe way to prevent discovery - sive line, describing a half-moon The rear-guard, who were riding and opened a dreadful fire, carelessly along the edge of the which, in an instant, brought Mr. morass, about four miles distant Semple and most of the party to from the settlement, were observ- the ground. A reinforcement from ed by the governor-general from the settlement appeared in the his room, which was in an upper rear with a piece of ordnance, story. The governor in a tone of which burnt priming several times. surprise, exclaimed, there they The escort resisted this party alare, and immediately sallied forth so, and drove it with precipitation at the head of thirty of his best back into the settlement. Thus warriors, completely armed with having cleared the field, the escort muskets, fixed bayonets, &c. The joined their friends, who by this escort seeing this party pressing time had come to their assistance, forward and gaining ground, halt- and returned to their destination, ed, and dispatched one of the accompanied by two of Mr. Semparty, a Canadian, who spoke ple's party, whose lives were English, to inquire into the object saved by the intrepidity of two of the pursuit.

Canadians who happened to be “ The Canadian with the best present. Such is a short but true intentions advanced, and was sur account of the battle fought four prised when Mr. Semple seized miles below the settlement of Red the bridle of his horse, and laid river, on the 19th of June last, behold of himself as a prisoner. | tween two parties of equal numThe Canadian desired Mr. Semple bers. Mr. Semple, and twentyto desist, otherwise he would not one of his party were killed and answer for the safety of his party. there were several wounrled.Mr. Semple feeling indignant, The escort had one killed and one called out to his men to blow out wounded." his brains! His men exclaimed,Good God, Sir, if we fire, we are all dead! Fire, you cowards! en « A comparative Statement respectjoined he-this is no time for re ing the use of Chaff, and the comRection. At this severe reprimand, mon practice of serving horses, a shot was fired at the Canadian, &c. with hay,-by Thomas Wil. but missed him-meantime, an liamson, Esq. in a letter to the Indian seeing the struggle, left the Secretary-[Bath Soc. Papers, escort, waving his hand, and call vol. 13. p. 104.] ing out aloud, Peace! Peace! do “ Sir Permit me to solicit not quarrel, friends! Mistaking that you lay before the Society the


Variou Russian Prussia Denmar Holland Hausest

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following comparative statement chaff, pressed into the measure respecting the use of Chaff, and and piled as high as it could quarte the common practice of serving safely be carried; consequently, clearl horses, &c. with hay.

each bushel weighed about 51 “ I have, throughout the sum pounds. It was found, that the five mer, kept my horses in the stable, horses would eat twelve bushels In Pols feeding them with good hay and of chaff during the 24 hours; and beans. My oxen have, on the con that the four oxen would consume trary, always been turned out to

an equal quantity in the same grass when liberated from their time. Ever since the oxen hare work: they have had the range of been fed with chaff only, they Great good pastures, and the benefit of have, very evidently, improved in Cionice some less valuable hay, previous condition; as have also the horses, to their going to their labour. My although their work has latterly horses, five in number, have been been on heavier soil, and of regularly worked in pairs; latterly, course, more severe than former: after much opposition on the partly. of my servants, with reins. The

“ Twenty-four bushels of chaff

, oxen, four in number, have worked at 20 to the hundred weight, in collars, drawing generally a amount to about 21 tons yearly; stout Beverstone plough, or a large which, deducted from 48 tons, drag and scuffler: their labour has (the quantity we were consuming been constant and rather severe. within the year,) gives a saving of As our meadows began to fail us about 26 tons, or more than half

. towards the end of September, “ I have, however, carried the owing to the quantity of stock retrenchments farther, by cutting upon them, it became necessary in bean stalks to the extent of to allow the oxen more and better about a quarter of the chaff; these, hay.

being laid uppermost in the cut“ The increased expenditure ting trough, keep the hay well alarmed me; as the four oxen pressed, and cause it to be cut and the five horses, consumed no

more regularly. Thus, we now less than four tons within one use about 2500 weight of hay month. This caused me to prohi. monthly, instead of four tons! bit the use of hay in the racks, and “ It is customary, in our quare to feed all the cattle with chaff; ofter, to throw bean stocks under which, a boy can cut sufficient for cattle; a practice which cannot be daily use in two hours.

100 speedily abolished. Mine had « My servants not only ridic suffered much from standing out culed the change, but so far as a full month in the late rainy wea. they dared, opposed it, in an under ther; yet all my catile aie the hand manner, by various evasions chaff cut from them alone, with. and pretexts.--Aided by the care out hesitation: indeed, rather in and vigilance of the young gentle. preference. men with me, the system of

“ I am, &c. chaff-feeding was fully establish

Thomas Williamsoft, ed; and the quantity needful for “ Writhlington, Nov. 9, 1812." the horses and the oxen, separately ascertained.

In all the lists of the Jews said “ One hundred weight of hay 1 to be living at present in Europe, was found to yield 20 bushels of

none are correct

the following

its, * Colonies of do.

nto the estimate of those living in the four | Italy

30.000 igh as i quarters of the world, may be more

Empire of Morocco

100,000 Kingdom of Algiers

60,000 ed; conseca clearly relied upon.


40,000 Judaceus.


20,000 Dominions of the Grand Seignior 1,500,000 800,000

China, Persia, Tartary, Abys-
Various circles of Germany

sinia, &c. from the best autho

Russian dominions


200,000 America

5,000 n would content Prussia

Denmark and Sweden


3,355,000 Holland

100,000 Hanseatic towns

20,000 Great Britain

50,000 50,000

From this number to four millions France


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