H.R. 5933, Virulent hog-cholera virus; H.R. 7900, Sale of land in Ottawa County, Mich.; S. 1962, Land transfer in Bowie, Md.; H.R. 5561, Orderly marketing of Turkeys; July 24, August 16 and 20, 1957

Sampul Depan
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1957 - 190 halaman
Part 1 Considers legislation to transfer Colorado Rural Rehabilitation Corp. assets to Colorado, to exclude livestock auction markets form certain USDA regulation, to authorize surety bond requirements for meat packers, and to expand Soil Bank Program to include grazing lands. Part 2 Considers legislation to authorize a hog-cholera virus control program, to authorize sale of Ottawa County, Mich., land to individuals, to quitclaim certain Bowie, Md, land to the Perkins Chapel Methodist Church, and to authorize a turkey marketing program.

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