Annual Report - The Secretary of the Interior

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Halaman 29 - I am come that ye might have life, and that ye might have it more abundantly.
Halaman 7 - We feel no hesitation in confining these expressions to those privileges and immunities which are, in their nature, fundamental; which belong, of right, to the citizens of all free governments; and which have, at all times, been enjoyed by the citizens of the several states which compose this Union, from the time of their becoming free, independent, and sovereign.
Halaman 402 - An act to extend protection to the civil rights of members of the Military and Naval Establishments of the United States engaged in the present war...
Halaman 346 - Nor shall any department or any officer of the Government accept voluntary service for the Government or employ personal service in excess of that authorized by law, except in cases of sudden emergency involving the loss of human life or the destruction of property.
Halaman 402 - Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Untied States of America in Congress assembled, That the...
Halaman 393 - States shall have power to grant new trials, in cases where there has been a trial by jury for reasons for which new trials have usually been granted in the courts of law...
Halaman 15 - If you would know the value of money, go and try to borrow some; for he that goes a borrowing goes a sorrowing...
Halaman 403 - Bulletin 498, 1912, 82 pp. *The Chitina district, by FH Moffit. In Bulletin 520, 1912, pp. 105-107. 50 cents. *Gold deposits near Valdez, by AH Brooks. In Bulletin 520, 1912, pp. 108-130. 50 cents. Coastal glaciers of Prince William Sound and Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, by US Grant and DF Higgins. Bulletin 526, 1913, 75 pp. The McKinley Lake district, by Theodore Chapin.
Halaman 401 - States," returned to the House of Representatives by the President of the United States, with his objections, and sent by the House of Representatives to the Senate, with the message of the President returning the bill : Resolved, That the bill do pass, two thirds of the Senate agreeing to pass the same.
Halaman 396 - ... provided; that all payments and expenses incurred by said Secretary, including personal services, traveling and subsistence expenses, supplies, postage, printing, and all other expenses incident to the proper prosecution of this work, both in the District of Columbia and elsewhere, as the Secretary of the Interior may deem essential and proper, shall be paid from the funds appropriated by the said Act of October fifth...

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