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Further duty
of the clerk.

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Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the further duty of the township clerk, to record in a book to be provided by him for that purpose, all private roads, and cart-ways, by the trustees established, together with the earmarks of all cattle, sheep and hogs, and such other marks and brands as any person may wish to have recorded in the said township, but he shall not record the same mark to two different persons; and the said clerk shall be entitled to receive of the person employing him as aforesaid, for such entry of marks or brands, the sum of twenty-five cents, and shall deliver a certified

copy of such entry to the owner, if required, His compen- and he shall be entitled to receive for recording

private roads and cart-ways, for every sheet of one hundred words, nine cents, payable by the person at whose request the said record is to be made.


Duty of trus-

Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the trustees, within twenty days after each annual township meeting, to divide their respective townships into districts, allotting to each supervisor one, and it shall be the further duty of the said trustees, to settle the accounts of the supervisors of highways and overseers of the poor, and to examine and settle all accounts and demands against the township,

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paid out of


for which purpose the said trustees, supervisors,
overseers of the poor and township clerk, shall
meet on the first Monday of March annually, at
the place of holding the township meetings, and
it shall be the duty of the township clerk to ant of
make an entry and true statement of all accounts
allowed and adjusted by the trustees, in a book
to be provided for that purpose, and for every
demand against the township, allowed by the Demands
trustees, the creditor shall be entitled to receive township
from the said trustees, an order on the township iownship
treasurer for the full amount thereof, payable
on demand.

Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, that each Majority of
and every township, whenever and so often as eropowered
the major part of the whole number of electors
in said township shall deem it expedient, shall
have power and authority to lay a tax: Pro-
vided, That such articles only shall be subject Proviso
to taxation as are made liable by the laws regu-
lating county rates and levies, and that the
amount of the tax so laid, shall not exceed what
might be laid on the same article for county pur-
poses; and it shall be the duty of the township Duty of the
clerk to make out an assessment of the tax voted
by the township, a duplicate whereof he shall
deliver, within twenty days, to such constable

to lay a tax.


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Duty of

of the township as the trustees shall direct, and the other within the like time, to the township treasurer; and the constable receiving such tax

to collect, shall, before he commences the collecDuty of con- tion thereof, give bond with two sufficient suregive bond, ties, to the township treasurer, conditioned to

collect and pay over to the said treasurer or his successor in office, the amount of said tax within four months; and in case the said constable shall neglect and refuse to collect and pay over the whole amount of such tax, within the time spec fied in said bond, it shall be the duty of the township treasurer, after giving twenty days notice, to issue an execution, directed to the other constable of the township, commanding him forthwith to levy the amount of said bond, with the costs, on the goods, chattels, lands or tenements, of the obligors; and it shall be the duty of such constable receiving such execution, to levy, collect and pay over the same to the township treasurer, within sixty days from the date of said execution, and the constable collecting the township tax, shall be entitled to the same compensation as the county collector is entitled to receive for the like services, and the constable levying such execution, shall be entitled to demand and receive the same fees as are allowed, by law, to sheriffs in like cases.

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of two or
more free.

Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That at least twenty days before the annual township meeting, the trustees shall issue their warrant to a Trustees to constable of the township, directing him to warrant to notify the electors of such township to assemble eie. at the time and place appointed for their annual meeting, and said warrants shall enumerate the officers to be chosen at such meeting; and on the application of two or more freeholders of the Their furtownship for that purpose, said trustees shall application insert in Said warrant such other business, matter or thing, as may be proposed to be submitted to said township meeting; and no tax shall be voted at such township meeting, unless notice thereof shall have been given in the said warrant, and the constable who shall receive such warrant, shall warn the electors of such township by setting up copies of said warrant in three of the most public places in each township, at least fifteen days before the meeting of such electors.

Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That any Penalty on person chosen to any office under this act and en and renot exempted by law, who shall neglect or re- serve. fuse to serve in such office, shall forfeit and pay to and for the use of the township, the sum of two dollars, to be recovered before any justice of the peace; and it is hereby made the duty of

fusing to


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tion of for-

tees therein.

his comper-

the township treasurer to sue for the same, and for all fines and forfeitures accruing under this act, for neglect or misconduct in office of any township officer: Provided, That

no person chosen to any office by this law created, shall be obliged to serve in such office two years successively.

Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, That all forfeitures under this law, shall be expended

and laid out on the highways within the townDuty of trus ship, and it shall be the duty of the trustees to

apportion the same among the supervisors of the highways of the said townships, and the township treasurer may retain three per cent. of all monies paid into the township treasury, for collecting or receiving and paying over the same to the order of the trustees.

Sec. 12. And be it further enacted, That when by reason of non-acceptance, death or removal, of any person chosen to an office, in any township, at the annual meeting as aforesaid, or in any case where there is a vacancy, the trustees shall fill such vacancy, and the person thus chosen shall take the same oaths and be liable to the same penalties as though he had been chosen at the annual meetings; and in case there should not, at any annual meeting under this

Trustees to
fill vacant
offlces, etc.

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