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ers entitled
to receive
thirty dollars

An act, allowing compensation to the commission

er's for appraising the college linds in the

county of Washington.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the general (1ssembly Commission of the state of Ohio, That the commissioners

appointed to appraise the two college townships in the county of Washington, by a resolution of the first legislature of the state, viz: Samuel Carpenter, James Wells and Henry Abrams, for eighteen day's service each, in accomplishing said business, be and they are hereby entitled to receive each, for said service, the sum of thirty dollars, to be paid out of the contingent fund, to be audited by the auditor and paid out of any monies in the treasury of the state.

ELIAS LANGHAM, Speaker of the house of representatives.


Speaker of the senate. January 27th, 1804.

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An (ict, for establishing the permanent seat of

justice in the county of Adams.

WHEREAS it is represented to this general Preamble assembly, by the report of the commissioners, pursuant to an act, entitled, “An act, providing for the permanent establishment of the seat of justice in the county of Adams,” that the land of Robert McClepahan, in said county, lying about half a mile south of the road leading from Chillicothe to Limestone, and a small distance west of the central line of said county, drawn north from the Ohio river, is the most eligible place for the purpose aforesaid: Therefore,

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the general assembly Associate of the state of Ohio, That the associate judges thorized to of the court of common pleas of said county, or fund, etc, any two of them, are authorized and required, of the counto purchase or receive of the said Robert Me Clenaban, and the owners of land adjoining the tract of said Robert McClenahan, for the use of said county, any quantity of land, not more than Not to ex one hundred and fifty acres: Provided, the lands seres 150 purchased as aforesaid, shall not cost the said


to exceed

per acre.

To be laid out marked, etc.

Purchase money to be paid out of county treasury

To be vested in a board of trustees.

Proviso. pot county more than eight dollars per acre, exclueight dollars sive of five acres promised as a donation by the

aforesaid McClenahan, that in the opinion of the said associate judges will be to the interest and benefit of said county; the land thus purchased or received, to be laid out and marked with sufficient boundaries, under the direction of the said associate judges, and the amount of the purchase money shall be paid out of the county treasury, upon the orders or certificates of the associate judges aforesaid.

Sec. 2. An be it further enacted, That the land purchased or received by the associate judges, for the use of the county, shall be vested in a board of trustees and their successors in office, by legal deed or deeds from the owner or owners of said land, for the sole use and benefit of said county.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That Nathaniel Beasley, William Marshall, Salathiel Sparks, Aaron Moore, Benjamin Wood, William Collins and John Briggs, be and they are hereby

constituted and appointed, trustees for the purFive to con- poses aforesaid, any five of whom shall constitute

a board to do business, whose duty it shall be, so soon as they are furnished by the said asso

The trustees.

stitute a board and


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of the count soft

town survey.

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ciate judges with a plat of the tract or tracts of
land purchased or received by them as aforesaid
at their first meeting to appoint a clerk, who to appoint a
may or may not be one of their own body; the
said clerk shall record the proceedings of said his duty.
board, in a book to be provided by the board for
that purpose, which shall be subject to the in-
spection of any person concerned therein; and
the said board shall also appoint a town sur- To appoint a
veyor, who shall lay off the tract of land afore- or.
said in town lots, with convenient streets, His duty.
according to the directions of the board of trus-
tees, to be known by the name of West Union, Town called
and moreover make out a correct plat and deliver
to the clerk of the board of trustees, whereupon
the said board of trustees shall proceed to num-
ber each lot, and cause the plat to be recorded Trustees to
in the recorder's office of the county, agreeably lots.
to law, and also to cause the same to be recorded
in the books of proceedings of the trustees.

Sec. 4. Ind be it further enacted, That the Trustees to
board of trustees shall proceed to sell the town
lots aforesaid, within sixty days after delivering
the town plat to the recorder of the county (hav-
ing given thirty days notice thereof in the Scioto
Gazette) at public sale, within said town, under

West Union.

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number the

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sell lots, etc.

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Under the
direction of
the associ-
ate judges.

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Bonds, etc.,
taken, paya-
ble to the

the direction of the associate judges, or any two of them, in said county, reserving for erections of public buildings such lots as the said associate judges may think proper; and the said board may adjourn the sale of said lots from time to time, as they may judge to the interest of the

county, giving notice thereof, as before required Proceeds of by this section; all monies received by virtue of paid into the the sale of lots aforesaid, by the board of trust

ees, shall be paid into the county treasury within ten days after receiving the same, and all bonds and notes to be taken by the said board of trustees, on account of the sale of lots, shall be taken payable to the county treasurer and his successors in office, for the use and benefit of said county.

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the continue in trustees appointed by this act, shall continue in

their office until the number of inhabitants of said town shall amount unto thirty lot-holders, and they shall moreover fill all vacancies that may happen in their body until the number before mentioned is completed: The said board trustees are hereby authorized to convey unto the purchaser or purchasers of all lots sold in said town, hy sufficient deed, upon the purchaser or purchasers producing unto the said board of trustees, a certificate from the treasurer of the

how long to


To make

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