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any writ of ejectment, or other action for the Limitation recovery of the possession, title or claim of, to covery of or for any lands, tenements or other heredita- ejectment, ments, but within twenty years next after the right of such actions or suits shall have accrued.

Sec. 3. Provided always, and be it further en- Proviso. acted, That if any person or persons is or shall be entitled to have, sue or bring any such action or actions as aforesaid, shall be within the age of twenty-one years, insane, feme covert, imprisoned or beyond sea, at the time when any such action or actions, may, or shall have accrued, then every such person or persons shall have a right to have, sue or bring any of the action or actions aforesaid within the times hereby before limited in this act, after such disability shall have been removed.

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That all ac- Prosecutions or prosecutions, which at any time here- feitures or after shall be commenced for any forfeiture utes to be upon any penal statute made or to be made, shall within two be commenced within two years next after the offense committed against such penal statute: Provided always, That when any action, informa- Proviso. tion, indictment or other suit, is or shall be limited by any statute to be had, sued, commenced or exhibited within a shorter time than


is hereby limited, then and in every such case,
the action, information, indictment or other suit,
shall be brought within the time limited by such

Causes of actions already accrued, when barred.

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That all causes of action enumerated in this act, which have already accrued, shall only be barred by counting the time of limitation given to those actions respectively, from the passage of this law.

Commencement of this act.

Repealing clause.

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Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That this
act shall be in force from and after the first day
of May next, and that all acts and parts of acts,
coming within the purview of this act, be and
the same are hereby repealed.

Speaker of the house of representatives.


Speaker of the senate.
January 4th, 1804.



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An act, to regulate black and mulatto persons.

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mulatto persons not permitted to re

state, with

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cer ucts and

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the general assembly of the state of Ohio, That from and after the Black or first day of June next, no black or mulatto person, shall be permitted to settle or reside in side in this this state, unless he or she shall first produce a un certififair certificate from some court within the United States, of his or her actual freedom, which certificate shall be attested by the clerk of said court, and the seal thereof annexed thereto, by the said clerk.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That every Residents black or mulatto person residing within this June, 1804, 10 state, on or before the first day of June, one names with thousand eight hundred and four, shall enter the counts. his or her name, together with the name or names of his or her children, in the clerk's office in the county in which he, she or they reside, which shall be entered on record by said clerk, The clerk's and thereafter the clerk's certificate of such evidence of record shall be sufficient evidence of his, her or their freedom; and for every entry and certificate, the person obtaining the same shall pay to the clerk twelve and an half cents: Provided




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from hiring
black or mu-
latto per-
sons not hav.


to the state.

nevertheless, That nothing in this act contained shall bar the lawful claim to any black or mulatto person.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That no person or persons residents of this state, shall be

permitted to hire, or in any way employ any ing a certifi- black or mulatto person, unless such black or

mulatto person shall have one of the certificates as aforesaid, under pain of forfeiting and paying any sum not less than ten nor more than fifty

dollars, at the discretion of the court, for every One-hall to such offense, one-half thereof for the use of the er, the other informer and the other half for the use of the

state; and shall moreover pay to the owner, if An addition- any there be, of such black or mulatto person,

the sum of fifty cents for every day he, she or they shall in any wise employ, harbor or secrete such black or mulatto person, which sum or sums shall be recoverable before any court having cognizance thereof.

Sec. 4. ind be it further enacted, That if any boring or se person or persons shall harbor or secrete any

black or mulatto person, the property of any person whatever, or shall in any wise hinder or prevent the lawful owner or owners from retaking and possessing his or her black or mulatto servant or servants, shall, upon conviction thereof, by indictment or information, be fined

al sum to the
owner, if

How recor-

Penalty on
persons har-

gro or mu-
latto per-

How recov.

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in any sum not less than ten nor more than fifty Penalty on dollars, at the discretion of the court, one-half boring or sethereof for the use of the informer and the other gro or muhalf for the use of the state.

Sec. 5. And be it further enactedl, That every Black or black or mulatto person who shall come to reside

coming to in this state with such certificate as is required reside in this in the first section of this act, shall, within two legal certifiyears, have the same recorded in the clerk's cord the office, in the county in which he or she means to reside, for which he or she shall pay to the clerk twelve and an half cents, and the clerk shall give him or her a certificate of such record.

Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That in case Proceedings any person or persons, his or their agent or or their agents, claiming any black or mulatto person ang negro or that now are or hereafter may be in this state, may apply, upon making satisfactory proof that such black or mulatto person or persons is the property of him or her who applies, to any associate judge or justice of the peace within this state, the associate judge or justice is hereby empowered and required, by his precept, to direct the sheriff or constable to arrest such black or mulatto person or persons and deliver the same in the county or township where such

agents claim


5- Vol. 2

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