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Authorized to permit

enter lots and yive certificate, etc.

person to whom such privilege is allowed by the persons priv- eleventh section of this act, as also the agent

under this act to be appointed, to enter into the possession of one or two of the said lots, and give such person a certificate of such permission; and every person having such certificate, producing the same to the agent appointed by this act, and entering his or her furnaces, shall receive from said agent a lease for the said lot or lots he or she shall be in possession of, as aforesaid.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the agent under this act to be appointed, to provide a book or books and open an office at the Scioto salt-works, on the first day of May next, and keep said office open to all persons having business to transact therein.

To open an ofilce al the works,

and to grant a li. cense for a period not exceeding four nor less than one year.

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That if any of the occupiers of the furnaces or wells, which may be erected or sunk before the first day of June next, shall choose to continue in the occupancy thereof, they shall, on the day last mentioned, make application to the agent for a license for that purpose, who is hereby required to grant the same, for any period not exceeding

four years nor less than one year, such applicant or furnaces first producing a written list, signed by the for

mer agent, containing a true account of the fur

Applicant to produce a written list

etc., signed by the former aseni.


file the

to rent.

naces and wells he may then be in possession of, together with the number and capacity of the kettles he intends to use in making salt at the said works, which list shall be carefully filed in Agent to said office and a fair entry thereof made by the same. said agent in a book to be provided as aforesaid, for that purpose; but if any of the occupiers aforesaid shall refuse or neglect to make applica- When ap: tion on the day above-mentioned, or in one week not made by thereafter, then it shall be the duty of the said pier, agent agent to rent such furnaces or wells to any person who may apply therefor, such person producing a written list of the wells and furnaces he applies for, with his signature thereto, whereupon the agent shall grant a license to such applicant, in the same manner as is required in case of those who may be in occupancy of wells and furnaces when this act shall take Leases not effect, but no lease so given, shall extend beyond tered be the first day of June, in the year one thousand first day of eight hundred and eight: Provided always, That the occupiers under a law of the last session, shall have a reasonable time to remove their kettles and other movable property from said furnaces and wells.

to be en

vond the

June, 1808.


Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That on ap- On applicaplication made to the said agent, by any person, agent to for privilege to erect furnaces or sink wells at etc.

assign lots,


the said salt-works, the agent is hereby required to assign to such applicant, a convenient lot or lots for that purpose, taking care that the erection of such new furnaces or sinking such wells shall not injure those already erected or sunk, and such new furnaces and wells shall be under the same regulations, and the kettles therein subject to the same rent, as is provided in case of those already erected or sunk: Provided always, That no person or company shall, under any pretense whatsoever, be permitted to use at any time, a greater number of kettles or vessels than will contain four thousand gallons, nor a less number in any one furnace than six hundred gallons.

Sec. 6. And be it further enacteil, That each

and every person obtaining a license as aforeter yearly. said, shall pay or cause to be paid to the said

agent, quarter yearly, the sum of four cents per gallon on the capacity of the kettles or other vessels used in boiling salt water, in their respective furnaces; and for securing the said rent, the kettles of each person so renting, shall be considered to stand pledged to the state, until all arrears of rent are satisfied and paid, and any private sale thereof, made while such rent remains due and unpaid, shall be deemed void and of none effect.

Persons li-
censed to

pay the

agent quar


bound for
the rent.

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failure the agent to make dis

Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That when In case of any person or company, who may occupy any furnace or furnaces, agreeable to the provisions tress and of this act, shall fail to pay the sum or sums due to the state, agreeable to law, the agent shall be and he is hereby authorized and required, to make distress on and sale of, the property of any such person or company, so failing to make payment: Provided always, Proviso. That the said agent shall, in all cases of distress, give fifteen days previous notice, in writing, at five of the most public places within the township where the works lie, of any such sale.

Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That if any penalty for person shall, after the said first day of June, without limake or cause to be made any salt at the said works, without first obtaining a license therefor, agreeable to the regulations of this act, such person shall, on conviction thereof, before any court having cognizance of the same, forfeit and pay the sum of five dollars for every such offense, with costs of suit, to be paid to the said agent, for the use of the state, for each kettle or other vessel, he, she or they, may use in boiling salt water, contrary to the intent and meaning of this act.

Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That the agent of the salt works shall inspect all salt


brand the same.

Penalty on

Agent to in: which shall be put up in barrels, and shall brand
put upin var- the barrels with the words, "inspected,” and if

any person shall offer for sale or sell any salt in
barrels which shall not be inspected, such per-

son shall forfeit to the state, the sum of fifty Ing suli put dollars, which shall, by the agent, be recovered not inspect before any court having cognizance thereof; and

the said agent shall pay in the treasury of this
state, all such fines collected, and if any person
working the said salt works shall become obli-

gated to any person for salt and the person to Salt object whom the salt is due, shall object that the salt

offered to him in payment is not merchantable,
it shall be inspected and determined by the
agent, whether the salt so offered, is merchant-
able or not.

How disposed of.

ed to as not being merchantable, ag nt to inspect and determine.

Agent to pay all mon

for rent to the state treasurer.

Sec. 10. ind ve it further enacted, That the les received said agent shall pay quarter yearly to the treas

urer of this state, all monies which he shall re-
ceive for rent on kettles, by virtue of this act,
and yearly, all monies he shall receive arising
from the rent on land, and the treasurer is here-
by required to give his receipt for the same,
which shall be countersigned by the auditor.
Sec. 11. And be it

it further enacted, That it
shall be the duty of the said agent to give each
occupier of wells and furnaces, under the regu-

Agent to give leases.

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