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visible, incomprehensible, and indefinable, like the Deity from whom it emanates, it is not, however, totally unintelligible ; but depends on certain conditions, and is regulated by certain principles, which, to observe, to study, to teach, and to apply to our individual circumstances, is not beyond the sphere of human power.

Of these general principles and conditions, so important to our well-being and happiness, I have selected for discussion and illustration the five following :

FIRST PRINCIPLE.-The nature of human life

is twofold, mental and physical; and human happiness is the result of the well-being and harmony of both.

SECOND PRINCIPLE.-Providence has constituted

us with a view to activity ; and in accordance with this law of our nature, labour, either of the mind or body, is the only source or means of our enjoyment.

THIRD PRINCIPLE. --As the human machine,

like a common piece of mechanism, wears out most rapidly where there is the greatest friction and straining, relaxation of both our mind and body, is an indispensable condition to man's happiness.

Fourth PRINCIPLE.—The study of nature, and

the practice of horticulture, constitute the surest foundation of man's happiness.


LE. — There is nothing to be found in the wide world so pregnant with satisfaction, interest, and happiness, as the associations that cling to a happy home.

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