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Æneis erects a trophy of the spoils of Mezentius;

grants a truce for burying the dead ; and sends home the body of Pallas with great folemnity. Latius calls a council to propose offers of peace to Æneas, which occasions great animosity betwixt Turnus and Drances : in the mean time there is a sharp engagement of the horse; wherein Camilla signalizes herfelf; is killed: and the Latine troops are intirely defeated.


CARCE had the roly morning rais'd her head

Above the waves, and left her watery bed; The pious chief whom double cares attend For his unbury'd soldiers, and his friend : Yet first to heaven perform'd a vi&tor's vow : S He bar'd an ancient cak of all her boughs Then on a rising ground the trunk he plac'd ; Which with the spoils of his dead for he grac'd, VOL. VII.





The coat of arms by proud Mezentius worn,
Now on a naked shag in triumph borne,
Was hung on high; and glitter'd from afar:
A trophy sacred to the god of war.
Above his arms, fix'd on the leaf less wood,
Appear'd his plumy creít, besmear'd with blood;
His brazen buckler on the left was seen ;

Truncheons of shiver'd lances hung between :
And on the right was plac'd his corslet, bor’d;
And to the neck was ty'd his unavailing sword.
A crowd of chiefs inclose the godlike man:
Who thus, conspicuous in the midst, began:

Our toils, my friends, are crown'd with sure success : The greater part perform’d, atchieve the less. Now follow chearful to the trembling town; Press but an entrance, and presume it won. Fear is 110 more: for fierce Mezentius lies,

25 As the first fruits of war, a sacrifice. Turnus fall stand extended on the pain; And in this omen is already hain. Prepar' arms, pursue your happy chance : That none unwarn’d, may plead his ignorance : 30 And I, at heaven's appointed hour, may find Your walike ensigns waving in the wind. Mean time the rites and funeral pomps prepare, Due to your dead companions of the war: The last respect the living can bestow, .

35 To shield their fhadows from contempt below. That conquer'd earth be theirs for which they fought; And which for us with their own blood they bought.


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