Genealogy of the Lineal Descendants of William Wood: Who Settled in Concord Mass., in 1638; Containing Also Revolutionary and Other Records

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C.W. Holmes, 1901 - 365 halaman

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Halaman 266 - And the said party of the second part agrees to pay to the party of the first part the rent as above stated, except when said premises are untenantable by reason of fire, or from any other cause than the carelessness of the party of the second part, or persons family, or in employ, or by superior force and inevitable necessity.
Halaman 287 - I certify the foregoing to be true abstracts from the Record Index to the Revolutionary War Archives, deposited in this office. [LS ] Witness the Seal of the Commonwealth, WM. M. OLIN, Secretary.
Halaman 289 - An address delivered at the laying of the corner stone of the Bunker Hill monument, June 17, 1825.
Halaman 279 - ... favor and the edition was exhausted at once. This book was a 12mo, pp. 474, entitled "A Class-Book of Botany, In two parts. First,, the Elements of Botanical Science; second, The Natural Orders, illustrated by a Flora of the Northern United States, particularly New England and New York." In his preface he says, "That there is need of a new class-book of botany, prepared on the basis of the present advanced state of the science, and at the same time adapted to the circumstances of the mass of...
Halaman 283 - Appears among signatures to an order for Bounty Coat or its equivalent in money, due for the eight months
Halaman 205 - In the fall of 1871, he entered the medical department of the University of Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia...
Halaman 265 - Consideration of the sum of one hundred and sixty pounds to me in hand Before the Ensealing hereof well and truly paid by...
Halaman 209 - Britain was threatened, were among the duties intrusted to him, which were performed with great credit to himself, and to the entire satisfaction of the government.
Halaman 279 - ... plants, including the famous area at Lake Willoughby in Vermont. From the teacher's viewpoint, he sought to have his book appeal to the reason of the student, rather than to his powers of memory. ' It's still a good idea. The following paragraph from the first edition's preface indicates other ideals: That there is need of a new Class-Book of Botany, prepared on the basis of the present advanced state of the science, and, at the same time, adapted to the circumstances of the mass of students...

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