Reports, Volume 2

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Halaman 538 - ... no person shall be prosecuted, punished or subjected to any penalty or forfeiture for or on account of any act, transaction, matter or thing...
Halaman 81 - Freight Traffic Number of Tons Carried of Freight Earning Revenue Number of Tons Carried One Mile Number of Tons Carried One Mile per Mile of Road Average Distance Haul of One Ton.
Halaman 545 - All orders of the Commission, except orders for the payment of money, shall take effect within such reasonable time, not less than thirty days, and shall continue in force for such period of time, not exceeding two years, as shall be prescribed in the order of the Commission, unless the same shall be suspended or modified or set aside by the Commission or be suspended or set aside by a court of competent jurisdiction.
Halaman 58 - Fuel for yard locomotives Water for yard locomotives Lubricants for yard locomotives Other supplies for yard locomotives Enginehouse expenses — Yard Yard supplies and expenses Operating joint yards and terminals — Dr.
Halaman 58 - General Expenses: Salaries and Expenses of General Officers Salaries and Expenses of Clerks and Attendants.
Halaman 544 - And whenever the commission shall be of opinion, after a hearing, had upon its own motion or upon complaint...
Halaman 545 - No franchise nor any right to or under any franchise, to own or operate a railroad or street railroad shall be assigned, transferred or leased, nor shall any contract or agreement with reference to or affecting any such franchise or right be valid or of any force or effect whatsoever. unless the assignment, transfer, lease, contract or agreement shall have been approved by the proper commission.
Halaman 542 - ... the time extended by the commission, for making and filing the same, or shall fail to make specific answer to any question authorized by the provisions of this section within thirty days from the time it is lawfully required so to do, such party shall forfeit to the United States the sum of one hundred dollars for each and every day it shall continue to be in default with respect thereto.
Halaman 113 - Act, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction, shall be punished by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than five hundred dollars, in the discretion of the Court, and...
Halaman 549 - ... is failing or omitting or about to fail or omit to do anything required of it by law or by order of the Commission, or is doing anything or about to do anything or permitting anything or about to permit anything to be done, contrary to or in violation of law...

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