A Compleat History of the Present State of War in Africa, Between the Spaniards and Algerines: Giving a Full and Exact Account of Oran and Al-Mursa ; Compiled from the Best Approved Spanish Writers ; the Author's Twenty Years Knowledge of the Country ; and from Diverse Late Conferences with Haj Mahammed, the Algerine Envoy and Haj Ali, His Excellency's Secretary, Now Here Resident ; with a New Map of the Kingdom of Algiers ; and Several Useful Annotations

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W. Mears, at the Lamb in the Old Bailey, 1632 - 140 halaman

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Halaman 58 - No Jesuite ever took in hand To plant a church in barren land; Or ever thought it worth his while A Swede or Russe to reconcile. . For where there is not store of wealth, Souls are not worth the chandge of health.

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