Privateering and Piracy in the Colonial Period: Illustrative Documents

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John Franklin Jameson
Macmillan, 1923 - 619 halaman
"A privateer is an armed vessel (or its commander) which, in time of war, though owners and officers and crew are private persons, has a commission from a belligerent government to commit acts of warfare on vessels of its enemy"--Pref.

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Halaman 276 - When the Scaffold was let to sink, there was such a Screech of the Women that my wife heard it sitting in our Entry next the Orchard, and was much surprised at it; yet the wind was sou-west. Our house is a full mile from the place Feria seplima, Apr.
Halaman 377 - Republic, and bring the same to judgment in our High Court of Admiralty of England, or in any of our Courts of Admiralty within our dominions...
Halaman 165 - This Tew appeared to me not only a man of courage and activity, but of the greatest sense and remembrance of what he had seen, of any seaman I had met.
Halaman 522 - ... ships, vessels and goods, that are or shall be taken, and to hear and determine the same ; and, according to the course of Admiralty, and the law of nations, to adjudge and condemn all such...
Halaman 346 - Vessel shall be met withal, transporting or carrying any soldiers, Arms, Powder, Ammunition, or any other Contraband Goods, to any of the Territories, Lands, Plantations, or Countries of the said French King, the same, being taken, shall be condemned as good and lawful Prize.
Halaman 348 - Entitled an Act for the more effectual employing the Poor by encouraging the Manufactures of this Kingdom...
Halaman 336 - October in the tenth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith etc, and in the year of our Lord God One thousand seven hundred and twenty three.
Halaman 379 - We shall be by them thereunto desired, And We will and require all Our Officers whatsoever to give him Succour and Assistance as occasion shall require. In Witness whereof We have caused the Great Seal of Our High Court of Admiralty of England to be hereunto affixed.
Halaman 141 - Soveraigne Lord Charles the Second, by the grace of God of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c.
Halaman 347 - That the ships, vessels, goods, wares, merchandises, and effects, taken by virtue of letters of marque and reprisals as aforesaid, shall be kept and preserved, and no part of them shall be sold, spoiled, wasted, or diminished ; and that the bulk thereof shall not be broken, before judgment be given in the High Court of Admiralty of England, or some other Court of Admiralty lawfully authorized in that behalf, that the ships, goods, and merchandises are lawful prize.

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