The American Naturalist, Volume 15

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Essex Institute, 1881

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Halaman 938 - Where the dark scorpion gathers death around; Where at each step the stranger fears to wake The rattling terrors of the vengeful snake...
Halaman 617 - WINCHELL -PREADAMITES: or, A Demonstration of the Existence of Men before Adam ; together with a Study of their Condition, Antiquity, Racial Affinities, and Progressive Dispersion over the Earth. With Charts and other Illustrations. By ALEXANDER WINCHELL, LL. D., Prof- of Geology and Palaeontology in the University of Michigan ; Author of " Sketches of Creation,
Halaman 555 - On the Structure and Affinities of the Genus Monticulipora and its Sub-Genera, with Critical Descriptions of Illustrative Species. Illustrated with numerous Engravings on wood and lithographed Plates. Super-royal 8vo, 18s.
Halaman 122 - Champlain, such as the Christian world (until this discovery) hath not bin made acquainted with. These beasts are of the bigness of a cowe, their flesh being very good foode, their hides good leather; their fleeces very useful, being a kind of woole, as fine almost as the woole of the beaver; and the salvages do make garments thereof. It is tenne yeares since first the relation of these things came to the eares of the English.
Halaman 154 - FOSSIL MEN AND THEIR MODERN REPRESENTATIVES." An attempt to illustrate the characters and condition of prehistoric men in Europe, by those of the American Races.
Halaman 614 - He states that when he first gave eggs to his monkeys, they smashed them and thus lost much of their contents; afterwards they gently hit one end against some hard body, and picked off the bits of shell with their fingers. After cutting themselves only once with any sharp tool, they would not touch it again, or would handle it with the greatest care.
Halaman 120 - They travel eight days' journey unto certain plains lying toward the North Sea. In this country there are certain skins, well dressed; and they dress them and paint them where they kill their oxen [buffalo] ; for so they say themselves.
Halaman 228 - We believe that there is no stru.-ture in plants more wonderful, as far as its functions are concerned, than the tip of the radicle. If the tip be lightly pressed or burnt or cut, it transmits an influence to the upper adjoining part, causing it to hend away from the affected side...
Halaman 121 - I did see them farre off, not able to discerne them perfectly, but their steps showed that their feete were cloven, and bigger than the feete of camels. I suppose them to be a kind of buffes, which I read to bee in the countreys adjacent, and very many in the firme land.
Halaman 551 - ... have the best systematized effort to bring together the direct causes of variation, and no one who has read through its pages can doubt the direct modifying influences of nutrition, light, temperature, water at rest and in motion, atmosphere still or in motion, etc., or question his conclusion that no power which is able to act only as a selective and not as a transforming influence can ever be exclusively put forth as a causa efficiens of the phenomena.

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