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Copyrighted 1881,

For the Proprietors.


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The Ancient Glaciers of the Rocky Mountains...

Archibald Geikie

The Discovery of Iron Implements in an Ancient Mine in North

Carolina, ...

Frederick W. Simonds.


On the Fertilization of Calamintha nepeta

William Trelease ..

Comparative Neurology...

S. V. Clevenger.

Botanizing on the Colorado Desert.

Edward Lee Greene.

The Method of Distinguishing Species of Populus and Juglans

by the young naked Branches..

W. 7. Beal ...


An Address to the Fossil Bones in a Private Museum..

James S. Lippincott. .

Incomplete Adaptation as illustrated by the History of Sex in

Plants ..

Lester F. Ward..


A Partial Biography of the Green Lizard.

Sarah P. Monks


A New Leaf Cutting Ant...

. G. K. Morris ..

The Bee's Tongue and Glands connected with it

Justin Spaulding.


History of the Buffalo ..

Wm. E. Doyle .


Observations on the Salmon of the Pacific. .

D. S. Yordan & C. H. Gilbert 177

The Siphonophores. (II – The Anatomy and Development of

Agalma-continued from p. 630, Vol. xiv.).

7. Walter Fewkes..


The Relation of Apiculture to Science..

. A. 7. Cook.


Glacial Phenomena in the Yellowstone Park

Wm. H. Holmes..

A Collector's Notes on the Bre ling of a few Western Birds . E. Holterhoff, yr.


The Fertilization of Salvia splendens by Birds ...

William Trelease.


On the Origin of the Foot Structures of the Ungulates .

E. D. Cope.


Progress of Invertebrate Palæontology in the United States for the

year 1880....

C. A. White.


Evidences of the Effect of Chemico-Physical Influences on the

Evolution of Branchiopod Crustaceans . . .

Carl F. Gissler.

Notes on a few of the Diseases and Injuries in Birds. . .R. W. Shufeldt .


The Brain of the Locust ....

. A. S. Packard, yr..

283, 372

The Endocranium and Maxillary Suspensorium of the Bee. . George Macloskie


Mya arenaria in San Francisco Bay.

Robert E. C. Stearns. 362

The Squid of the Newfoundland Banks in its Relation to the

American Grand Bank Cod Fisheries .

. H. L. Osborn.


Archæology of Vermont. .

Geo. H. Perkins


Larval Habits of Bee-flies. .

C. V. Riley.


Late Explorations in the Gaboon .

Hugo Von Koppenfels . 447

Pueblo Pottery. . .

Edwin A. Barber


Origin and Descent of the Human Brain,

S. V. Clevenger.


The Eastern Snow-bird ....

Samuel Lockwood

Bacteria as a Cause of Disease in Plants.

. T. ). Burrill


Record of American Carcinology for 1880 .

7. S. Kingsley

Aboriginal Stone-drilling ...

Charles Rau.

On the Effects of Impacts and Strains on the Feet of Mammalia . E. D. Cope.

The Great Crested Flycatcher.

Mrs. Mary Treat


The Reasoning Faculty of Animals .

Joseph F. James .


Progress of Anthropology in America during the year 1880. Otis T. Mason


The Manuscript Troano

Cyrus Thomas.

Variations in a Copepod Crustacean,

Carl F. Gissler

Scolopendrella and its Position in Nature.

d. S. Packard, Jr.


American Work in the Department of Recent Mollusca during the

year 1880....

William H. Dall.


Notes on the Codex Troano and Maya Chronology. .

Daniel G. Brinton.


On the Development of the Stomata of Tradescantia and Indian

Corn. .

Douglass H. Campbell .. 761

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Carphophiops helenæ in Indiana, 738; Eutænia radix in Indiana, 738; Habits of the Yellow-bel-

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