Census of the State of Michigan, 1904, Volume 2

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W. H. Crawford Company, State Printers, 1905

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Halaman 573 - No child under 14 years of age shall be employed in any manner before the hour of 6 o'clock in the morning or after the hour of 7 o'clock in the evening. No such child shall be employed in any factory...
Halaman 606 - Men, 16 years and over .... Women, 16 years and over . Children under 16 years...
Halaman 614 - Pottery, terra cotta, and fire clay products Printing and publishing, book and job Printing and publishing, newspapers and periodicals.
Halaman 631 - Expenses" includes rent of works, taxes, not including internal revenue, rent of offices, interest, etc., and contract work.
Halaman 571 - Congress assembled, That the Director of the Census is • hereby authorized and empowered to cooperate with the secretary of state of the state of Michigan in taking the census of manufactures and shall equitably share the expenses thereof...
Halaman 581 - Wages Miscellaneous expenses Cost of materials used • Value of products, Including custom work and repairing 1905.
Halaman 602 - Cars and general shop construction and repairs by steam railroad companies Cars and general shop construction and 716 108,585 2,031 $61, 797,675 1,431.377 repairs by street railroad companies.
Halaman 571 - Alaska, was the first in which the canvass was confined to establishments conducted under what is known as the factory system, thus excluding the neighborhood industries and hand trades.
Halaman 612 - Brick andtile,butter,cheese and condensed milk, buttons, canning and preserving fruits and vegetables, flour and grist mill products, food preparations, foundry and machine shop products, lumber, printing and publishing, and slaughtering and meat packing.
Halaman 609 - ... iron and steel, bolts, nuts, washers and rivets, not made in rolling mills or steel works...

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