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The HISTORY of the REIGN of HENRY the EIGHTH : being the First Part of the Modern History of England. By SHARON TURNER, F.A.S. R.A.L. In One Volume, 4to.

By the same Author, The HISTORY of the ANGLO- 1 Vols. 8vo. Price 31. Bds. or % Vols. 4to. SAXONS, from their First Appearance

Price 61. Bds. in Europe to the End of their Dynasty These Volumes contain the HISTORY of in England; comprising the History of ENGLAND from the Norman Conquest to England from the earliest Period to the the Death of Henry VII. and also the Norman Conquest. The Fourth Edition,

HISTORY of the LITERATURE, POETRY, in Three thick Vols. 8vo. corrected and

RELIGION, the PROGRESS to the Reimproved, with a Map. 21. 5s. Bds. FORMATION, and the LANGUAGE of ENG

LAND during that period. The HISTORY of ENGLAND, dur-1 Vol. III. of the 4to. Edit., may be had seing the MIDDLE AGES. 2d Edit. 5

parately, Price 21. 28. Boards.


A HISTORY of the MAHRATTAS. By James Grant Durr,

Egy. Captain 1st, or Grenadier Regiment of Bombay Native Infantry, and late Political Resident at Satara. In 3 Vols. 8vo. with Plates, and a Map of the Mahratta Country, chiefly from original and recent Surveys; also a Map of India, shewing the ancient divisions of the Deccan. Price 21. 159. Bds.

Besides the records of the Mahratta Governments of Poona and Satara, and those of the English East India Company, the authorities for this work are from a great variety of authentic sources, hitherto inaccessible to the public,

NOTES and REFLECTIONS during a RAMBLE in GERMANY. By the Author of Scenes and Impressions in Egypt and in Italy, Recollections of the Peninsula, &c. &c. In I Vol. 8vo.

By the same Author, The STORY of a LIFE. 2 Vols, post | SKETCHES in INDIA. By a TRA8vo. 2d Edit. 18s. Bds.

VELLER. For Fire-side Travellers at .... “ We involuntarily follow, and smile, and Home. 4th Edit. .1 Vol. 8vo. 93. Bds. weep, and recover again, and pause in wonder at the skill of the magician whose wand has such Recollections of the PENINSULA, strange power over our faculties.

Monthly Review.

containing Sketches of the Manners and

Character of the Spauish Nation. The SCENES & IMPRESSIONS in EGYPT 4th Edition, I Vol. 8vo. 10s.6d. Bds.

and ITALY. 2d Edit. I v. 8vo, 12s. Bds. “ Few writers, who are not poets by profession, ** Such is the merit and charm of the volumes

have the art of painting in words with so much before us, they place us at once by the side of

vividness and distinctness."-" It is scarcely posthe author, and bring before our eyes and minds

sible to open the book without seeing ureful and the scenes he has passed through, and the feel

lively remarks, or descriptions indescribably deings they suggested.".-- Edinburgh Reviere.

scriptive."--Monthly Rev.

The GOLDEN VIOLET, with its Tales of Romance and Chivalry, and other Poems. By L. E. L. Author of “ The Improvisatrice," "The Troubadour," &c. Foolscap 8vo.

TRAVELS and ADVENTURES on the SHORE of the CASPIAN SEA ; with some Account of the Trade, Commerce, and Resources of those Countries. By JAMES B. FRASER, Esq. Author of "A Tour in the Himala Mountains,” &c. In 4to. price ll. lls. 6d. Bds.

HONOR O'HARA. A Novel, in 3 Vols. By A. M. PORTER, Author of Don Sebastian, Hungarian Brothers, &c. &c.


DOMESTIC ECONOMY and COOKERY, for Rich and Poor ; containing an Account of the best English, Scotch, French, Oriental, and other Foreign Dishes ; Preparation of Broths and Milks for Consumption; Receipts for Children, Seafaring Men, and Travellers. Together with Estimates and Comparisons of Dinners and Dishes. The whole compiled with the utmost Attention to Health, Economy, and Elegance. 1 Vol. 12mo.

The BOOK of NATURE; being a Popular Illustration of the General Laws and Phænomena of Creation, in its Unorganized and Organized, its Corpo. real and Mental Departments. By JOHN MASON GOOD, M.D. and F.R.S.' In 3 Vols. 8vo. 11. 16s. Bds. “ - the work is certainly the best philosophical digest of the kind which we liave seen." -Mon, Rev.


A CHRONOLOGICAL HISTORY of the WEST INDIES: By CAPTAIN THOMAS Souther, Conimander, Royal Navy. 3 Vols. 8vo.

10. MEMOIRS of the LIFE and WRITINGS of LINDLEY MURRAY; in a series of Letters, written by himself, with a Portrait, and Fac-simile of his Writings. In 8vo.

11. CHRONOLOGICAL and HISTORICAL ILLUSTRATIONS of the ANCIENT ARCHITECTURE of GREAT BRITAIN. By John BRITTON, F.S.A. &c. To correspond with the Architectural Antiquities, of which this Work forms the

Fifth Volume.

12. MEMOIRS of the COURT of HENRY the EIGHTH. By Mrs. A.T. THOMSON. In 2 Vols. 8vo. with a Portrait. Price Il. 8g. Bds.

<< Mrs. Thomson appears to have entered on her undertaking fearlessly and industriously, and she may certainly be declared to have performed it with ability."- Monthly Review, June 1625.


The MARTYR, A Drama, in 3 Acts. By Joanna BAILLIE. In 8vo. Price 3s. 6d, sewed.

By the same Author, PLAYS on the PASSIONS, in 3 The FAMILY LEGEND, 8vo. 38. 60. Vols. 8vo. Price 11. Ils. 6d. Boards.


in 8vo. Price 14s. Boards.

14. CONVERSATIONS on the EVIDENCES of CHRISTIANITY; in which the leading Arguments of the best Authors are arranged, developed, and connected with each other for the Use of Young Persons and Theological Students. In 1 Vol. 12mo. Price 8s. Bds.

15. WOODSTOCK, or the CAVALIER; a Tale of SIXTEEN HUNDRED and Fifty ONE. By the AUTHOR of WAVERLEY. In 3 Vols. post 8vo. 11. lls. 6d, Bds.

16. THEODRIC. A DOMESTIC TALE. And other Poems. By Thomas CAMPBELL, Esq. 2d Editiou. Foolscap 8vo. 88. bdsa

By the same Author, The PLEASURES of HOPE, with The Plates may be had separate, to illus. other POEMS. In foolscap 8vo. with trate the former Editions.

Plates by R, WESTALL, R.A. 8s. Bds. The Pleasures of Hope, Price 9s. 4to. and GERTRUDE of WYOMING, and 6s, foolscap 8vo.

other POEMS. In f.can 8vo. the 8th | Gertrude of Wyoming. Price 78. 4to, and Edit. with Plates by WESTALL, 9s, Bds.

4s. foolscap 8vo.

17. The LIFE of the RIGHT HON. R. B. SHERIDAN. By THOMAS MOORE, Esq. Author of Lalla Rookh. With a Portrait from an original picture, by Sir Joshua REYNOLDS. 4th Edit. 2 Vols. 8vo. 11. lls. 6d.

By the same Author, LALLA ROOKH, an ORIENTAL | The LOVES of the ANGELS; the

ROMANCE. 13th Edit. in 8vo. 14s. Fourth Edition, 8vo. 9s. Boards. Also, · ILLUSTRATIONS of the


from Designs by Westall, 8vo. 5s. A few POEM, engraved by Charles Heath, from

PROUFS are taken off in 4to. on French Paintings by R. Westall, R. A. 8vo. 12s.

Paper, 10s. 6d. ; on India Paper, 158. ; & A few of each may be had in Quarto.

on India Paper before the lettering, 208.

18. An ENCYCLOPÆDIA of AGRICULTURE; or the Theory and Practice of the Valuation, Transfer, Improvement, and Management, of Landed Property; and the Cultivation and Economy of the Animal and Vegetable Productions of Agriculture, including all the latest improvements : a general History of Agriculture in all Countries, and a statistical view of its present state, with suggestions for its future pro. gress in the British Isles. By J. C. LOUDON, F.L.S. H.S. &c. Author of the Encyclopædia of Gardening. Illustrated with upwards of 800 Engravings on Wood, by Branston. 21. 10s. Boards.

19. The HISTORY of CHIVALRY, or KNIGHTHOOD and its TIMES. By CHARLES Mills, Esq. Author of "The History of the Crusadeo, &c." 2d Edit. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 4s. Bds.

" This was an appropriate undertaking for the able author of the Crusades, and he has executed it with equal learning, fidelity, and elegance."- Monthly Review.

By the same Author, The TRAVELS of THEODORE | The HISTORY of the CRUSADES,

DUCAS, in various Countries of Europe, for the Recovery and Possession of the at the Revival of Letters and Art. Part HOLY LAND. The 3d Edit. in 2 Vols, the First-ITALY. 2 Vols. 8vo. 24s. Bds. 1 8vo. Price ll. 4s. Bds.

20. The CONVERT. By the Author of the Two RECTORS; in which the Arguments for and against the several Seceders from the Church are weighed and contrasted with the Tenets, Doctrine, and Worship of the Establishment, in a manner calcu. lated to excite the interest of the Reading Community.

Contents:-The Soldier (the Sceptic)-The Socinian-Calvanism-The Anatomist (the Materialist)-The Abbey (the Baptist) --Catholicism-The Quaker--The Churchman The Maiden's Story (Conversion.) "In 12mo. price 10s. 6d. Boards.

21. A TALE of PARAGUAY. BY ROBERT SoutheY, LL.D. &c. &c. In 1 Vol. 12mo. with ILLUSTRATIONS from Designs by Westall, 103. 60. Bds. The POETICAL WORKS of RO 3 Vols. 188. ; Pilgrimage to Waterloo, BERT SOUTHEY, Esa. LL.D. in 15

10s. 6d.; Tale of Paraguay, 108. 6d.; Vols. fc. 8vo. Price 61. 2s. Boards.-Joan

Carmen Triumphale; and Carmen Aulica, of Arc, 2 Vols. 16s.; Thalaba, 2 Vols.

for 1814, 5s. 16s.; Madoc, 2 Vols. 16s. ; Curse of Kehama, 2 Vols. 14s. ; Roderick, the last A VISION of JUDGMENT, a Poem, of the Goths, 2 Vols. 16s. Minor Poems, 4to. 158. Bds.

22. MEMOIRS of ELIZABETH STUART, QUEEN of BOHEMIA, Daughter of King James I. ; with Sketches of the most distinguished personages, and the state of Society in Holland and Germany, during the 17th Century. By Miss BENGER. In 2 Vols. post 8vo. 11. 4s. Bds.

By the same Author, MEMOIRS of MAKY, QUEEN of MEMOIRS of the late Mrs. ELIZA

SCOTS, with Anecdotes of the Court of BETH HAMILTON. The 2d Edition, HENRY the SECOND, during her Re 2 Vols. 8vo. with a Portrait, Price ll. ls. sidence in France. In 2 Vols. 8vo. with Boards. a genuine Portrait, never before engraved. | MEMOIRS of MR. JOHN TOBIN, Price Il. 4s. Bds. 2d Edit.

Author of the HONEY-Moon. In 8vo. MEMOIRS of the LIFE of ANNE

Price 12s. Bds. BOLEYN, Queen of Henry VIII. 2d | MEMOIRS of HENRY the FOURTH Edit. in 2 Vols. with 2 Portraits, 16s.

of FRANCE - In the press.

23. TRAVELS among the ARAB TRIBES inhabiting the Countries East of Syria and Palestine : including a Journey from Nazareth to the Mountains beyond the Dead Sea ; from thence through the Great Plains of the Hauran to Bozra, Damascus, Tripoli, Lebanon, Baalbeck, and by the Valley of the Orontes to Seleucia, Antioch, and Alepro. By J. S. BUCKINGHAM, Esq. With an Appendix, containing a Refutation of certain unfounded Calumnies circulated against the Author by Mr. Lewis Burckhardt, Mr. William John Bankes, and the Quarterly Review. In 4to. with Illustrations, and a Map of the Author's Route, 31. 13s. 6d. bds. Mr. Buckiogham is a very clever, observant, and meritorious traveller."--Eclectic Review.

By the same autbor, TRAVELS in PALESTINE, through Visit to the Cities of Geraza and Gamala, the Countries of BASHAN and GILEAD,

in the Decapolis. 2 Vols. 8vo. 2d Edit. East of the River JORDAN; including a

with Maps, Pls. & Vigas. ll. lls.6d. Bds.

24. The POETICAL WORKS; the Correspondence; and other Prose Pieces of Anna LÆTITIA BARBAULD. With a Memoir. By Lucy Aikin. 2 Vols. 8vo. Price ll. 4s. Bds.

Also may be had, A LEGACY for YOUNG LADIES; MEMOIRS of the COURT of QUEEN consisting of Miscellaneous Pieces in ELIZABETH. By Lucy AIKIN. 6th Prose and Verse. By the late Mrs. Edit. 2 Vols. 8vo. 11. 5s. Bds. BARBAULD. In 1 Vol. 12mo. Price 7s.6d. MEMOIRS of the COURT of KING Boards,


2 Vols. 8vo. 3d Edit. I1, 4s. Bds.

25. DE FOIX; or, Sketches of the Manners and Customs of the Fourteenth Century. By ANNA Eliza Bray, late Mrs. C. STOTHARD, Author of Letters written during a Tour through Normandy, Britanny, and other Parts of France, in 18:8; Memoirs of the Life of the late Charles Alfred Stothard, F.S.A. &c. &c. In 3 Vols. post 8vo. Price 11. 73, Bds.

26. A VOYAGE performed in the Years 1822-23-24; containing an Examination of the Antarctic Sea to the 74th Degree of Latitude: and a Visit to Terra del Fuego, with a particular Account of the Inhabitants. To which is added, much useful Information on the Coasting Navigation of Cape Horn, and the adjacent Lands, with Charts of Harbours, &c. By JAMES WEDDELL, Esq. Master in the Royal Navy. In 1 Vol. 8vo. 18s. Bds.


· CLASSICAL DISQUISITIONS and CURIOSITIES, Critical and Historical. By BENJAMIN Heath MALKIN, LL.D. F.S.A. Head Master of Bury School. 1 Vol. 8vo. 128. bds.

28. The GARDENER'S MAGAZINE, and Register of Rural and Domestic Improvement. Conducted by J. C. LOUPON, F.L.S. H.S. &c. In 8vo. with Engravings on Wood. To be continued Quarterly. No. I. 3d Edition, price 28. 6d. and Nos. II. and III, 3s. 6d. each.

29. GIBBON'S HISTORY of the DECLINE and FALL of the ROMAN EMPIRE; for the Use of Families and Young Persons. Reprinted from the original Text, with the careful Omission of all Passages of an irreligious or immoral Teridency. By Thomas BOWDLER, Esq. F.R.S. S.A. In 5 Vols. 8vo. Price 31. 3s. Bds.

By the same Author, The FAMILY SHAKSPEARE: in 1 Royal 18mo. 31. 3s. Bds. The Fourth which nothing is added to the original

Edition. Text; but those words and Expressions

" We are of opinion, that it requires nothing

more than a notice, to bring this very meritorious are omitted, which cannot with propriety

publication into general circulation." be read aloud in a Family. 10 Vols.

Edinb. Review, No. 71. The Edition in 8 Vols. 8vo. Price 41. 14s. 6d. may be had.

30. LETTERS from the IRISH HIGHLANDS of CUNNEMARRA. By a Family Party. Second Edition, post 8vo. 10s. 6d. Bds.


An ENCYCLOPÆDIA of GARDENING; comprising the Theory and Practice of Horticulture, Floriculture, Arboriculture, and Landscape Gardening; including all the latest Improvements, a general History of Gardening in all Countries, and a Statistical View of its present State, with Suggestions for its future Progress, in the British Isles. By J. C. LOUDON, F.L.S. H.S., &c. A new Edition, in 1 large Volume, 8vo. closely printed, with upwards of Seven Hundred Engravings on Wood. Price 21.


ANNUAL BIOGRAPHY and OBITUARY, for 1826, being the

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A PRAXIS on the LATIN PREPOSITIONS, being an Attempt to illustrate their Origin, Power, and Signification in the way of Exercise, for the Use of Schools. By SAMUEL BUTLER, D.D. F.R.S. and S.A. &c. Archdeacon of Derby, Head Master of the Royal Free Grammar School of Shrewsbury. 2d Ed. In 8vo. Price 78. 6d. bd.

By the same Author, ATLAS of MODERN GEOGRA

CIENT GEOGRAPHY, for the Use of PHY, consisting of 22 Coloured Maps,

Schools. 7th Edit. 1 Vol. 8vo. 98. bds. from a new Set of Plates, corrected to In the present edition of this little work, 1826, with a complete Index of all the the Author has made some very important Names. 123. half-bound.

additions, chiefly in the Modern part of it. ATLAS of ANCIENT GEOGRA OUTLINE GEOGRAPHICAL COPY.

PHY, consisting of 21 Coloured Maps. BOOKS, in 4to. with the Lines of Latiwith a complete accentuated Index. 12s. tude and Longitude only; intended as halfbound.

Practical Exercises for the Pupil to fill

up, from Dr. Butler's Atlases of Ancient GENERAL ATLAS of ANCIENT

and Modern Geography, and designed as and MODERN GEOGRAPHY, 43 Col. an Accompaniment. 4s. each, sewed ; Maps, and two Indexes. 11. 4s. hf.-bd.

or 7s. 6d. together. *** The Indexes, now for the first time

OUTLINE MAPS of ANCIENT appended to these Atlases, contain the latitude and longitude of all the places: and GEOGRAPHY; being a Selection, by in that of the Ancient Atlas, the quanti Dr. Butler, from D'Anville's Ancient ties are also marked.

Atlas : intended as Practical Exercises

for the Pupil to fill up, on Drawing CoA SKETCH of MODERN and AN lombier, folio. Price 10s, 6d.

34. NARRATIVE of a JOURNEY into KHORASAN: including some account of the Countries to the north-east of Persia; with Remarks upon the National Character, Government, and Resources of that Kingdom. By JAMES B. FRABER, Author of a Tour in the Himala Mountains, &c. In One Vol. 4to. with a new Map by Arrowsmith, price 31. 3s. Bds.

“ His details respecting the domestic manners and usages of the Persians, which are known to have undergone little change in the lapse of centuries, are at once picturesque and dramatic. They form ne inanimate Commentary on a Tale of the olden time which every body has of late been reading."

Monthly Revieto.

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