Poetic Stance of the Holy Qur'an: Philosophical Discernment in the Light of Modern Day Science

Sampul Depan
AuthorHouse, 2006 - 760 halaman
About the Book: This Book besides giving Poetic Stance of The Holy Qur'an also discusses: - Why couldn't the Creation take place without a Creator: There's a mathematical affirmation besides scientific and philosophical assertions. The answer to it you find in the topic "Initial and Infinite" and also "Creation". - "Adam PBUH of Science" and of "Qur'an" (71:17 'n 24:45 Al Qur'an) are not two but one. - Philosophy of Life: What are we composed of? How we'll be brought back to life in Hereafter and how our hands and feet will assert for our done and doings of this life? Philosophy of Soul or the Efflux and the Intelligence a bestowal of Lord Almighty and

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