A Journal of the Life, Travels and Religious Labors of William Savery

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For sale at Friends' Book-Store, 1863 - 485 halaman

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Halaman 435 - Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God.
Halaman 122 - ... a friend to us, then disappoint them, our patience is spent ; comply with our request ; dismiss us and we will go home. The commissioner then replied : " Brothers, — I wish your attention to a few words. — I thought you knew the necessity the United States had for a road from fort Schlosser to Buffalo-creek. You appear sensible of it now, by referring to the road by water, made by the Great Spirit; you may see we can have no benefit of that without a passage by land. You have forgotten what...
Halaman iv - I was once strong for the work, but now I am a child, brought back to my horn-book, and have nothing to trust to but the mercy of God through Christ my Saviour.
Halaman ii - ... services to which he was called and appointed, for the benefit of society and the promotion of the cause of truth and righteousness. In 1802, the neighbourhood in which he lived was visited with a pestilential disease, which carried many off in a short time. Not being easy to leave this scene of woe and misery, he voluntarily resigned himself to visit those in distress, both Friends and others, with advice and counsel, in the love of the Gospel, to the great consolation and comfort of many.
Halaman 404 - I said a few words at parting; George Dillwyn also expressed a little. After we retired, Benjamin West staying a little, heard the king say to the queen, ' Charlotte, how satisfactory this has been.
Halaman viii - God pervades the most secret chambers we can retire to, and His ear is ever open to hear both the evil and the good. Yea, many of the present day have known, when the terrors of the Lord have overtaken them for sin, and they have had to taste of the spirit of judgment and of burning, that every secret thing has been brought to light, and all the hidden works of darkness have been made manifest ; that even for idle words they have had to render an account. " When we have long wandered, and got far...
Halaman 99 - ... good peace, all animosities would have been done away, and you could then have sat side by side in council. I have one request to make, which is, that you would furnish him with provisions to carry him home.
Halaman 90 - ... vociferating a certain sound used as a signal for them to assemble, which they did in large numbers. The curiosity of the white people being raised, and some coming from other motives, we had a large and good meeting, which held till near sunset ; both whites and Indians were quiet and behaved decently ; as many of the Indians had received some notion of the Christian religion from missionaries, and were desirous to begin the service with singing of hymns or psalms, and we not thinking it would...
Halaman 94 - He was then desired to act as orator for the women, and deliver to the council what they had to say. The substance of this was, that they felt a deep interest in the affairs of their nation, and having heard the opinions of their sachems, they fully concurred in them, that the white people had been the cause of all the Indians' distresses ; that they had pressed and squeezed them together, until it gave them great pain at their hearts, and that the whites ought to give them back the lands they had...
Halaman 378 - Ridgway and Jane Watson united, we met with them in the provincial school — about one hundred children in all, their master, mistresses, and thirty or forty other Friends. My mind, which had been so exercised all day, presently after sitting down, felt sweetly opened to them ; they were soon broken into tears, and a more precious opportunity I never remember with children. They took leave of us in tears, and I felt much refreshed and comforted, and have reason daily to acknowledge, that it is the...

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