Memoirs of the Beauties of the Court of Charles the Second: With Their Portraits, After Sir Peter Lely and Other Eminent Painters: Illustrating the Diaries of Pepys, Evelyn, Clarendon, and Other Contemporary Writers, Volume 1

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H. Colburn, 1838 - 21 halaman

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Halaman i - Nobles, clad in cloth of silver, gold, and velvet ; the windows and balconies, all set with ladies ; trumpets, music, and myriads of people flocking, even so far as from Rochester, so as they were seven hours in passing the city, even from two in the afternoon till nine at night.
Halaman 13 - ... she crumbles it at once, into her palm, and pours upon him her whole artillery of airs, eyes, and motion ; down goes her dainty, diving body, to the ground, as if she were sinking under the conscious load of her own attractions; then launches into a flood of fine language and compliment, still playing her chest forward in fifty falls and risings, like a swan upon waving water ; and, to complete her impertinence, she is so rapidly fond of her own wit, that she will not give her lover leave to...
Halaman 12 - Melantha is as finished an impertinent as ever fluttered in a drawing-room, and seems to contain the most complete system of female foppery that could possibly be crowded into the tortured form of a fine lady. Her language, dress, motion, manners, soul, and body, are in a continual hurry to be something more than is necessary or commendable. And though I doubt it will be a vain labour to offer you a...
Halaman ix - Then I took a turn with Mr. Evelyn, with whom I walked two hours, till almost one of the clock : talking of the badness of the Government, where nothing but wickedness, and wicked men and women command the King...
Halaman iv - Here dined with us two or three more country gentlemen ; among the rest Mr. Christmas, my old school-fellow, with whom I had much talk. He did remember that I was a great Roundhead when I was a boy, and I was much afraid that he would have remembered the words that I said the day the King was beheaded (that, were I to preach upon him, my text should be — " The memory of the wicked shall rot ") ; but I found afterwards that he did go away from school before that time.
Halaman i - This day, his Majesty, Charles the Second came to London, after a sad and long exile and calamitous suffering both of the King and Church, being seventeen years. This was also his birthday, and with a triumph...
Halaman 170 - I have heard as much," she said ; " it is a sign that the poor unfortunate woman died penitent ; for if I can read a man's heart through his looks, had she not made a pious and Christian end, the doctor could never have been induced to speak well of her.
Halaman 12 - I cannot help saying something, tho' fantastically, about it. The first ridiculous airs that break from her, are, upon a gallant, never seen before, who delivers her a letter from her father, recommending him to her good graces, as an honourable lover. Here now, one would think she might naturally...
Halaman 118 - Which to no box his being owes. Lips, where all day A lover's kiss may play, Yet carry nothing thence away.
Halaman 163 - Stephen Marshall's, the great Presbyterian's daughters; and that Nelly and Beck Marshall falling out the other day, the latter called the other my Lord Buckhurst's mistress. Nell answered her, " I was but one man's mistress, though I was brought up in a brothel to fill strong water to the gentlemen; and you are a mistress to three or four, though a Presbyter's praying daughter.

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