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she may take a tea-cup full of the restorativë infufion, No. 14, and when her strength is increased, if the lungs and vital parts are found, she may use sea-bathing or the cold bath, with advantage.

Should the bleeding piles appear at this juncture, ulcerous fores' break out in the legs, or-eruptions on the skin, the first ought not to be restrained, or the last repelled and dried up, till the habit of body is changed by proper medicines.; for those discharges under such circumstances are generally critical ; and I have observed, where they" were suddenly. fuppressed; an acute rheumatism, hysterics, asthma, or colicpains, were often the consequence.

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Difeases of the Womb and its contiguous Parts;

their Treatment and Method of Cure.


Of the Fluor Albus or Female Weakness, and bow distinguished

from a Venereal Infečtion.


HE Fluor Albus, female wealanels or

whites, as commonly called, is a dis, ease of the womb and its contiguous parts, from which a pale colour'd fluid is dircharged, attended with pain in the loins, bad digestion, a wan, fickly aspect and lofs of strength.

The quantity and color of this dir: charge chiefly depend upon the time of its duration, the patient's habit of body,


and the nature of the cause by which it was produced. Taking cold, strong liquors, immoderate heat and moisture, or violent exercise, have all been observed to produce a bad effect, as to its quantity and quality.

Weakly women of lax folids, who have had many children, and long laboured under ill health, are, of all others, the most subject to this disagreeable disease, from which they unfortunately suffer more severe penance than others; as the niceft fenfitions are often connected with such delicacy of bodily frame as subjects them to it.

In Holland, it is frequent, and in a manner peculiar to the place from the dampness of its situation ; the surrounding air being so overcharged with moisture, as to relax the body, stop perspiration, and throw it upon the bowels, or womb, producing in the first diarrhæa or flux, in the last, fluor albus or female weaknefs.


The discharge proceeds from the vessels subfervient to menstruation ; because in delicate habits, where those vessels are weak, and consequently remain too long uncontracted; the fluor albus sometimes immediately follows the menfes, and goes off by degrees as they gradually close. It also comes from the mucous glands of the womb, as is particularly evident in very young fe. males of eight or ten years old, in whom, though very rarely, I have observed it, and where it must then necessarily have escaped from those parts; the uterine vessels not being fufficiently enlarged for its passage at fo early a period.

Sometimes, as in women with child, it proceeds from the vagina, and not from the womb'itself. The application of those inftruments called Pesaries, from the pain and irritation they occasion, are also apt to bring on this dischargé. Hence it is plain, this disease may sometimes happen, altho'


the blood is in a pure state, and where the fault is in the vessels or ftrainers, by which the fluids are vitiated and changed from their natural qualities.

The fluor albus has been supposed, in some, to supply the want of menses ; because where the first prevails, the last is generally either irregular or totally wanting; but it might more properly be said, that the

presence of the fluor albus, which is a preternatural evacuation, occasions the absence of that which is natural; as is evident from the return of the menfes after the fluor albus has been taken away. Indeed, when this discharge appears about the age of fourteen or fifteeti, and returns once a month, with symptonis like those of the menses, then it may be deemed strictly natural, as observed at - p. 70, and thereas fore, 'ought not to be stopped.

Fluor albus may be distinguished into two kinds. The first, arises from simple


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