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ficient quantity of fyrup. See p. 215. This bolus ought never to be directed without great caution, and proper advice.

Stomachic Pills. No. 53.

Take of the aromatic pill, according to the London Difpenfatory, two drams, divide into twenty pills, and take one every night, going to bed, or as indicated atp. 219, washing them down with a spoonful of tanfy tea.

Aromatic Plafter. No. 54.

Take of the stomach plaster, of the London Difpenfatory, a fufficient quantity, let it be fpread on fine leather, and applied warm to the pit of the ftomach, as at p. 219.

Peruvian Tincture. No. 55.

Take of the finest, fresh powdered Peruvian bark, one ounce; Cinnamon Buds, and leffer Cardamom seeds, husk'd, of each, one dram; proof fpirit, half a pint; let them digeft for a week with a flow heat, and in a clofe corked bottle which should frequently


be fhaken. Filter the tin&ture thro' paper; and take two tea fpoon fulls, or more, two hoursbefore dinner, in Bath, Pyrmontwater, or orange-peel tea, as directed at p. 221. Diuretic Mixture. No. 56.

Take of vinegar of fquills, one ounce and half; falt of tartar, one dram : when the fermentation is over, add of peppermint water, fix ounces; tincture of antimony, two drams; Thebaic tincture, one dram ; fyrup of orange-peel, half an ounce. Take two spoon full, as indicated at p. 335, and repeat the dofe, occafionally, 'till it produces a fenfible evacuation by urine, or otherwise.

Aperient Apozem. No. 57.

See this apozem at No. 21; of which take a large tea-cup full twice or thrice aday, as directed at p. 337.

Sudorific Powder. No. 58.

Take of emetic tartar, three grains; ftrained opium, dried and reduced into powder, four grains; magnefia, one dram;

mix them perfectly, and divide into fix papers of powder; one of which may be taken in a fmall quantity of any liquid, going to bed, fo as to raise a fweat, as directed at p. 342: Sudorific fulep. No. 59.

Camphorated Julep, seven ounces; Mindererus's Spirit half an ounce, mix and take two spoon full occafionally, as indicated at p. 342. Medicated, Alterative Juices. No. 60: Take of the fresh juices of Green Walnuts, before they begin to fhell, of Seville Oranges, Garden Scurvy-grafs, and Water Creffes, of each half a pint; mix and let them ftand 'till the dregs fubfide; pour off the clear liquor through a flannel strainer, and add one ounce of the finest Flake Manna, which diffolve without heat. Take a tea-cup full, once or twice a-day, as directed at p. 350, and let the Juices be often fresh prepared, left they fhould spoil by long kecping.


Now published, a New Edition, being the Seventh,
Price Two Shillings,



On the Properties and Efficacy of the



In the Cure of the Venereal Lues and Scurvy; the Rheu matic Gout, and other Diforders proceeding from an impure State of the Blood, especially those of the skin and Glands.

To which are added, SELECT CASES confirming the Success and reflorative Power of that Medicine in confumptive Habits, or broken Conftitutions with PLAIN RULES for diftinguishing Venereal Symptoms from thofe often mistaken for fuch by the Patient.



Printed for R. Baldwin, Pater-nofter-Row; H. Payne, PallMall, London; and fold by the principal Bookfellers in Eng land.

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