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If the Redness is unattended with eruptions, or fharp humors, and only arifes from hectic heats, or fimple weakness of the blood veffels, it may then be cured by gentle Evacuations, low Diet, the Peruvian Bark, and cold Bath. The Patient should abftain from wine, and drink Imperial Water at meals, which will keep her cool and laxative. New milk whey clarified, with the addition of Honey, and Crystals of Tartar, will make an elegant medicated drink, of which she may take half a pint twice a-day, with great advantage.

But on the contrary, where the Eruption is manifeftly owing to fharp scorbutic Salts which fret and inflame the skin, or at last destroy its glands; it will then become an obftinate complaint, and can only be cured by evacuating the offending juices; with fuch diet and medicines as fweeten the blood and render it more foft and balmy.

Here the use of repelling washes would be attended with the utmost danger, as fe

veral inftances might be adduced to prove that diseases of the head and breaft, Blindnefs, Convulfions and even Madness have been the confequence of driving back offending humors on the Brain and Nerves.

In this place it will be proper to rectify a prevailing error refpecting the use of that popular Remedy Vegeto Mineral Water, as well as all other preparations of Lead, in whatever shape or form. This application, in its own nature, an excellent one, by becoming general is often liable to abuse. I have known one inftance where applied, to great excefs, it manifeftly brought on a mortification of the part, by crifping up the veffels and deadening their vital power.

In the difperfion of hard tumors, it does not, like Mercury, act by diffolving the stagnating, impacted fluid, as afferted by fome, but produces its effect by bracing up the veffels of the part, fo as to repel their contents. How far it may be endowed

with a fedative power, I fhall not take upon me to say.

GLANDULAR TUMORS or fwellings on the face, neck, and breafts often proceed from a forophulous Caufe; or from the relics of diseases terminated by an imperfect Crifis ; as that of the Small Pox, or other eruptive fevers of the malignant kind.

They do not, however, always imply a distemper'd blood; for fometimes they are occafioned by blows, or preffure on the nerves and blood-veffels; a ftream of cold air admitted to the part, or acrid, external applications abforb'd, and conveyed by the lymphatic veffels to the contiguous gland.

Difeafes of the Glands, efpecially thofe of the Neck or Face, fhould always be cautioufly attended to in their very beginning, left they become cancerous and deftroy the patient, or end in a collection of matter, and by breaking leave an ugly fear, which during life will carry with it the unwelcome appearance of the Scrophula or King's Evil.


That fuch glandular (wellings fhould be owing to the feverity of cold, moist air, in parts of the body fo much exposed to its influence, is extremely probable; especially fince they generally appear in Winter and as far as I had opportunity of observing, are very uncommon in the dry, warm climates of Italy and Portugal.

Inhabitants of the Alps, indeed, especially Women, are fubject to an enor mous fwelling of the throat, called Bronchocele from its adhering to the upper part of the wind-pipe. Such tumors have generally been afcribed to their drinking Snow Water, or the ftony particles with which it is loaded; but more probably they are owing to the intense degree of cold which conftringes the glandular ducts and locks up that fluid which ought to pass freely thro them; otherwise, why should not glands in the arm-pits and other parts of the body be equally affected with those of the throat ?


When at Pifo in Italy, I remember to have feen a remarkable instance of the Bronchocele in the mistress of the hotel: The tumor which was of extreme bulk hung down from under her chin and rested upon her breast, yet to my furprize she appeared perfectly chearful and in good health. Such tumors are not apt to become cancerous. Burnt Spunge has been accounted a specific in this diforder.

For a more particular and circumstantial account of the nature and treatment of the maladies under confideration, the Reader is referred to the Fifth Section of this work, on Schirrous and Cancerous tumors; I fhall only here observe, that when Glandular Swellings are fituated on the Neck or Face, they ought, in the winter season, to be carefully defended from the cold air, by all poffible


When they become painful and inflamed, no Mercury fhould be internally given, or externally applied; nor fhould they be tamper'd

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