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the liver; but waving fuch vague opinions, we may affirm with practical certainty, that they are generally the confequences of latent Difeafes: They also may arife from a defect in the natural discharges of the body; either of which will deftroy the purity of the blood.

Sometimes they proceed from a particular fault in the fabric or texture of the fkin, by which its juices are obftructed, or changed from their found state, by a vitiated difpofition of its veffels or ftrainers.

The first of these should be regarded as a general Disorder which can only be cured or fafely treated by gentle Evacuations, and fuch Medicines as correct and fweeten the blood; together with Blifters, Iffues, and the like, which may affift in carrying off the offending humours. The last being a local complaint may be fuccessfully treated by external applications.

It requires however the utmost caution properly to distinguish the difference of fuch Z 2


Maladies; fince an error of judgment has been known to endanger the patient's life: If, for instance, thofe impure juices, which Nature for her fecurity had thrown out to the bodily furface are fuddenly stopped, or driven back into the blood; Sickness at Stomach, Giddiness of the Head, Hyfterics, and Afthma, or even Convulfions and Death have fometimes been the confequence; according to the repeated teftimony of medical writers.

Confidering the frequency of External Applications, the nature of their compofition, and little caution with which they are daily used, I have no doubt but many ferious effects arife from them, greatly injurious to health, which are either concealed, or imputed to other causes.

In whatever shape Diseases of the Skin appear; the symptoms which preceded or are fubfequent, will best discover their true nature, and shew whether they ought to be treated by internal or external Remedies.


If the patient was fickly and infirm, if fhe labour'd under Rheumatic Pains, or Complaints of the Head, Stomach, or Bowels, before fuch Inflammation or Erruptions, and of which she is afterwards either relieved, or altogether free; these cutaneous breakings out should then be deemed truly critical, or the falutary and effectual endeavour of Nature to purify the blood and relieve the conftitution,

In fuch cafes, no Medicines, or external Applications ought to be used, except those which relax the skin, enlarge the pores, and correfpond with the intention of Nature. For this purpose, the Warm Bath, additional cloathing or fine flannels worn next the skin, and plentiful dilution with Nitre, will be proper. Should the Eruption fuddenly disappear, and the former fymptoms return; Antimonials in small quantities may then be administered; but fuch powerful Medicines ought never to be directed without proper advice.


The medicated Juices, No. 60, taken twice a-day, by gently promoting the na tural difcharges of the body, will also be ferviceable.

On the contrary, if the patient's habit of body is good, the periodical discharge regular, and the fecretions of perfpiration, urine and ftool, duly carried on ; but particularly, if after the eruption, fhe finds her health the fame as before; then there is reafon to conclude, that fuch affections of the skin are only local, and therefore may be relieved by external Applications. However, where there is the least proba bility of being mistaken, it will be beft to err on the fafe fide of the question; Nitrous Drinks, and a dofe or two of gentle phyfic may therefore be advifeable during their use.

I have before had occafion to remark, that the King's Evil, Scurvy, or Venereal Lues, give rife to many chronic Disorders; which however different in appearance, from the difference

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difference of age, conftitution, or length of time, may yet be traced up to their original fource, a diftempered Blood.

Where the habit is ftrong and vifuch morbid humors are often gorous, thrown on the furface of the body, but when the powers of nature are languid, they are apt to fall on the Head, Lungs, Stomach or Bowels, producing disorders peculiar to those parts, which cannot be effectually removed, till the caufe from which they originate is taken away.

Among Diseases of the Skin none is more intolerable to women than a red, or pimpled Face; it not only deftroys the beauty and delicacy of the finest features, but is generally imputed to a caufe not very favourable to their fex: However, it may be faid with great truth, that many who are extremely temperate, or even abftemious, are notwithstanding fubject to this mortifying complaint.

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