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I would also recommend the decoction, No. 25, taken in the quantity of half a pint night and morning. Twoofthe hemlock pills, No. 26, are particularly proper after bleeding and laxatives, when the difeafed tumor is perceived to grow red, or is affected with itching, inflammation or shooting pain, all which are unfavorable fymptoms, denoting a strong tendency in the part to become cancerous. Indeed, the truth is, too much time is generally loft by vainly confiding in the power of medicine, whilft extirpation of the diseased part is neglected

till too late.

When the tumor unfortunately breaks out into a cancerous fore; Mr. Soultzer has recommended the carrot poultice as a very effectual application, for affwaging pain, and removing the intolerable ftench attending fuch ulcers. Its efficacy feems rather to depend on the vast quantity of contained fixed air, than any peculiar virtue; it ought therefore


fore always to be applied raw, as boiling would expel a confiderable part of this air.

The poultice may be made with common carrots, procured in the months of February and March, and grated fine, so as to make a pulp which may be moistened with the juice of fresh carrots and pounded till it becomes in confistence fit for a poultice. The old full grown carrots which are sticky or those gathered in the fpring, are unfit for use, the firft being almost void of juice; in the last, it is too crude and watery.

The vapor arifing from fermenting liquors being found to poffefs the extraordinary power of sweetening putrid flesh, may be applied with good effects to fœtid ulcerous fores. The difeafed part may be placed over the fermenting liquor, or receive the vapor in a full stream, from a pipe and flexible tube, proceeding from a veffel which contains chalk and diluted oil of vitriol; and from which, without any agitation, a I 2 fufficient

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fufficient: quantity may be produced for that purpofe By placing a thin piece of fine fpunge on the furface of the fore, and directing the pipe immediately to it, the vapor would have a more permanent effect, and be more equally diffused over the fore.

A due attention to the paffions and manner of living, as well as to diet, is alfo neceffary. The patient fhould endeavour to preserve her body and mind from agitation and disquiet; she should abstain from the ufe of fpirituous and fermenting liquors or strong wines, and avoid all violent exercife, late hours, and the extremes of heat or cold. The natural discharges of the body should also be regulated, in such a manner, as neither to become exceffive or deficient.


Thofe are the principal refources in fcirrhous and cancerous difeafes, and although, from the very nature of those horrid maladies, they are too often infufficient to effect


a perfect cure; they feldom fail to mitigate the feverity of the fymptoms, to prolong life, and render it more fupportable. ... Sometimes there are fleshy excrefcences, which have long been improperly dif tinguished by the name of Falfe Concep tions; thofe, being in reality tumors growing from the fubftance of the womb. Clots of blood, fqueezed and compreffed into a folid mass, by its close contraction, or retained fragments of the after-burden, which put on the fame appearance, have also been mistaken for a falfe conception.

In general, the fact is as follows; When women miscarry at an early period, the real conception, being almost in a gelatinous state, from its extreme delicacy and tenderness of texture, is ufually diffolved, and passing off from the womb in a fluid form, leaves the after-burden ftill adhering, which, at laft coming away, and no appearance of a child being found, it is then called a mole

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or false conception. It follows therefore, that the falfe conception lies in the brain of old women, and filly nurses; that which they deem fuch, not being a false production of nature.


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