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on such occasions, would be more attentive to their own safety, by taking proper advice, in due time, and using all possible means to prevent those dangerous maladies.

I have attended more patients labouring under the fluor albus in autumn than at any other season of the year, especially, when the weather was uncommonly moist and cold: Most of them were cured by change of diet, an increased perspiration, and the proper use of Peruvian bark with aromatics. I observed that several about this time who escaped the disorder, were visited with bad colds, defluxion of rheum on the throat, or a diàrrhoea, which were removed by simi lar treatment.

As women are sometimes connected with those who do not conscientiously regard their safety, it is a circumstance of the utmost consequence to distinguis a fresh venereal infečtion from the fluor albus ; for if the first is mistaken for the last, and is either neglec


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ted, or improperly treated, the disorder may end in a confirmed lues or pox.

The following signs will best inform the patient whether there is occasion for her doubts or not.

A fresh infection, called gonorrhæa, is malignant and inflammatory; the fluor albus most commonly arises from relaxation and bodily weakness; and therefore, the remedies proper in the last disorder would render -the first more violent, by locking up the infectious matter.

In the gonorrhoea, the discharge proceeds from the parts contiguous to the urinary passage, and continues whilst the menses flow; but in the fluor albus, it is supplied from the cavity of the womb and its palsage, and then the menses are seldom regular.

In the gonorrhæa; an itching, inflammation, and heat of urine, are the forerunners of the discharge, the orifice of the urinary passage is prominent and painful,


and the patient affected with frequent irritation to make water. In the fluor albus ; pains in the loins, and loss of strength, at-> tend the discharge, and if any inflammation or heat of urine follow, they happen in a less degree, and only after a long, continuance of the acrimonious discharge, which excoriates the surrounding parts.

In the gonorrhea, the discharge suddenly appears



evident cause; but in the fluor albus, it comes on more slowly, and is often produced by irregularities of the menses, frequent abortion, sprains, or long continued illness.

In the gonorrhæa, the discharge is green ish or yellow, less in quantity, and not attended with the same symptoms of weakness. In the fluor albus, it is also often of the same colour, especially in bad habits of body, and after long continuance; but is usually more offensive, and redundant in quantity,

I have here purposely omitted the montion of particular medicines applicable to the cure of the gonorrhọą, as it would be extremely unsafe and precarious for the patient to trust her own judgment in a cafe of so much importance to her constitutions




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Of Scirrhus, Cancer, and Ulceration of

the Womb.


Scirrhus is a hard tumor or swelling,

generally seated in the glandular parts of the body, as the breasts, neck or womb.

It may be occasioned by external violence done to the affected part, the unseasonable fuppression of some long accustomed difcharge, unwholsome diet, the unfavorable crisis of fevers, or any other cause which destroys the natural office of the gland; so that the Lymph or fluid which ought to pass freely through it, is obstructed, and there remaining clofely locked up, becomes a thick, glutinous, and malignant humor.

A scirrhus may also arise from scrophulous and venereal taints, or preceding inflamma


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