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examine and explode such customs

and vulgar errors as tend to prejudice the understanding and injure health ; to point out the dangerous abuse of powerful medicines, and afford women more competent ideas of their own disorders, as well as the most gentle and effectual methods of treating them, is the intention of the following Medical Instructions: From thence they will be inabled to distinguish, whether such complaints may fafely be trusted to Regimen and Simple Medicines, or whether they are dangerous in their tendency, and therefore require more immediate assistance. B


It would, indeed, be unnecessary that women should attend to phyfic in a me. thodical and scientific manner; the idea of every woman being her own physician, on all occasions, is ludicrous in terms, and would be no less so in its application.

A few years ago, I published my PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS on Acute Diseases, soon after translated into the French and German languages : The approbation with which they were publicly received was such as might have done honor to a work of superior merit, and I confess gave rise to the following MEDICAL INSTRUCTIONS, a fixth Edition of which, with my PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS, in two volumes, I again have the pleasure to lay before the Public, towards the prevention and cure of such Chronic and acute Diseases,


as observation and repeated experience have suggested to me from time to time,

Should the undertaking appear exception able to some, from the simplicity of its plan, which adapts'it to general comprehenfion, on the principals of common sense.; I trust there are many of discerning minds and disinterested views, who will distinguish better, and readily approve a design, the great objects of which are, the Prevention of Diseases and Recovery of Health.

Throughout this first volume I havęendeavoured to preserve such a regular succession of circumstances, as to render the whole plain and instructive. The first chapter commences with the treatment of diseases proceeding from irregularity, obstruction, or cessation of the periodical discharge; in the second, the various diseases of the uterus and contiguous B2


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