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weakness or relaxation of the folids, which may either be general, where the whole bodily fyftem is enervated and unftrung; or partial, where the womb only is thus affected, in confequence of hard labours, frequent mifcarriages, fuppreffion, or immoderate quantity of menfes, or fprains of the back.


In the first cafe, the difcharge being generally mild, may be fafely taken away. In the fecond, it proceeds from a vitiated or impure blood, where the body is loaded. with grofs humors, which nature for her bwn fecurity and relief thus endeavours to carly off. In fuch cases the discharge is fimilar to that of old ulcerous fores, being

fometimes high color'd, and fo fharp as to excoriate the contiguous parts, and occafion fmarting with heat of urine.

A deep-feated, darting pain, and forcing down, attending fuch a discharge, is a very dangerous and alarming fign, indicating an ulceration

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ulceration or cancerous state of the womb. This disease, if of long continuance, is extremely difficult of cure, and difpofes the patient to barrenness, bearing down, a dropfy, or confumption.

The causes of these two kinds of dif eafe being different, fo they will require very different methods of cure. To answer this intention, in the first case, nothing will be more proper than nourishing fimple food, fuch as veal broths, jellies, fresh eggs, and milk diet. The acid fruits will alfo ba proper, and the patient may take a tea-cup full of the restorative, ftrengthning infufon, No. 15, twice a day, which will give firmness to the body, and assist the weakened fibres of the womb in returning to their natural ftate.

The fame method may be ufed with fuceefs, where the fluor albus follows the menfes, as already obferved.


Tunbridge or Spa waters may be drank at the fame time, and if neceffary, an infufion of green tea, or pure fmith's forge water may be used with a womb fyringe as an injection twice a-day. Should the disease prove uncommonly obftinate; the patient may go into the cold bath every other day, and drink lime water with milk, which will expedite the cure, and prevent a relapfe. The volatile liniment, No. 16, and afterwards the ftrengthening plafter, No.17, may be applied to the small of the back.

By way of caution; the fhould abftain from the immoderate ufe of that relaxing fluid Tea, and be removed into a dry, clear air; or if she is obliged to remain in one lefs proper, the may apply the flesh brush, and wear a flannel shift next her skin, impreg nated with the fumes of burning Frankincenfe, or any of the grateful, aromatic gums.

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In the fecond fort of difeafe, where the discharge is fharp, and of long ftanding, it would be extremely dangerous to fupprefs it fuddenly, either by aftringents internally taken or applied as injections, until the blood is freed from its impurities by proper purgatives, and otherwise corrected by fuch medicines as not only carry off the sharp, fcorbutic falts and putrid juices, but also impart to it that foft and balmy quality of which it had been deprived.

The purging potion, No. 18, may be taken twice a-week, and in the intervals, one of the alterative pills, No. 19, night and morning. After this courfe has been continued a few weeks, the may begin with the ftrengthening, bitter infufion, No. 20. in the quantity of a tea cupful twice a-day, or more as her ftomach will allow.

The fame fort of food and regimen will here be proper as in the first kind of the difeafe. The patient should abstain from malt

liquors, and drink rice water, in each pint




of which half an ounce of gum arabic has been diffolved; or if fhe is weak, and of a cold bloated habit, faffafras tea, or an infufion of juniper berries with a little French brandy may be added occafionally.

When the begins to take the bitter infu, fion, it will be proper to use the Tunbridge or Pyrmont water for common drink, but if those cannot conveniently be had, the artificial Spa water impregnated with iron and fixed air, as directed by Dr. Prieftly, will make an excellent fubftitute, and may be had of the Apothecaries. If it should render her coftive, and occafion head-ache, she may defift and drink imperial water sweetened with manna, till thofe complaints are removed.

In fhort, as this is a diforder of the most difagreeable kind, which, by long continu ance or neglect, becomes difficult of cure, and often produces ulceration of the womb, bearing down, barrenness, dropfy, or confumption; it were to be wifhed, that women,


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