92 Day Personal Daily Devotional

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The purpose of this Personal Daily Devotional is to help you develop your own devotions. For so long we have relied on others for our source of knowledge. It is easier to read what someone else has discovered. God wants a personal relationship with you, not just with the author of the devotional book you purchase. I am not saying that you should not buy a devotional, but just how do you think they created the devotional you are reading? It takes effort and time to truly know God and His ways. The Bible was never meant to be read like a novel, it was meant to change the lives of those who would study and apply the principles found in its pages. God wants us to know Him intimately; He will only do that through hours of prayer and study. I had noticed when I first began to read the Bible, I would rely on the footnote helps to understand certain verses. After I reading for a while, I would hear God tell me to rely on Him and not the helps for understanding.

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_____ Bible Verses ______________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ Monthly __________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Special _____________________________________________________________ Special note _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ Thoughts _______________________________________________________________ Monthly Visions _______________________________________________________________ My Daily _______________________________________________________________ Romans ___God answer our prayers apply these verses apply thine heart Daily Devotions Today’s date:___/__ _____ Bible Deuteronomy Devotions Today’s date:___/__ dividing the word doubt Ephesians faith fear the LORD forgive God’s word hear insight received learn to fear meaning morning note My Daily Personal Daily Devotional personal devotional personal request pray priests the Levites Proverbs Psalm read the Bible Read the verse read therein received from today’s Rightly dividing say unto shown sitteth situation Study today _______________________________________________________________ thee thine ear things thou Thoughts and insight today _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ Today’s date:___/__ _____ today’s verses truths today understanding verses help verses speaking Verses to Study Visions and requests walk wisdom word of truth write

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