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MAY 92 1889


N. S. DAVIS, M. D., and F. H. DAVIS, M. D.

Volume XV., 1874.








American Public Health Association.


Anasarca in Children, F. K. Bailey, M. D.. -483
Albuminuria, Clinical Lecture on Chronic.

Arsenic, Antidote to..

Axioms, Dr. Joseph Bell's.

Aubrey, John...

- 26
Arthritis, Rheumatoid.


American Med. Association, 317, 301, 249, 221, 120, 92
Alumni of the Chicago Medical College. 149. 123
Anus, Imperforate, E. O. F. Roler, M. D..
Association of American Medical Editors.

305, 222
Archives of Electrology and Neurology. ..260
American Journal of Obstetrics.

Amer. Ambul'e, History of, T. W. Evans, M. D.

Astragalus, Dislocation of....


Bubonocele, by F. K. Bailey, M, D.

Bloodless Method of Operating in Mercy Hospi-

tal, Chicago, Trial of.
Belladonna and Opium, Antagonistic effects of, by
H. Wardner, M. D..

- 79

Blood, Detection of, by the Spectrum Microscope.. 227
Berlin Notes, M. P. Hatfield

-421, 278
Bowel Affections of Children.

British Medical Association.

Belladonna vs. Opium, 0. T. Maxson, M. D... 576

Diseases of Children, A Practical Treatise on, by
J. F. Meigs,--

Diseases of Women, A Clinical History of, by
Rob. Barnes, M. D.

DeWitt County Medical Society..

Diphtheria, Treatment of, by Cauterization..

Dead, On the Cremation of the...
Diseases of Women, A Practical Treatise on, by T.
G. Thomas, (Review)..

Examination of the Sick, A Lecture by N. S. Da-
vis, M. D.....

Elastic Ligature, Cases Illustrating the Use of..481, 19
Extraneous Matter in the Stomach, Accumulation of 23
Enuresis, Treatment of.

Epilepsy, Chloride of Potassium in.

Eye, Treatise on the Diseases of the, by J.S. Wells, 52
Electro-Therapeutics, Dr. Brunelli on..


168, 98
Electricity, Lectures on the Clinical Uses of. 182
East Tennessee, Climate of...




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Cyclopedia of the Practice of Medicine, (Review).620
Cornea, Abscess of, treated by Kneading and Steam 601
Cerebral Disease, Obscure, Clinical Lecture, N.
S. Davis, M. D.

Croup, Clinical Lectures on, Dr. H. Roger.. - 579
Croup in Relation to Tracheotomy, J. S. Cohen,

M, D. (Review).
Cancer of the Breast, Excision by Scissor-Cutting - 554
Chloroform, the Condition of the Pupil during
the administration of..

Catarrh, Lecture, F. H. Davis.

Chloroform, Apparent death from ; recovery.. 479
Climate and Disease..

Cutaneous Diseases, a rep. on, by H. Nance, M. D. 367

Clinical Notes, by F. K. Bailey, M. D..
Chicago Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 259,

181, 13.
Chicago Society of Physicians and Surgeons, 578, 550,

529, 496, 466, 446. 423, 396, 323, 306, 271, 223, 171,

146, 119, 93, 70, 14.
Colorado as a Health Resort, by Chas. Denison. - 37
Cutaneous Subjects, Practical Notes on, by Til-
bury Fox, M. D...

-476, 154, 76, 199
Cleft Palate.

- 77
Cancer of the Skin, Development of..

Clinic, Prof. Gunn's Surgical.,

Cerebral Disease, Clinic, by N. S. Davis, M. D.... 105
Chicago Medical College...

222, 145, 122
Chloroform-Narcosis, Resuscitation from..
Cholera, Blood and Dejections in

Cholagogues, Have we any, Geo. N. Fuller, M. D. 170,

Cardiac and Renal Disease, Rare Form of, N, S.

Davis, M.D.
Cleft Palate, A New Operation for..

Cæsarian Section

Chicago Medical Society, 492, 464, 428, 383, 350, 320,

277, 250.
Chicago Medico-Historical Society.
Calculi, Nine, taken from one Patient.


Diseases of Infancy, Lectures on, by C. West, M. D. 311
Dry Cupping Instead of Taxis in Hernia.

Diphtheria, Treatment of...

Delirium Tremens, Clinic by N. S. Davis, M. D. 116, 59
Diphtheria Successfully Relieved by Laryngotomy,
by H. A. Johnson, M. D.....

Diphtheria, Glandular Enlargement in.

Dissection, Legalizing of.

Galvanic Wire in Surgery.
Gleanings from Camp and Hospital, by F. K. Bai-
ley, M. D...

261, 209, 108
Gelseminum, by C. D. Hodge, M. D..


Gunshot Wounds of the Abdomen, The Nature of. 182
Goitre of Tuberculosis, The Symptomatic..
Genito-Urinary Organs, A Treatise on Diseases of,

by W. H. Van Buren, M. D. & E. L. Keys, M. D 333
Gleanings from the German, E. J. Doering, 597, 573,

546, 525. 490.
Gynæcological Clinic by T. D. Fitch.

- 540

Hernia, Strangulated, C. Winne.
Hard to Please.

Heart, Valvular Disease of the, Lester Curtis.

Heart, Fatty Degeneration of the..

Hypertrophy, Pseudo-Muscular.

Humerus, Dislocation of, by Edwin Powell, M. D...4
Hare-Lip, Operation for.

Hæmorrhage, Post-Partem. On the Use of Electric-
ity in, by Chas. W. Earle, M. D..

Hoarseness, Chronic, Remedy for..
Hydrocele and Hydro-Sarcocele, by A.Given, M. D 135
Hermann, Dr. A., Death of..

Hæmorrhage, Restraint of During Operations in
the Mouth, E. Andrews, M. D..

Hand Book of Med. and Surg. Reference.

Hæmorrhage, Post-Partem, Perchloride of Iron in 203
Hair, in its Microscopical and Medico-Legal Aspect 226

Invermination, Associated with Measles, by F. K.

Bailey, M. D...
Ill's State Medical Society, Transact's of..248, 171, 78
Inguinal Hernia, Strangulated, Aspirating Punc-

ture in...
Intra-Uterine Injections, Danger of.. -.....144
Inflammation, New Researches on.

Insomnia of Infants, Chloral Hydrate in.
Insulation in the Treatment of Rheumatism and
other Diseases...

Intermittent Fever, Nervous Derangem't following-290


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-415, 269






Perineum, On Lacerat's of, by Wm. Goodell, M. D 125 Psoriasis, Acetic Acid in.

128 Perteet, A. J. Post-Mortem Appearance of the Body of...

..134 Pericardial Sac, Aspiration of, by H. A. Johnson..517 Phthisis, On Strapping the Chest in..

-530 Physiology of Man, by A. Flint, Jr. (Review)...-534

- -25

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Ipecac, Study of the Therapeutical Use of. ..436
Infant Diet, A. Jacobi, M. D. (Review).
Insanity, Puerperal, W. W. Godding, M. D....... 582

Koumys, Therapeutical Properties of.

461 L Livingstone, Dr. His Fight with a Lion.

527 Lipsomata, Means of Diagnosticating

24 "Lancet" Jubilee. Lithotrity, Sir H. Thompson on.

100 Locomotor-Ataxy, Rest in.

IOI Lachrymal Apparatus, Diseases of, by L. L. Lambert, M. D.

131 Lupus, E. Andrews..

.. 247 Leucocyte and Pus Corpuscle..

252 Ligation of Arteries, Manual by L. H. Farrabeuf, M. D..

311 M Mushrooms, Poisoning by.

457 Medical Congress, International.

- 414 Medical Colleges..... Medical Profession and Societies in Chicago. Menstruation and Ovulation.

-50 Medical Jurisprudence, by A. S. Taylor..

-78 Monster, A Double, like the Siamese Twins...433, 91 Midwifery, A System of, by W. Leishman, M. D..101 Midwifery, Manual of, by K. Schræder, M. D..... 104 Military Tract Medical Association..

124 Med. Science, A Dicty of, by R. Dunglison, M. D 130 Marine Hospital Service, Annual Report.

181 Military Tract Medical Association. Medical Societies and Representation.

500 Mortality in Paris, London, Lyons and Chicago Compared..

526 Menses, Occlusion with Retention of the, W. H. Byford..

535 Medical Education. (Editorial).

-549 N Nerves in Sebaceous Glands, The Termination of..151 Nightmare, A Cause of.

153 Neuralgia, Intercostal in Women. Nervous and Rheumatic Affections, Treatment of, by Static Electricity

.205 Notes from Practice, by J. Schneck, M. D. 287

-326, 194







Surgical Emergencies, A Manual by W. P. Swain, (Review).

-534 Secular Press and the Profession, T. D. Washburn, M. D..

509 Sciatica..

-485 Speculum, An Improved Form, by D. T. Nelson...419 Sex in Utero, On the Determining of..

-385 Syphilis, Notes on. From La France Medicale.....6 State Medical Society, Transactions of..

13 Stricture of the Urethra, Dilation in..

-24 Spinal Cord, Chronic Disease of.. Strychnine, Poisoning by, Treated by Chloroform Inhalations.

Syphilis, Notes on, Translation..
Stone, Diagnosis of.
Sphygmograph, The, by Edgar Holden, M. D. -103
Sarcoma, Melanotic of the Choroid, F. C. Hotz,

M. D..
Surgical Anatomy, The Student's Guide to, by E.

129 Syphilis and Dermatology, Notes on, by J. N. Hyde 140 Small-Pox, Statistics of, by H. Gradle, M. D......

188 Social Evil, The..

193 Stethoscope, Binaural, A New Form of, F. H. Davis.

315 Syphilis, Its Analogy to a Disease of the Silk-Worm 337 Sugar in the Urine, An Improved Test for, W. S. Haines, M. D...

- 569 T To Subscribers..

13 Tape-Worm, by D, B. Trimble, M. D.

63 Theory and Practice of Medicine, by F. T. Roberts. 78 Therapeutics, Materia Medica and Toxicology, A

Treatise on, by H. C. Wood, Jr., M. D.. ...285 Toxicology, A Manual of, by J. J. Ruse. M. D....285 Transfusion, Direct, from Animal to Man, Two Cases

294 Tuberculosis, Consumption, etc. Lectures by L. Buhl, M. D. (Review)..

-455 Typhoid fever, Statistics of Mortality from

-550 Therapeutics and Materia Medica, by A. Stille, M. D. (Review)..

- 559 Typhoid fever, Anatomical Changes in, Klein...-618

U United States, Climate of in Relation to Tuberculosis 47 Urticaria, Period'l, by J. Schneck, M. D...........65 Uterus, Spontaneous Expulsion of the.

..155 Urethritis, Treatm't of, by Cubebs and Oleo-Resins 296 Urethra, Stricture of, The Electrical Treatment... 502

Ophthalmic Lecture, by S. J. Jones, M. D. 523
Ophthalmic Lectures by F.C. Hotz, M. D 595, 539, 521
Obstetrics, A Complete Handbook of (Review)...-508
Obstetrical Forceps, A Modification of the, E. O.
F. Roler

459 Ophthalmic Miscellany.

409, 391 Ovulation and Menstruation.

-267, 50 Obstetrics and Gynæcology, Report on Progress of..95 Obstetrical Journal of Great Britain and Ireland... 208 Ovary, Multilocular Disease of, A. R. Jackson....235

Pleural Effusions, Operative Treatment of

354 Pharmacy, A Treatise on...

-311 Pulmonary Cavities, On Local Treatment of..-346, 265 Pleurisy, Artificial Rest in

..256 Pus Corpuscles, Origin of, in Inflamed Cornea....254 Pathology of the Nervous System, The Study of, P.S. Hayes...

-240 Plagiarisms...

.413, 195 Pus, What it is Not, Lester Curtis, M. D.

-165 Paracentesis Thoracis.

155 Pneumatic Aspiration, Cases Illustrating the Use of 48 Private Medical Practice in New Orleans.

72 Perineum, Case of Restoration of, by J. T. Everett, M. D....

.83 Pneumonia, Treatment of (Translation) 218, 190, 137, 87 Parturition, Electricity in

-99 Pemphigus...


Variola-Varicella Question...

- 36 W Women's Hospital Medical College, Commencem't 122 White Corpuscles, Migration of.

...150 Wisconsin State Medical Society.


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MEETING, DEC. 15, 1873. By N. S. DAVIS, M.D. LTHOUGH not a member of the respect and esteem of a large cir

this Society, the late Dr. Milton cle of friends. About three years Parker had been a practitioner in this since he began to complain of a feelcity during the last seventeen years, ing of uneasiness and pressure, acand was so well known to most of us, companied at times by sudden sharp that I have thought a brief history of pains in the region of the lower cervithe disease ich terminated his life cal and four upper dorsal vertebræ. would not be without interest and There was also tenderness on pressure value.

over the third, fourth and fifth dorsal Dr. Parker was born in 1810, in the vertebræ. These symptoms were very State of New Hampshire, and died variable in the degree of their severDec. 7, 1873, at the age of sixty-three ity, but seldom were sufficient to inyears. His education, both prelimin- terrupt his attention to professional ary and medical, was obtained chiefly business. After a few months, he in Cambridge and Hanover. During found a considerable space over the the first few years after he entered the anterior surface of his chest entirely profession, he practiced with his fath- anæsthetic, or devoid of ordinary senser, who was a physician, residing in ibility. Then followed, in succession, Acworth, New Hampshire. Desiring a great variety of morbid sensations the advantages of a milder climate, along the spine and in the lower exhowever, he removed to Virginia in tremeties. These sensations 1845, and continued the practice of sometimes like the trickling of cold his profession in that State until 1856. water, sometimes a prickling heat, In the last-named year he became a and at other times numbness. There resident of tnis city, and soon ac- were also frequent twitching sensaquired a fair practice, and also won tions, like the spasmodic action of in


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