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che whole amount ther-of; and were there is mo.e han ove Surveyor in any district, each of themi shali re ce ve his propor ivnable part of such fees, as shall arise in the purt for which he is appointed: provided always wat in all cases, where the conna e or any ship or vesse: shall be asce, tained by any persons appointed for that purpose, such person shall receive a reasopaulo compensation therefore out of the fees aforesaid, before any distribution hereof as atoresaid. Under the act to establish the compensation of the officers employed in the collec

tion of the duties on imports and tonnage passed the 2d Murch, 1799. For every entrance of any ship or res. For every pes mit o laod goods (a)0 20 sel of one hundreu tons buithen and For every bond aken officially, 'O 40 upwards,

$2 50 For every permit to land goods For every clearaíce of any ship for exportation, which are enor vesssel of one hundred tons titied is drawback,

0 30 burtben and upwards, 2 50 For every debe oture, or other For every clearance of any ship official cerificale,

0 20 or vessel under the burthen of For every bill of healih, (b) 0 20 one hundreu tons,

1 50 For every official docunient (res For every entrance of any ship gisters excepted) required by

or vessel under the burthen of any merchant, owner or m-sone hundred sons

1 50 ter of any vessel, noi before For eve y post entry, 2 00

0 20 Where Naval Officer is appointed to the same port, the said fees shall be equally divided between the Collector and the said Naval Officer, the latter paying one-third the expense of the necessary stationary, and of the rent of an office, to be provided by the Collector, at the place assigned for his residence, &c , except the expense of fuel, office rent and necessary siationary tor ihé Collectors of the districts of Salem and Beverly, Boston and Charlestown, the cities of New York, Philadelphia, and Charleston, the owns of Baltimore, Norfolk, and Portsniouth, which shall be paid three for rehs by the said Collectors, and the other one fourth by the respective Naval Oficers in

those districts-Provided, that is all fees arising ou the exportations of any goods on which drawbacks are allowed, shall be equally shared among the Collectors, Naval Officer, and Surveyor, where there are such officers at the port where the fees are paid, &c., and where there is no Naval Officer, such lees shall be equally divided between the Collector and Surveyor; who may be concerned in attending to such exportation, and the Surveyors shall pay their proportion of the expenses of stationary and printing.

To each Surveyor, for the admeasurementand cerrifying the same, of every ship or vessel of one hundred tons and under, one cent per ton; for the ado measurement of every ship or vessel above one hundred tons and not exceedling two hundred tons, one husdred and fifiy cents; for every ship or vessel above two hundred tons, two hundred cents ; for all other services by the act in question to be performed by such Surveyor, on board any ship or vessel of one hundred tons and upwards having on board goods subject to duty, three dollars; for the like services on board any ship or vessel of less than

one hundred ions burthen, having on board goods liable to duty, one and a half dollars; on all vessels not having on board goods subject to dety, wo thirds of a dollar. All which sees shall be paid by the master or owner of the ship or vessel in which the said services shall be performed, to the Sur.

veyor by whom they shall be performed, if performed by one only for his sole benefit; but if performed by more than one, to him, who shall live the first agency, to be divided in equal parts between him and the other or others byl whom the said services shall be performeil. Note - The fres in the preceding act are applicable exclusively to vessels (a). This fee chargeable for the bond on granting a Mediterranean passport. (6) This fee chargeable on granting a sea letter.

engaged 10 th for igo ira e, and services to be performed under the collec. 11011 law of the same dale. Compensation of Inspectors of the Customs, under the act of 24 March, 1799.

To each Inspector there snall be ailowed, for every day he shali be actually employed wu aid of the Customs, a sum not exceeding iwo doilars, and for every other person that the Collector may fiuti necessary and expedieni io employ as occasional Inspectors, or in an other way in aid of the revenue a like sum, whilst actually so employed, not exceeding iwo dollars.

Note-By the act of 26th April, 1816, an additional allowance of fifty per cent. is authoriz d, making the maximum compensation of the Inspectors of the Customs three dollars per day--But this amount is not allowed to all the Inspectors—The rate in the different ports is regulated with reference to the expense of living, the responsibility of ihe officers, the extent of com merce, &c. Compensation of Deputy Inspectors of the revenue, under the act of 2 Mar 1799.

Swo cents and one half, for every cask, or package, of foreigo distilled spirits, wines or teas, by them marked and returned to their respective priucipals.

Compensation of Measurers, under the act of 2d March, 1799. 1 For every hundred bushels of grain,

$0 20 2. For every hundred bushels of sali according to the weight established

by law for the payment of the duries thereon--say 56 lbs. per bushel, 0 50 3. For every hu dred bushels of coal,

0 60 Compensation of Weighers under the act of 2d March, 1799 For weighing every hundred and twelve pounds, and marking every cask, box or package, weighing more than 200 pounds each, except sugar, coffee, pepper, pimento, indigo, in bales, bags, mats, cannisters, or seroons, with the weight in durable characters, in the districts of Pennsylvania, New York, Boston and Charlestown, and Baltimore, one cent and a quarter : in the district of Norfolk, one cent and a half; and in other districts two cents.

Compensation of Gaugers, under the act of 2d March, 1799. For gauging and marking every cask, to be marked in durable characters with his own name and the quantity, eight cents; for computing the contents Jof, and making cases containing distilled spirits and wines, three cents per case ; for actually counting the number of bottles of cider, beer, ale, perry, or porter contained in any cask, or other package or packages one cent per dozen ; and in proportion for any greater or lesser quan ity.

Note. To the compensations of the Measurers, Weighers and Gaugers, as fised by the act of 2nd March, 1799, the act of 26th April, 1816, authorizes an additional allowance of 50 per cent.

By the act of 6th April, 1802, repealing the internal duties, the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to designate the Collectors of the Customs who are to prepare and issue the certificates to accompany wines, distilled spirits and teas, previously prepared and issued by the supervisors of the revenue.

For the purpose of carrying said law into effect, a Collector of the Customs is designated for each State, who is entitled to a fee of 2 cents for every cer. tificale of the kind alloded to and the Inspectors of the revenue, in relation to the same service are entitled to the following fees ; 1. For every certificate to accompany foreign distilled spirits, 10 cents 2 for every certificate to accompany wines and teas,

2 ceuts For every certificate of citizenship issued by a Collector to a seaman of the United States under the 4th section of the act of 28ih May, 1796, the Collector is entitled to a fee of 25 cents; and to a like fee under the 1st sec. tion of the act of 28th February, 1803, for certifying the lists of the crews of American vessels.



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