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Amount of Public Money in the several State Bunks, selected as Depos.

itories of the Public Funds, on the 1st of November and the 18t of D cember, 1833


Where situated.

1 Nov. 1833

Amount 1 Due. 1833.

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Commonwealth Bank

Boston.. ........

$ 510,421 50*578,185 6. Merchants’ Bank......

Do...... 346.750 00 561,250, Bank of America............

New York...... 581,750 44 1,105,934 5 Manhattan Company


434,050 70 1,419,152 25 Mechanics' Bank ......


533,417 00 932,833 71 Girard Bank..

Philadelphia.... 307,510 74 1,181,637 1 Union Bank of Maryland.... Baltimore.. 300,547 87 538,044 80 Bank of the Metropolis.. Washington city 301,132 00 386,520 47 Maine Bauk......


19,532 551 51,658 55 Commercial Bank.. .... Portşm'h, N. H, 22,926 66 31 983 13 Bank of Virginia .......

Richmond...... 3.616 99 14,332 71 Branch of do


63,639 58 50,812 26 Planters' Bank of Georgia.. Savannah .. 13,000 00 29,525 20 Branch of Bank of Alabam Mobile..

55.677 55 134,795 85 Planters' Bank of Mississippi Natchez

10,800 73 42,478 89 Union Bank of Tennessee Na hville...

8,700 00 8.606 00 Franklin Bank of Cincinnau Cincinnati...... 38,238 45 136,480 75 Bank of Burlington Burlington, Vi

21,712 66 Arcade Bank................ Providence, RI

514 96 Fariners & Mechanics Bank Hartford, Covo. Union Bank of Louisiana New Orleans ...

29, 01 09 Commercial Bank of N.O. Do

18,000 00 Bank of Louisville...... Louisville, Ky..

7,917 22 * Return of amount standing to the credit of Public Officers, not received,

PUBLICATION OF THE LAWS. It is made the duty of the Secre ary of State, by act of 1116 May, 182n, to ause all Resolutions and Laus passed by Corgies-, (exc pt schis art o

priva e natur) 1o be published on a numbe. of peu spa, cis, pot exceeding on in the District of Columbia, and in not more dan Ihrer in each Sate ..od Territory: all public Treaties are to be published in the same man er, -xcepi India Treaties, which are published in one paper only, and that within the State or Territory to which the subject maits of the Treay be songs. For publishing the laws, Re-olu'ions, and Treaues, the Proprietors

new-papers receive, by the act of 20' Avril, 1812, ar the rule of one :0!lir per page (estinat d according to the act of 1820) of the pamphlet Jer on, published by the Secretary of Stale.

The following are the Newspapers authorized to publish the Laws passed i the 1st Session, of the 234 Congress. Maine.

New Hampshire G:szette Porton outla The Age....

. Augusti Democratic Republican. Haverhill Este u Argus.... ......Prtland

Massachuse.'18 “astern Republican.... ..Bangor Boston Statesman

Now Humpshire.
Pittsfield Sun

ontfield New Hampsbire Patriot and State Worcester

Courity Republican, Gazeite..



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Alabama. Norwich Republica n... .. .. Norwich Democrat

Huntsville Hartford Times ....Hartford Flag of the Union...... Tuscaloosa Colunbian Register.. .. New Haven Mobile Commerc'l Register...Mobile Rhode Island.

Mississippi. Providence Patriot & Columbia, Mississippi Gazette.........Natchez

Phenix............. . Providence State Advocate... ......Columbus Republican Herald ... Providence Mississippian.................

....Jackson Rhode Island Republican.. Newport


Louisiana Courier.. ..New Orleans Vermont Gazetle........

..Bennington Planters' Intelligencer... Alexandria Patriot & State Gazette, Montpelier Baton Rouge Gazette, Baton Rouge Middlebury Argus......Middlebury

New York.

Nashville Republican and State GaNew York Standard......New York zette.

Nashville Albany Argus.... .. Albany Southern Statesman........Jackson Rochester Republican .... Rochester Knoxville Register ........

.Knoxville New Jersey.

Kentucky West Jersey Observer ..Bridgetown Frankfort Argus.......... Frankfort Emporium& True Americ'n, Trenton Kentucky Gazette........Lexington The Jersey inan..... .... Morristown Kentucky Republican ..Greensburg Pennsylvania.

Ohio. Peonsylvania Reporter & Democra. Cincinnati Advertiser....Cincinnati tic Herald ............Harrisburg Ohio Monitor....

............ Columbus American Sentinel .. ..Philadelphia Warren News-Letter ...... Warren Alleghany Deniocrat.. .... Pittsburg


Western Sun and General AdvertiDelaware Gazette and American ser......

... Vincennes Watchman.... ...... Wilmington Indiana Palladium ....Lawrenceburg Delaware State Journal, Wilmington Indiana Democrat......

.... Judianapolis Maryland.

Nlinois. Eastern Shore Whig avd People's Illinois Advocate & State Register Advocate. ......

..... Easton Vandalia, Baltimore Republican .... Baltimore Winois Journal .. .... Shawneetown Republican Citizen.. Fredericktown Sangamore Journal......Springfield Virginia.

Missouri. Norfolk and Portsinouth Herald, Missouri Free Press..., ..St. Louis Norfolk

Jackson Eagle.. ...

.....Jackson Virginia Advocate.. Charlottesville Jeffersonian Rep'can, Jefferson City Monongalia Farmer....Morgantown

North Carolina

Arkansas Gazette ......Little Rock
Raleigh Helena Herald

........ Helena North Carolina Senijnel.. Newbern

Michigan Western Carolinian., ....Salisbury Michigan Sentinel.. .... .Monroe South Carolina.

Michigan Statesman.. White Pigeon Southern Patriot.. ..Charleston Democratic Free Press . ....Detroit Camden Journal............Camden

Florida. Mountaineer.... .... ....Greenville Floridian Advocate.... Tallahassee Georgia.

East Florida Herald.. St. Augustine Georgian..

Savannah Pensacola Gazelle .........Pensacola Weorgia Constitutionalist... Tugusta District of Columbia, tandard of the Union, Millenge ville Globe ....... Washington


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Brevet Brigadier General Charles Gratiot, 2d Julian Molinard.
Chief Engineer, (xovfficio) Inspector of

Assistant Teachers. the Military Academy:

Lieutenant Minor Knowiton, (1st Artillery.) ACADEMIC STAFF.

Lieutenant B. R. Alden, (4th Infantry.) Superintendant and Commandant.

Teacher of Drawing. Major R. E. De Rusy, (Corps of Engi. C. R. Leslie, R. A. neers.)

Assistant Teacher of rawing. Professor of Mathematics. Lieutenant Seth Eastinan; (1st Infantry.) Charles Davies A. M.

Instructer of Tactics, and Commandant of Assistant Professors.

Cauets. Lieutenant A. E, Church, (3d i rtillery.). Major Jno. Fou!e, (34 Irfantry.) Lieutenant Richard H. Peyton, (2d Artil'y.)

Assist: nt Instructers. Lieutenant Samuel C. Ridgely, (4th Artily.) 20 Lieutenant James Bames, (uth Artillery, Lieutenant Benjamin S. Ewell, (4th Arti'y; 2d Lieutenant W. B. Burnett, (2d Artillery.) Chaplain, anri Professor of Rhetoric and Instructor of Artillery

Moral and Political Science. Lientenant Zebina J. D. Kiusiej, (3d Arty.) Rev, l'homas Wamer.

Acting Professor of Chemistry and MineAssistant Professors.

ralogy Lieuteuant Nicholas Tillinghast, (7th Infa'y) Lieut, w. Fenn Hopkins, A. M (4th Artily.) Lieutenant J. Allen Smith, (3d Artillery.)

Assistant Professors. Professor of Natural and Experimental Lieutenant William W. Ma her, (7th Infa’y. Philosophy.

Lieutenant john C. Casey, (2d Artillery.) Edward H. Courtehlay.

Sword Master.
Assistant Professors.

N. Albert Jumel.
Lientenant T. Jetferson Cram, (4th Artil'y.). Paymaster and Treasurer.
Lieutenant William A. Nortori, (4th Artii's.) Lieut. Thos. J. Leslie. (Corps of Engineers.)
Professor of Engineering.

ter Master. Dennis H. Mahan.

Lieutenant Lucien B Webster', (1st Artil'y:) Assistant Professors.

Adjutant, 2d Lieutenant F. A. Smith, Engineers Lieutenant Charles F. Smith, (2d Artillery.) Lieutenant Henry E. Prentiss, (2d Artillery.)

Surgeon. Teachers of the French Language. Dr. Walter V. Wheaton. Ist Claudius Berard.


List of Cadets at the Military Academy on the 1st of January, 1934. The Firy,

Second, and Third Classes, stand as they were arranged after the examination
in June lust, The Fourth Class is arranged alphabetically.
Names. States.

Names States.
Ist Class L. A. B. lalbach, Rich. Henderson, Tenn.
Wm. Smith, New York A nold Harris, N Yo k Jolin L. Keais, N. C.
Johu Sanders, Fiorid: Jannes G Rerd Penn Alex S. Macomb,
Roveri Alien, Ist Md. Jos L Coburn, V roioni James M. Morgan, N. Y.
H. Loughborough, Ken. Gabriel R Paul, Missouri Joseph Roberts, Del.
Wm. T. Stockton, Penn. Fo:bes Brillon, Virginia Henry Prince, Maine
Thos. A. Morris, Indiana Ihos. O Barnwell, SC. George Meade,
James Duncan, N. Yok Eustace Kobinson, Vr. Robert M Renick, Vog
John F. Lee, Virginia Alex. Montgomery, Penn Wm. H. De Forest, N Y
Rin-om Huntoon, N H. John G. aban, New York Wm. H. Griffin. S.C
Chas. A. Fuller, Mass. William H. Price, Penn. m. M. Plummer, Me
Epaphras Kibby, Oljo Willliam S. Ketchumi, Alix M Michell, N.C.
Curran Pope, Kentucky H, McKiirel,

!rchi'd Campbell, N Y Chas B Chalmers, D. (. 2d Class. Hear M. Naglee, Peno Mirris S Milier, N. Y. Chas. H. Bigelow, Mas. James N Ellis,

Virg James F Cooper, Penn. Chas. J. Whiting, Me G.G. If aggaman, D. / Cary H Fry, Kent cky George M Legate, James M. Wells, DC. JE Henderson, Tenu J. H. Martindale, N.Y W.K Blanson, D. C. G-org. P Field, N. 8. Thomas T. Ganti, Vi y. Priy R. Thompson, Ge, Wm. G Freeman George W. Morell, N Y Timoiny II. Teall, N Y Philip N, Barbour, Ken. Alfred Herbert, Mirsi’n A R. Job son, On Henry S. Turner. Virg, Arnoldus B. umby, N C John Harli, Kentuck Goode Bryan, Georgia Mo tgomery Blair, Ken. James H Stokes, MA Senera G. Siminons, Ver Horace Brooks, M:ss (Alox H Twen, nihil Richard S Smith, Penn, William S B vw!, N Y |Horv L Krudick, N.'1

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Virg Ving


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Joseph H. Eirion, Martin J. Burke,

NYIW. H. French, Dei P. Theo'e lo batıs, Ken! C. ivousteau, Per JR C. Ganand, Larkin Smith, Virgima Jusepoi C. sinoids, SMG Grandın,

NY JO 11 M. Scoll,

ken. Riobert Al

20 doneR. S Gianger,

Ono Witam S. Herry, NY Janies L. Donaldson, MUAGregory, Penn i am u. Betis, Geo, Saurel D. Heore, Lunsun,

NH Benj S. Roberts, Ver Thomas M'Crate,

Me Lindsey Bag er,

N CI Peter C. Gaillard, S. C. Join J Walker, Alai, Wiliaus Hardid, Isaac Reeve, NY Lioyd liighman,

. .i. Har Luca Breb. ry, Maie L. D Cabanne, Mis ob met H. bill, D C R. W. S DennisPenn. Charies B. Sing, NY). seph Buiker,

Mass 11 M D M Kissack N J Savivei W buehorne, RI Nevil Hupson, Kn Hugo M‘Leod, Georgia Chirisi. Q Timpkins, V1Wu.. Hillent, NY M. R Parrak, N. Yorx Charie: Hoskin, (R. S. Jennings,

Tenn Thomas L Brent, Voig. Charles B. Daniels, NE wird Jonsson, ken Jos. H. Whippir, Mas L-aac H. A iams, Mass At Jout,

Mid Herman Hoop, Pemu. Israel C. Woodruti, NJ Ruler! T Jones,

V:r Tomas B. A des, NY. W Jliam Mock, ACN B. kneass,

Penn George W. Shaw, Ohio Jam s Wilianis, Teme J. R. Liddell, Miss

Tenn Jones M. Widers, Alai, Rich G Storkton, K. N. S. Lindsley, William I. Grier, Penn Jhn F. Roland, Pew. Wm. W Mickall,

Ma John W. So it, Olio Chas. H. E. Soor, ^ Y Jo-ilis McKinsiry, Mich Edgar M. Burton, Veri. Thomas P Chiffelie, CRM Mi Lane, Dell R A. Warnwrig'', Andrew J. Miner,

R. S. Moore, NC Wm. H Warner, N. Y. John 1. Phelps, Ve E. W. Morgan, Prou

3rd Class. Wm. H T Waiker, Go Juv. C. Pemberton,i'e u James L. vason, John B. S. Todd, lilino - James H Perry, NY Danviile Leadbetter, Me Huphrey Bale, N (Heny c. Prati, Alex. Hamilton, N. Y. Richard Peers Alub Kichard Peiers, A

V Barna's Coukling, N Y. Wislam B IVallace, NJ James F. Presion, jos. R. Anderson, Viig 4th Class. A. W Riyi olus,

Va Montg’y C. Meigs, P.I'm. Arnisirung,

Inci Jro 1. Rig. « y,

Miel Fizler A. Lewis, Vir Lewis G. Arnold, N J Geo ge C. Rodney, Dei D P Woodbury. N. H. B Bailaid, Keu A.

Rtledge, Ten Aits P Crii eniten Kenn. Bate,

N (W. M lauelph, Augustus P. Aden, N Y. Jsbu. H. Bates, Mas A.. I Scamon, Maia Jolin P I. O Brien, Penu Wm. F. Beach, NC Juo. Sedgwik,

Con on W. Judson, Cor. Helly W. Benhan, Cow. Walter Sher ood, NJ Arimur B La sing, N. Y. Robert Bland, Ving H. H. Sibley, Louisiana

Ma H.H. 10 kwoud, Del. Elmond Bradford, Pron James R. Soley, Geo. L. Welcker, Tenn Braxton Bragg, N ( Chas. Southg. te,

Vig Roan. A Luiber, Penn John Briti, NYA. G Sieeie, NY Mail'h Churchili, Mus: 1a). Brown, Coon E.J. Siepioe,

Vu Thos. W Sherman, R. George C Bunner, NYF Stevens, Sam. J. Bransforu, Vigas. G. Cailei, V.F. Saunders, NCI I avid P. Dewill, NY W W Chapnian Ma G: 0;ge 1 yor,

Geol Peter V. Hayner, DCR H Chil101, Virgin 1. A. Thatcher, Coun M. L. Shackriford, VJ10. Claibome, Ten Jame: B Tilgman, id George C Thomas, NJIL P. Cooke, kei. E D Townsend, Mass Randolph Ridgely, ille. E G. Creacralí, P. Israel Vogdes, Penn Henry Carer, Missist Jacob Currier, NHF 0. Wyse,

Md MC.M. Hammond, SC L P Davidson, NYW. S Waid, Floridal. John S. i athaway, NY A ex B. Dyer, Missalaro W. Nashi gton, Va William Frazer, P. nn Jubal A Early, Visu Juo. H. Wais, Gro William B A vill, NH! ngdon C. Ea 10n,Missohomas Wilia., Ni Collinson R. Gates, Her y Eckford, NY Fiancis Woo: bridge, Ve Christ. A. Gipere, All; G. Forshey,

Ohio Samuel Woods, luciana William T. Mtin, N Jliv. H. Fowler, DUE. F. Wooster, NY





JUNE, 1833. The following list of Cadets is attaehed to the army Register, conformably to a regulation for the government of the Military Academy, requiring the names of the most distin. guised Cadets not exceeding five in each class, to be reported for this purpose at each annual examination. FIRST CLASS.

SECOND CLASS. Frederick A. Smith, Mathematics, Natural William Smith, Natural and Experimental

and experimental Phiiosophy, Chemistry Philosophy, Chemistry and Drawing. aad Mineralogy, Engineering, French John Sanders, Natural and Experimental Language, Diawing, Rhetorick, Moral Philosophy and Chemistry;

and i'olical Science, Artillery & Tactics. Robert Allen, Natural and Experimental Jonathan G. Barnarıl, Mathematics, Nature Philosophy and Chemistry. ai and Experimental Philosophy, Chemis. H. Loughborough, Natural and Experimental try, Mineralogy, Engineering, Drawiag, Philosophy and Chemistry. Rhetoric, Moral and Political Science, Wm. T. Stockton, Natural and Experimental Artillery and Tactics.

Philosophy. Chemistry and Drawing. George W. Cullum, Mathematics, Natural

THIRD ČLASS. ani Experimental Philosophy, Chemistry, Chas. H. Bigelow, Mathematics and French. Mineralogy, Engineering, Rhetoric Morai Charles J. Whiting, Mathematics and Draw

and Political Science, Artillery & Tacties: ing. Rufus King, Mathematics, Natural and Ex- George M. Legate, Mathematics and French.

perimental Philosophy, Chemistry, Mine- John H. Martindale, Mathematics and Drawralogy, Engineering, French Language, mg Drawing, Rhetoric, Morai and Political Thomas T. Gantt, Mathematics and French. Science, Artillery and Tactics.

FOURTH CLASS. Francis H. Smit, Mathematic Natural James L. Mason, Mathematics and French.

and Experimental Philosophy, Chemistry, Danville Leadbetter, Mathematics & French. Mineralogy, Engineering, French Lait. Alex. Hamilton, Mathematics and French. guage, Rhetoric, Moral aní Political Sci- Barnabas Cunkling, Mathematicsani French. ence, Artillery and Tactics.

Joseph R. Anderson, Mathematics & French.


Joel Riggs, 1st Infantry, 9th October, 1833.

'John G. Harvey, 2d Infantry, 15th Feb. 1833. George Bender, 5th Infantry, 31st Oct. 1833. G. B. Crittenden, 4th Inf"y, 30th April 1833. Captains.

M. L. Clark, 6th Infantry, 31st May, 1833, Walter Smith, 1st Artillery, 30th Sept. 1833. Lewis Howell, 7th Infantry, 31st Oct. 1833. Wm. S. Harne y, 1st Infan'y, 11th July, 1833. Nath. W. Hunter, 7th Infan'y, 1st Oct. 1833. Joshua B. Brant, 2d Infan'ý, 28th Dec. 1832.

Paymasters. Stephen !1. Webb, 3d Infau’y, 31st Aug. 1833. Alphonso Wetmore, 1st May, 1833. Rob. A. McCabe, 5th Infan'y, 1st Oct. 1833. Asher Phillips. 17th January, 1834. Dan. E. Burch, 7th Infan’y, 30th April, 1833.

Surgeon. Berrynai, 7th Infantry, 30th April, 1833. Robert McMillan, 1 December, 1833. first Lieutenants.

Assistant Surgeons.
Jona. Prescott, 1st Artill ry, 30th ept. 1833. Henry Stephenson, 31 August, 1833.

W. Whre:rignt, Ist Artillery, 31st May, 1833. Edwin James, 31 December, 1833.
Jaines H. Cook, Ist Artillery, 31st Jail. 1833. John Thurston, 1 May, 1833.
G. W. Whistler, 2d1 Artillery, 3 ist Dec 1833. Robert E. Kerr, 31 August 1833.
Gto. W. Corpr w, 3d Artillery, 30 June, 1833. Samuel W. Dalton, 31 December, 1833.
A. Brochenbrough, 3d Art.y,30th June 1833. Assistant Quartermaster.
Alex. H. Morton, 7th Infan'y, 12th July 1833. St. Clair Denny, 28th January, 1834.
Second Lieutenants.

S. V. R. Ryan, Ist Artillery, 31st March 1833.

Captains. Geo. E. Chase, 3d Artillery, 31st Aug. 1833. Nathaniel G. Dana, 1st Artillery, 4 Feb. 1833. C. W. Hackley, 3d Artillery, 30th Sept. 1833. Reuben Holmes, Dragoons, 4 Nov. 1833. Sainl. H. Miller, 3d Artillery, 30th Nov. 1833. Jasper Macomb, 7th Infantry, 15th Dec. 1833. Wm. N. Pendleton, 4th Arti'y 31st Oct. 1833.

Second Lieutenan/s.
Win. A. Norton, 41h Artillery, 30th Sep. 1833. Chas. L. C. Minoi,3d Infantry, 31 Oct. 1833.
E. F. Covington, 1st Infan’y, 30th Sep. 1833. Samuel K. Cobb, 3d Infantry 11 Jan. 1834.
W. S. Stillwell, 3d Infan'y, 31st March, 1833.

Assistant Surgeon.
W. H. Harford, 4th Infan'y, 15th Sep. 1883. Joseph D. Harris, 26 September, 1833.
R. W. Burntt, 4th Infan'y, 31st March 1833.

Topographical Engineer.
G. S. Rousseau, 6th Infan y, 3014 April 1833. P. H. Perrauit, 28 January, 1834.
Brevet Second Lieutenants.

DROPPED. Wm. H. Sidell, 1st Artillery, 1st Oct. 1833.

First Lieutenant. J E. Brackett, 2d Artery, Sist Aug. 1833. James Simonson, 1st Arlilery, 30 Nov. 1833. Henry Wailer, 2d irtilery, 9th Oct. 1833. Brevet Second Lieutenant. Isaiah Garrett, 20 Artillery, 15th Nov. 1823. Benj. E. Dubose, 3d Ifantry ist Oct. 1833. 1. K. Yoakum, 3d Arti'), 3 ist March, 1833.

Assistant Surgeon. l'. lighman, 4th Artillery, 30th Nov. 1833. John H Bayior, 20 May, 1833.

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