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Contractors' Names. Annu'll Extra Contraotors' Names. Annu'l Extra Jü. Clark........ 4200/1200 mm E Jeters. J. H. Collins.. ....... 50 Johnson, Riggen &

205 H. Develin..


Scott...... John Duback.......... 100

Willard Keyes........

374 J. B. Elbridge.. 400 1200 Abijah Leavett........ 195

Emerson & McClure..! 1 456) 740 A. L. Mills...... 5222 1929 Levi Fox....

130 Robert Morrison...... 1593 938 T. J. Glass.. ........ 115 Addison Philleo

1230 500 T, J. Hacker..


Russel & Lowe...... 312 1600 J. G. Hall............ 450) 680 1. Seward............

225 S. Halstead..

John Scott............

160 Wm. Harrison...

John T. Temple ......

840 Samuel Harryman. 698|1406 W. Y. Wetzel....... 3000 93 L. Hinman............ 104 Wesley Williams..... 156 John Hunter.. ....... 140 jas, D. Wilsliam......

289 Janes Johnson..... 344 688 John D. Winters ..... 800 3050 E. P. Johnson. ....... 4800 16278 A. Wren.... .........

350 Jona. Keller.......... 104

Missouri. Elias Kizor...........

128 142 E Long.......... 185 10 John Anderson.. .....

324 George McKeehan ... 175 T. G. Childers

490 E Newlio... 1001 100 Wm. Clendenon......

150 19 Olivers & McDonald.. 790 T. H. Ficklin....

52 Robert Oliver ......... 600 John Hawkins.... 1750 214 Major Ringo

Robert Morrison .. ..

1126 637 Roberts & McCarty.. 1600 27 W. J. Norris....... 240 John Ross...... 42 Jas. Kennedy....

257 Russel Ross.... ...... 2001 .21 E. H. Pendleton......

140 Wm. L. Ross.... 52 George Rogers

65 Arch. Shaw........... 140 C. C. Scott....

1260 94 John F. Shields..... 1242 Win. H. Scott..., W. Silver..... 60 George Sexton... .....

8085 126 John C. Sleeth, 300 Wm. Y. Wetzel.....

247 s. Taylor...... 330 66 Jaines Williams......

150 Thomas Tennery


Arkansas Territory.
A. W. Wilson...... 198 132
W. S. Wright....

140 5 Wm. Chandler.. 1060
John Clark....

432 107 Illinois.

S. Emerson & Co.... 140 Jas. Allen ............ 273) Samson Gray.........

2604 Lemuel Barker....... 295 16 Nicholas Harwick.... 350 Samuel Beck. .......

725 Alpheus Maddox...... 500 433 1. Bozarth............

200 Joshua Morrison. 225 E. B. Clemson........ 2700 176 A. M. Oakley.... 499 1801 Dillard & Cobb... 494 265 Martin Serranno .... 219 Thomas English.... 267 U. Spalding...

2793 576 Jacob Fowler......... 300 Isaac Steel.. ........

795 Jas, Hall.... 350 Hugh Tinnin....... 175

204 Andrew Hay..

348) 515 Wni. Vaughan., 164 Daniel Hay::........ 3401 467 Allen A. White..


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TREASURY DEPARTMENT, December 17, 1833 In obedience to the directions of the “Act supplementary to the act to estah. lish the Treasury Department,” the Secretary of the Treasury respectfully submits the following repori.

1. OF THE PUBLIC REVENUE AND EXPENDITURES. The receipts into the Treasury, from all sources during the year 1831, were

$28,526,820 82 The expenditures for the same year, including payments on account of the public debt, were

$30,038,446 121


The balance in the Treasury on the 1st of January 1832, was $4,502,91 - 45 The receipts from all sources during the year 1832, were 31,865,561 16 Coistoms,

$28,465,237 24 Linds,

2,623,381 03 Dividends on bank stock,

490,000 00 Sales of stock in the Bank of the United States 169,000 00 Incidental receipts

117 912 89 Making, with the balance, an aggregate of

$36,368,175 61 The expenditures of the same year were

34,326,698 16 Viz: Civil list, foreign intercourse, and miscella. neous

$4,577,141 45 Military service, including fortifications, ord

nanice, Indian affairs, pensions, arming the militia, and internal improvements,

7,982,877 03 Naval servire, including the gradual improvement of the Navy,

3,956,370 29 Public debt,

17,840,309 29 Leaving a balance in the Treasury on the 1st of Jan. 1833, of $2,011,717 55 The receipts into the Treasury during the

first three quarters of the present year are estimated at

$24,355,317 95 Vizi Castoms,

$21,256,039 77 Lands,

2,219,957 35 Dividends on bank stocks 474,985 00 Sales of stock in the Bank of tie United States

91,000 00 Third instalment under the

convention with Denmark 221,315 17 Incidental receipts

91,970 66

The receipts of the fourth quarter are estimaled at

$7,675,000 00 Making the total estimated receipts of the year

$32,030,317 95 And, with ohe balance on the 1st of January, 1833, forming an aggregate of

$31,012,095 50

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The expenditures for the first three quarters of the present

year, are estimated at $18,248,388 15-Viz; Civil list, foreign intercourse, and viscella

neous, including $667,160 87, duries re. fundet under the 3 section of the act of 24 March, 1833, anu $661,160 95 awards under the convention with Denmark $4,951,462 84 Miliary service, including forifications,

ordnance, Indian affairs, pensionis, arming militia, and internal improvements

9,950,349 29 Naval service, including the gradual im. provement of the Navy

3,076,051 39 Public debt

270,524 63

18,248,388 15 The expenditures for the fourth quarter, including

$2,301,716 36, on account of the public debi, are estima.

ted, on data furnished by the respective depariments, at $6,409,916 45 Making the total estimated expenditures of the year $24,658,304 60 And, leaving in the Treasury on the 1st of January, 1834, an estimated balance of

$9.383,790 90

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This balance, however, includes the funds, estimated at $1,400,000, heretofore reporied by this department, as not effective.

The appropriations remaining unsatisfied at the close of the year are estimaled at $5,964,571 23, but of this amount it is estimated by the proper departments

i. That he sum of $5,190,287 62 only will be required for the objects for which they were appropriated :

2 That the sum of $449,424 04 will not be required, and may, therefore, be considered as an excess of appropriation, and is proposed to be applied,

without being re-appropriated, in aid of the service of the year 1934, as will more fully appear when the estimates of the appropriations for that year are presented.

3. That the sum of $324,859 57 will be carried to the surplus fund either because these moneys will not be required for, or can no longer be applied to, then.

OF THE PUBLIC DEBT. Notice has been given of the intended reimburseineut of the residue of the exchanged 45 per ceni, stock on the 1st of May, 1834. This stock was subject to redemption, at the pleasure of the United States, at any time alier The 31st of December, 1833, upon six months' public notice of such intended reimbursement. The time at which the notice was given, does not enable the United States to insist on reimbursing it so as to stop the interest before The 1sı of May, 1834. A small portion of it was, however, purchased for! the United States, in the niontis of Septeniber and October, by an agent emIployed for that purpose; and on the same day that notice was given of the intended reimbursement, on the 1st of May next, offer was made to the holders, by public advertisement, to pay them the whole amount of the prin

cipal, with interest to the day of payment, upon their making the proper transfers of the certificates Many of the holders have already accepted ibis offer, and portions of it continue almost daily to be presented for payment. It is believed that the greater part, if not the whole of this stock, will be redeemed by the end of the present year. Under ihese circumstances, it seemed proper to charge the whole amount to the expenditures of the present ear, rather than to the next. The account is accordingly stated on this

principle, and the interest calculated to the 1st of Janu!!; and if a part of it should not come in by that time, it will miske no material vifference in ihe result, because the interest saved upon the stock paid irfore she end of the year will, it is expected, be equal, or nearly so, to the amount of inie.est whisho may afierwaids accrue on the portion remaining unpaid And if the whole of it should be reimbursed within the present year, the interest sared will increase the estimated balance in the Treasury in but a very small degree. In the foilowi.g account, therefore, the whole of this stock is charger to the expenditure of 1833, and the interest on it caiculated as if it would be reimbursed vn the 1st of January, 1834. The disbursements on account of the public debı during the

year 1833, will amouni, us has already been shown, to $2,572,240 991 Or wbich there will have been applied to the payment of the principal

$2,240,950 80 And to interest

331,290 19

The stocks which will have been redeemed, by the application of this sum, during the year, are as follows: The residue of the exchanged four and a half per cent.

stock, issued under the act of the 26th May, 1824. $2,227,363 98 A part of the 5 per cent. stock issued under the act of 3rd March, 1821

13,036 01 Also, certain portions of the old registered debt, which have

been presented for payment; being part of the unfunded debt of the revolution,

50 81 And Treasury notes

500 00 On the 1st of January next, it is estimated the public debt will be reduced

10 $ 7,760,082 08 Viz:
1. The funded debt, consisting of the residue of the 5 per

cent. stock issued under the act of 3rd March, 1821,
and redeemable after 1st Jinuary, 1835

$4,722,260 29 2 The unfunded debt, amounting to

37,821 79 Consisting of the registered deb, being claims

regist. red prior o the year 1798, for services and supplies during the revolutionary war

$27,476 70 Treasury notes issued during the late war

6.025 00 Aod Mississippi stock

4.320 09

4,700,082 08 These three last sums, composing the unsunded debt, are payab.e on the presentation of the certificates. 3. OF THE ESTIMATES OF THE PUBLIC REVENUE AND EX

PENDITURES FOR THE YEAR 1834. According to the best judgment the department is able to form

on the subject, the receipts into ihe Treasury from all sources, during the year 1334, may be estimated at $18,500,000 000

Viz : Customs

$15,000,000 Public lands

3,000,000 Bank dividends, and miscellaneous receipts of all kinds

500,000 To which add the balance estimated to be in the Treasury

on the 1st of January, 1834, after deducting the unavaila. ble funds

7,983,790 91 Making together the sm of

$26,483,790 90

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The expenditures for the year 1834, including the reimburse-
meni of the whole of the public debt, are estimated at $23,501,994 85

Civil, foreign intercourse, and miscellaneous $2,800,897 33
Military service, including fortifications, ord-

nance, Indian affairs, pensions, arming mi.
litia, and internal improvements

8,654,942 25 Revolutionary pensions under act of June,

1832, including arrearages from 4th March, 1831, in cases in which payment has not been made

3,000,000 00 Naval service, including the gradual improvement of the navy,

4,051,073 19 Public debi, principal $4,760,082 08 Finterest

235,000 00

4,995,082 08 Which will leave in the Treasury on ihe 31st of December, 1334, a balance estivaled at

$2,981,796 05



The value of the exports of the year ending on the 30th of September last, is estimated at $90,663,403, of which $70.642,030 were of domestic, and $20,021,373 of foreign articles, showing an increase in the exports of do. mestic produce of $7,504,560 over the exports of the same cbaracter for the year ending 30th of September, 1832, and a diminution in foreign articles of

84,018, 100. The value of the imports, for the year ending on the 30th of Seplember last, is estimated at $109,000,000, being greater, by the sum of $8,000,000, iban the imports for the year ending 30th of September, 1832. of the imports for the year ending the 30th of September last, it is estimated that $34,000,000 were in articles free from duty.

It wij be seen from the foregoing statement of the receipts of the present year, that they very much exceed the amount at which they were estimated in the last annual report. The excess bas been derived chiefly fioni customs, which are estimated to produce more than $28,000,000. The large receipts of this year have been principally occasioned by tbe act of July 14, 1832, wlich abolished the system of lovg credits on revenue bonds, and required the duties on woollen goods to be paid in cash, and on other aricles in three and six months. The new regulations took effect on the 41h) of March last, and the cash duties and shortened credits have brought into The Treasury, during the present year, a large amount of revenue, whichi, under the former system of credits, would not have been payable until 1834, and would have formed a part of ihe receipts of that year. The income of 1833 has, therefore, bad the advantage of the new system, as well as he for. wer one; and the receipts are much greater than they would have been, unter either of them, according to the established rate of duties.

Tior expenditures for ille f're-ent year have also been unusually large, and ire estimated at $22,036,063 61, exclusive of the expenditure on account of be public debr.

The appropriations for the year were heavy, and exceeded, by $3,000,000 he appropriations for the year 1832; and the balances of unexpended approvriations at the close of ihå' year have been for the most part, applied, during the present one, to the various objecis anthorized by law, and therefore enter into the account of its expenditures. Several vienis of appropriation, how. ver for the presemi vear, cannot be considered as forming a part of the ordiary “xpenjures olihe Government Without emmerating all objects of is description, il inay be suffient to mention some which have contributell material y 1o enhance the amouni actually expended. The di: ljes refundvd at the Treasury, uniir the aw of the last session, and the awards under the convenion with Denmark, are included in this arcount; and the expen

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