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Maryland. John Davis, Judge, Boston, $2500 Elias Glenn, Judge, $2000

Audrew Dunlap, Attorney, Boston. Nath'i Williams, Ali'y Baltimore. Jonas L. Sibley, Marshal, Boston. Thos. Finley, Marshal, Baltimore. John W. Davis, Clerk, Boston. Philip Moore, Clerk, Baltimore. Connecticut.

Easion Dist. ict of Virgina. W. Bristol, Judge N. Haven, $1500 Philip P, Barbour, Judge, $13001 Asa Child, Attorney, Hartford. Rob'ı C. Nicholas, Atl'y, Richmond N, Wilcox, Marshal, Berlin. E. Christian, Marshal, Richinond. C. A. lugersoll, Clark, New Haven Richard Jeffries, Clerk, Richmond. Rhode Island

Western District of Virginia J Pitman, Judge Providence, $1500 Alexander Caldwell, Judge $1600 R. W. Greene, Ali'y, Providence W. A. Harrison, Att'v, Clarksburg

B. Anthony, Marshal, Providence. James Points, Marshal, Wheeling. Benj. Cowell, Clerk, Providence. J Y. Doddıidge, Clerk, Staunton. Vermont

North Carolina. E. Paine, Juilge, Williamsi'n, $1200 Henry Potter, Judge, $20001

David Kellog, Att'y, Rockingham. Thos. P. Devereaux, Att'v, Raleigh H Lowry, Marshal, Burlington. Beverly Daniel, Marshal, Raleigh. Jesse Gove, Clerk, Rurlund. Wm. H. Haywood, Clerk, Raleigh. Northern District of New York

South Carolina. A. Coukling, Judge, Albany. $2000 Thomas Lee, Judge, $2500 Nathaniel S. Benton, Ali'y, Utica. R. B. Gilchrist, Atty, Charleston. J. W. Livingston, Marshal, Utica. Thos. D. Condy, Mars'l, Charleston R. Miller, Clerk, Utica.

James Jarvey, Clerk, Charleston. Southern District of New York.

Georgia. S. R. Betts, Judge, N. York, $3500 Jeremiah Cuyler, Judge, $2500 J. A. Hamilton, Attorney, N York. M. H McAllister, Alily, Savannah.

Wm. C H. Waddell, Mar. N. York John H. Morel, Marshal, Savannah Fred'k J. Betts, Clerk, New York. George Glenn, Clerk, Savanoah. New Jersey.

Southern District of Alabamn. William Rossell, Judge, $1500 William Crawford, Judge, $2500 Garreti D. Wall, Alt'y, Burlington John Ellintt, Attorney, Mobile. John S. Darcy, Marshal, Newark. R. L. Crawford, Marshal, Mobile. Wm Pennington, Clerk, Newark. D. Files, Clerk, Mobile.

Eastern Dist. of Pennsylvania Northern District of Alabama. Joseph Hopkinson, Judge, $2500) Will am Crawford, Judge, $2500 HD. Gilpin, Atl'y Philadelphia. Byrd Brandon, Au'y, Huntsville. B. S. Bonsall, Mar'l, Philadelphia. B. Pattesous, Marshal, Huntsville, Francis Hopkinson, Clerk, Philad'a Caswell R. Clifton, Clerk, Huntsville Western Dist. of Pennsylvania.

Mississippi. Thomas Irwin, Judge, $1800 Powhatan Ellis, Judge, 82000 Benj’n Patten, Jr. Alty, Pilisburg. George Adams, Attorney, Natchez. John M. Davis, Marshal, Pittsburg. San's W. Dickson, Mars'ı, Natchez. E. J. Roberts, Clerk, Pittsburg. William Burns, Clerk, Natchez. Delaware.

Eastern District of Louisiana. Willard Hall, Judge, $1500 Samuel H. Harper, Judge, 83000 G. Read, Jr. Attorney, New Castle. Henry Carleton, Attorney, N. Orlons D. C. Wilson, Marshal, Wilmington J. Nicholson, Marshal, N. Orleans. Thos. Witherspoon, Clerk, do. F. W. Lea, Clerk, New Orleans.

[blocks in formation]

Western District of Louisiana.

Ohio. Samuel H. Harper, Judge, $3000 J W. Campbell, Judge, $1000 F. F. Linton, Atty, St. Martinsville Noah H Swayne, Ali'y, Coshocton. F. H. Duperier, Marshal, N. Iberia J. Patterson, Marshal, Columbus. John Lessassier, Clerk.

Wm. Miner, Clerk, Columbus. Eastern District of Tennessee.

Indiana. Morgan W. Brown, Judge, $1500 Benjamin Parke, Judge, $1000 JA McKinney, Att'y, Rogersville. T. A. Howard, Attorney, Vincennes Wm. Lyon, Marshal, Knoxville. G. Taylor, Marshal, Brownstowi. W. C. Mynatt, Clerk, Knoxville. Henry Hurst, Clerk, Corydon. Western District of Tennessee.

Illinois. Morgan W. Brown, Judge, $1500 Nathaniel Pope, Judge,

$1000 J. Collingsworth, Ali'y Nashville. David J. Baker, Ali'y, Edwardsville s. B.Marshall, Mar'l, Murfreesboro. Harry Wilton. Marshal, Kaskaskia N. A. McNairy, Clerk, Nashville. William H. Brown, Clerk. Kentucky.

Missouri. John Boyle, Judge, $1500 James H. Peck, Judge,

81200 Thos. B. Monroe, Att'y, Frankort. George Shannon, Aity, st. Charles J, M. McCalla, Marshal, Lexington. August us Jones, Marshal, St. Louis. John H. Hanna, Clerk, Frankfort. Joseph Gamble, Clerk, St. Louis.

It is marle the duty of each District Attorney to prosecute, in the Judi cial District for which he is appointed, all delinquents, for crimes and offences cognizable under the laws of the United States, and all civil actions in which the United States shall be concerned,

The Marshal for each District is required to attend the District and Circuit Court, and to execute throughout the District, all lawsul pre cepts directed to him, and issued under the authority of the United States. He bas power to command all necessary assistance in the execution of his duty. Before entering upon his office he must give bond with two sureties in the suin of twenty thousand dollars. Every Marshal, when renoved from office, or when the term for which he is appointed shall expire, has power, notwithstanding, to execute all precepts which may be in his hands, at the time of such removal or expiration of office.

The clerks are appointed by the Supreme Court, and the several District Courts. The clerk for each District Court, is clerk also of the Circuit Court in such District. Each clerk is required to give bond in the sum of two thousand dollars, Saithfully to discharge the duties of his office, and seasonably to record the decrees, jutgments and determi. nations of the Court, of which he is clerk. In case of the District Judge in any Distrirt being unable to discharge his duties, the clerk certifies all suits or actions, to the next Circuit Court to be held in the District; and also, by leave or order of the Circuit Judge, to tike, during the disapility of the District Judge, all examinations and depositions of wit. nesses, and make all necessary rules and orders preparatory to the final hearing of all cau:es of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction,

CIRCUIT COURTS OF THE UNITED STATES. The Circuit Courts of the United States have original cognizance, confurrent with the Courts of the several States, of all suits of a civil naure, at common law, or in equity ; where the inatter in dispute exceeds, exclusive of costs, the sum or value of five hundred dollars, and the United States are plaintiffs or petitioners; or an alien is a party, or the suit is between a citizen of the State where the suit is brought, and a citizen of another State ; and have exclusive cognizance of all crimes aud offences cognizable under the authority of the Uuited States. (except where the laws of the United States otherwise direct,) and concurrent jurisdiction with the District Courts of the crimes and offences cognizable therein. But no person can be arrestert in one district, for trial in another, in any civil action, before a Circuit or District Court. No civil suit can be brought before either of said Courts against an inhabitant of the United States, by an origiual process, in any other District than that

whereof he is an inhabitant, or in which he shall be found at the time of serving the writ ; and no District or Circuit Court has cognizance of any suit to recover the coutents of any promissory note, or other chose in action, in favor of an assignee, unless a suit inight have been prosecuted in such Court to recover the said contents if no assignment had been made, except in cases of foreign bills of exchange. The Circuit Courts also have appellate jurisdiction from the District Courts, under the reguJa'tions and restrictions provided by law.

From final decrees in a District Court, in causes of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction, where the matter in dispute exceeds the sum or value of three hundred dollars, exclusive of costs, an appeal is allowed to the next Circuit Court, to be held in such District. But no District Judge' (sitting in a Circuit Court) can give a vote in any case of appeal or error, from his own decision ; but may assigo the reason of such bis decision.

Places and Times of holding the Courts of the United States.

SUPREME COURT. The Supreme Court of the United States must be holden at the City of Washington, and have one session every year, to commence on the second Monday in January.

DISTRICT COURTS. Maine. Wiscasset, last Tuesday of February, and first Tuesday of September; and at Po tland 1st Tuesday of June.

New Hampshire. Exeter and Portsmouth, alternately, on the 3d Tuesdays or D cember, and each 3d calendar monil thereafter.

Massachusetts. Boston, 3d Tuesday in March, 4th Tuesday in June, 2d Lursday in September, and 1st Tuesday in December

Rhode Island. Newport, 21 Tuesday in May, and 3d Tuesday in October ;) a Providence, the 1st Tuesday in August, and 1st Tuesday in February.

Connecticut. Hartford and New Haven, alternately, on the 4th Tuesdays of
February, Mav, August, and November.
Vermont Rutland, 6th of October, and at Windsor, 24th of May.

New York. City of New York, for the southern districi, on the 1st Tuesday of each month ; for the northern district, at Albany, 30 Tuesday of January, and at Utica, last Tuesday of Augusı.

New Jersey. New Brunswick, 2d Tuesdays of March and September; and at Billing on, 31 Tuesdays of May and November.

Pennsylvania. Eastern District, at Philadelphia, 3d Mondays in February, May, August and November ; and for the western district, at Pittsburg, 1st Monday of May, and 2d Monday of October.

Delaware. Newcastle and Dover, aliernaiely, 4th Tuesdays of November, and of each third calendar month thereafter.

Maryland. Baltimore, 1st Tuesdays of December, and of each 3d calendar month thereafer.

Virginia. Eastern District, at Richmond, 15th day of May, and 15th day of November; and at Norfolk, 1st day of May, and Isı day of November; ano for the Western District, ai Clarksburg, Ist Mondays iv April and Septem. ber; at Lewisburg, 1st Wednesday after the 20 Mondays 10 April and September; ai Wyıle Court house, 1st Wednesdays after the Sd Mondays in April and September; and ai Siaun'on, Ist day of ay and 1st day of October

North Carolinu Edenton, district of Albermarle, 3d Mondays of April and October ; at Newbern, (district of Pamprico,) 4th Mondays of April and October; and at Wilmington, (district of Cape Fear) 1st Monday after the 4ih Mondays of April and October.

South Carolina Eastern district, Charleston, 3d Monday in March, and September, 1st Monday in July, and 20 Monday in December; for the wesieri district, at Laurens Courl-house, on the next Tuesday after the adjournment of the Circuit Court at Columbja.

Georgia. Savannali, 2d Tuesday in February, May, and August; and in Augusta, 2d Tuesday in November.

Kentucky. Frankfort, 1st Mondays of May and November.

Tennessee. Knoxville; for East Tennessee, 3d Monday in April and 20 Monday in October; and at Nashville, for West Tennessee, 4th Mondays in May and November. Ohio. Columbus, 3d Monday in July, and 41h Monday in December.

Louisiana. Eastern district, at New Orleans, 20 Monday of December, and for the Western district, at Opelousas Court-house, 2d Monday of June.

Indiana. Corydon, last Mondays in May and November.

Mississippi. Court house of Adams county, 4th Mondays in January and June,

Illinois. Vandalia, 4th Monday of May and Ist Monday of December.
Alabama. Huntsville, 2d Monday of April and October ; at Mobile, Ist
Monday in May and 2d Monday in December
Missouri. St. Charles, Ist Mondays in March and September.

Maine, at Portland 1st May, and at Wiscassett, 1st October.

New Hampshire, at Portsmouth aod Exeter, alternately, 8th May and 8th October.

Massachusetts, at Boston, ist June and 20th October. Rhode Island, at Newport and Providence, alternately, 15th June and 15th November

Connecticut, at Hartford and New Haven, alternately, 13th April and 1711 September.

New York, at New York, last Monday in February, 1st Monday in April, last Mouday in July and Ociober.

Vermont, at Rutland and Windsor, alternately, 21st May and 31 October
New Jersey, at Trenton, on the 1st April and Ist October.
Pennsylvania, at Phiadelphia, 11th April and 11th October.
Delaware, at Newcastle and Dover, alternately, 30 June and 27th October.
Maryland, at the City of Baltimore, 8 th April and November.
Virginia, at Richmond, 22d May and 220 November.
North Carolina, a: Raleigh, 12th May and 12th Noveinber.

South Carolina, at Charleston, 2d Tuesday of April; and at Columbia on the 4th Monday in November.

Georgia, at Savannah, on Thursday after the first Monday in May; and at Mail dgeville, on Thursday after the first Monday in November.

Kentucky, at Frankfo:1, tirst Monday of May and November.

Tennessee, at Nishvile, 1st Monday in March and September, and at Knoxviije, 2 Monday i: October.

Ohio, al rolumbus, 2. Monday of July' and 3d Monday of December

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Circuit Courts for the District of Columbia, at Washington, on the 4th Monday in March and November ; at Alexandria, on the 1st M , day in M ۱۲,

and Ist Monday in October. And he District Court for the same Dis. trict, on the 1st Mondays of December and June.

District Couri.

H. Ashton, Marshal, Washington. William Cranch, Judge.

William Brent, Clerk, Washington. Edmund I. Lee, Clerk, Alexandria. Ertmund I. Lee, Clerk Alexandria. Circuit Court.

Orphans Court. Win. Cranch, Chief Judge, $2700 S. Chase, Judge. Washington, $1000 B. Thruston, Assistant Juilge, 2500 H. Neale, Register, Washington J. S. Morsel, Assistant Judge, 2500 C, Neale, Judge, Alexandria, $800 F. S. Key, Attorney, Georgetown. Alex. Moore, Register, Alexandria

200 00

PENITENTIARY OF THE UNITED STATES. James Dunlap, Inspector, 250 00 Wm. Kisley, Chaplain, Thomas Carbery, do 250 00 Pierce Sprat:, Ass't Keeper, 700 00 Wm O'Neale do 250 00 Jonn A. Young do 700 00

Gabriel Bradley, do 700 00 Isaac Clarke, Warden, $1500 00 Lewis Ratcliff, Guard $500 00 William Wheatly, Clerk, 1000 00 Wilfred Van Reswick, do 500 00 John B. Thomas, Physican, 400 00 George B. Smith, do 500 00


15. D. Westcott, jr. Secretary, C. B. Porter, Gov'r, Detroit, $2000 Tallahassee

1500) S. T. Mason, Secretary, do. 1000


John Pope, Goy'r, Little Rock, 2000 W.P.Duval, Gov.Tallahassee, 2500/ Wim. S. Fulton, Secretary, do. 1000


Thos. Douglas, Atr'y, St. Augustine Alex. M. Clayton, Judge, $1200 S. Blair, Marshal, St. Augustine. Benjamin Johoson, Judge, 1200) George Gibhs, Clerk, St. Augustine. Thomas P. Eskridge, Judge, 1200

Middle Florida. Edward Cross, Judge, 1200 Thos. Randall, Judge,

$ 1500 Sain'l C Roane Ali'y, Little Rock. K. Walker, Ali'y, Tallahassee. Elias Rector, Marshal, Little Rock. r. E. Randolph, Mar. Tallahassee. William Field, Clerk, Little Rock James P. Linn, Clerk, Tallahassee. Michigan.

West Florida. George Morell, Judge, $1200 John A. Caineron, Judge, $1500 Solomon Sibley, Juilge, 1200 George Walker, Ali'y, Pensacola. loss Wilkins, Judge,

1200 James W. Exuvi, Mar. Pensacola. David livine, Jurge,

1200 G F. Balızell, Clerk, Pensacola. Daniel Le Roy, datorney, Detroil.

Southern Florida. Peter Desnoyers, Marshal, Detroit. James Webb, Judge, $1500 John Winer, Clerk, Detroit. E'ward Chandler, Ali'y, Key West Eusl Florida.

Thos Eastoni, Marshal, Key West. {obert Reid, Judge,

$15001A. H. Day, Clerk, Key West.

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