Bulletin, Masalah 259

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1927

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Halaman 42 - Owing to the confusion arising from its use, it has been defined by law in several States. The California miner's inch is in most common use in the United States and was defined by an act approved March 23, 1901, as follows: "The standard miner's inch of water shall be equivalent or equal to 1 J cubic feet of water per minute, measured through any aperture or orifice.
Halaman 220 - It shall be prima facie evidence that the location is properly marked if the boundaries are defined by a monument at each corner or angle of the claim, consisting of any...
Halaman 222 - ... locate more than two placer-mining claims for any one principal or association during any calendar month, and no placer-mining claim shall hereafter be located In Alaska except under the limitations of this act SEC.
Halaman 11 - Their bed rock is slightly above the creek bed and the surface topography shows no indication of benching. River-bar placers: Placers on gravel flats in or adjacent to the beds of large streams. Gravel-plain placers: Placers found in the gravels of the coastal or other low-land plains. Sea-beach placers: Placers reconcentrated from the coastal-plain gravels by the waves along the seashore. Ancient beach placers: Deposits found on the coastal plain along a line of elevated beaches.
Halaman 220 - ... be not less than four inches in diameter and shall be set in the ground in a substantial manner. If any such claim be located on ground that is covered wholly or in part with brush or trees, such brush shall be cut and trees be marked or blazed along the lines of such claim to indicate the location of such lines.
Halaman 224 - ... application; but, if the amount of the tax was not a fixed sum, the applicant should state in his application that he agreed to pay the license tax, and would make a true return, and would pay to the treasurer such tax on or before the 15th of the next ensuing January. Section 10 of...
Halaman 11 - Creek placers: Gravel deposits in the beds and intermediate flood plains of small streams. Bench placers: Gravel deposits in ancient stream channels and flood plains which stand from fifty to several hundred feet above the present streams.
Halaman 222 - ... not later than 90 days after the close of the calendar year in which such work was done, or the improvements made...
Halaman 220 - I he claim, or by placing at each corner or angle thereof mounds of earth or rock not less than three feet high. Whatever monument Is used, it must be marked with the name or number of the claim and the designation of the corner by number, and the monument nearest the discovery shall be the initial post, stake, or monument, and shall be post, stake, or monument number one; and further, the corners shall be numbered in regulation rotation.
Halaman 220 - ... a placer deposit of gold, or other deposit of minerals having a commercial value which is subject to entry and patent under the mining laws of the United States, may, if qualified by the laws of the United States, locate a mining claim upon such vein, lode, ledge, or deposit in the following manner, viz: 1.

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